About John!

Hello to my fellow do-it-yourselfers out there! My name is John and I am a certified level 3 electrician. I studied and received an Associates of Electrical Trades and Technology degree in my younger days. As with most electricians by trade, I got hands on over the years in both construction and electrician work.

Overall, I constantly wanted to keep learning how everything worked from household construction, to power tools, to fixing your own car, wiring your own lights and ceiling fans, you name it! I worked for a few different companies until I started doing my own freelance work and I’ve loved it over the past few years.

What’s my mission?

If you’re here, you already know that I’m a household tech nerd and after years of working in the trade I decided I need to start teaching others how to do what I do every day. This all started when I kept finding people ask me the same questions over and over and I wished I would just document it for them. The goal of this site is for all of you to be able to learn simple DIY tasks at home with products that you can find easily on the market.

Each of these products and processes I have personally handled, tested, and completed. I often will write reviews of products for you as well to compare products and tell you which I think is the best. I try my best to leave out all the technical words and make it simple and easy to understand for you. I try my best to make these reviews and guides end-to-end and provide you with easy ways to find the products I’m talking about.

I hope you find these articles I’ve written helpful and if you know others who will benefit, share these with them too!