7 Tools Every Man Should Have in His Garage

7 Tools Every Man Should Have in His Garage

Thomas Carlyle, a Scottish philosopher, once said that a man is an animal that loves tools and without one, he’s nothing; he’s everything when he has tools and there’s nowhere you’ll ever find a man without tools.

The old adage also goes like, ‘Man maketh tools and tools maketh man.’ Needless to say, every woman likes a handy man around the house.

A garage is both functional and aesthetic. Apart from housing your car, your garage can act as a repair shop and offer storage for your electric, gas and hand-powered tools. With the right tools, your garage doesn’t just become truly functional, but you also become a truly handy man.

The need to fix certain things in the house can arise anytime. Therefore, you need to invest in certain tools to help you fix things around the house or even make things happen.

Here are the top 7 tools you must have in your garage:

Top 7 Must-Have Tools in a Garage

Utility Knife

A Utility Knife comes in handy when you need to cut things.

Whether you want to cut shower curtains, rubber, linoleum, packing tape, paper, plastic or toy dinosaurs, you won’t go wrong with this hand tool. 

Even when you’ve just bought a new 50” plasma TV, your utility knife can do all the cutting needed to unleash your screen from its sealed package.

Utility Knife

Whatever merchandise you want to cut, a utility knife will get the job done.

Think cutting, think a utility knife.

Needle-Nose, Vice Grips or Channel Lock Pliers

There are various types of pliers designed for distinct yet functional uses.

Needle-nose and locking (or vice grips) pliers are the most important. Designed for use in jobs that require high levels of precision, needle-nose pliers come with a wire cutter you’ll find in handy.

A channel lock pliers with big adjustable joints can also be a perfect addition to your collection of tools.

Needle Nose

Consider buying a wire stripper as well, especially if you’re an electrician or always get to do some kind of wiring around the house.

Unlike a wire cutter, it removes the coating without affecting the wires inside just as the name suggests.

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is versatile and can get most jobs done.

Simply adjust the wrench to the size of your nuts and bolts, and tighten it to prevent slipping. If you use a loose wrench and it keeps slipping, the nuts become prone to wear.

Use the Back Away rule to move the wrench in the right direction whether you’re loosening or tightening the nuts.

Adjustable Wrench

The Back Away rule is all about having the immobile parts of the adjustable wrench behind the clockwise or anti-clockwise direction you’re moving it.


Also known as a multi-tester, a multimeter is a versatile electronic measurement unit. It can measure current, voltage and resistance.

Whereas analog multimeters use moving pointers to show readings, digital versions feature numerical displays, including graphical bars to display the measured values.

Opt for analog multimeters if you intend to measure a variable that changes rapidly. However, for great precision and reduced costs, go for digital multimeters.

Use it for field service work or basic fault-finding if precision is of utmost importance in your intended job. It also comes in handy when troubleshooting electrical problems in your home or business premise.

multimeter for household

Motor controls, electronic equipment, power supplies, domestic appliances and wiring systems are some things you can work on using a multimeter.

Choose between laboratory-grade multimeters with calibration certification and cheap variations depending on your intended application area.


A hammer is even more versatile than most tools you’ll ever have in your toolbox.

Whether you want to drum a nail into the wall to hang a picture or simply want to nail-in a nail protruding on your furniture or cabinet, you’ll never go wrong with a hammer.

In fact, even if you’re not handy you’ll find this tool useful in one way or the other.


Do you need to tighten your car’s alternator belt? A hammer has you covered. A claw hammer with a wooden handle is all you need to get most jobs done around your garage or house at large.

However, if you’re a metal or construction worker, you might need a more specialized hammer to meet your unique hammering needs.

Screw Driver

Just like you need your espresso machine to make coffee daily, you’ll be amazed how a screwdriver can become an integral part of your daily life.

Buy screw drivers in different sizes because what a small driver can do, a bigger one can’t.

Using the right screw driver size protects its head and the screw from the kind of wear that results from slipping.

Screw Driver

Buy a Phillips and flat/slotted head screw drivers; a couple of sizes for each head are recommended. Although screwdrivers are sized from 0 to 4, ask for the two most common sizes and buy two head sizes for each.

A jewelry screwdriver set is a perfect option if you own musical instruments, glasses or use tech gadgets such as hard drives.

Tape Measure

The old adage, ‘Measure twice and cut once’ has its roots in a tape measure. It could mean that with just one purchase of a tape measure, you get to use it twice, and even more times.

On the other hand, it could also mean that you’ve got to take your measurements twice or more times to ascertain accuracy before heading to a furniture or paint store.

tape Measure

Whether you need to measure the area of your walls to get the right amount of paint to give them a new finishing touch or want to find out if the new furniture you want to order for your baby nursery will get through the door, you won’t go wrong with a tape measure.


A flashlight, a cordless drill, a garden shovel, nails, a hand saw, a ladder, a rope and a portable car battery charger are other tools you might want to include in your toolbox.

Whether you already use these tools in your area of work or you’ll be using them for the first-time from your garage at home, you’ll be glad you invested in these tools.

Contact us to find out more on how investing in various tools at home can be helpful, making you a handy man around the house.

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