Best Corded Drills For Woodworking – Top 3 picks!

Since Autumn is near, we have decided to compile a list of best corded drills for woodworking. We have picked one drill per price, so there’s something for everyone here.

Whether you’re looking for a low price, mid-price or high price model now is the best time to get one of these models because prices are significantly lower than they will be once Autumn starts. Each model will be reviewed shortly individually, and we will then compare each model to other models on this list.

If you are low on time and want to find out pros and cons of each model here as soon as possible, you can skip to the bottom where you’ll find a comparison table with most important data when it comes to these models.

Product comparison chart

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Best Corded Drills For Woodworking


BLACK+DECKER Corded Drill, 5.5-Amp, 3/8-Inch (DR260C)

This drill is an excellent entry-level tool for users that want to do some simple woodwork or gain more experience before upgrading to bigger tools. You won’t get tired so fast when using DR260C because this is a lightweight drill, but there is a downside to that. This drill doesn’t have very much penetration power like some heavier models.

If you plan to work on wood that is not very hard, this is an excellent model, but if you try to use it on hardwood like, for example, oak, you will get tired very soon because of all the pushing you will need to do.

The overall presentation of DR260C is nice, and it is very simple and intuitive to use. It also comes with an inbuilt spirit level that will help you to make sure that you are drilling in a straight, horizontal line.


DEWALT DWD112 8A 3/8' VSR Pistol-Grip Drill

Our mid price range model, the DWD112, is excellent for workers that want to be able to do quality work with their drills, but don’t need a high end, professional tools to do that.

Although this drill isn’t as lightweight as the previous model on this list, it isn’t very heavy either.

The level of power that this drill is able to output is excellent, and you won’t have any trouble drilling trees of various density and hardness levels.

DWD112 is also quite easy to use, and users of various skill and experience levels are probably able to use this drill from the moment they pick it out of the box.

The ratchet holds on to gimlets very firmly, so there is no need to worry whether the gimlet will fall out during the drilling process or not.


DEWALT Electric Drill, Pistol-Grip, 1/2-Inch, 10-Amp (DWD210G) , Yellow

The Dewalt DWD210G has a nicely placed safety lever on the grip which will enable you to turn the safety on and off as needed, in a moment.

DWD210G has a huge handle on the front that makes controlling the drill very easy.

This high powered drill can drill through hard materials with ease, and literally, all you need to do, to drill is to turn the drill on. Yes, there is no need to push the drill.

The outside is made from sturdy plastic, but the front of the drill’s body is covered with metal so that debris doesn’t damage it.

DWD210G is a little harder to use than the previous two models, but the accent is on the word ‘little’ since everyone will know how to use this drill from the moment they pick it up.

This drill looks, feels and works like a charm, and I am sure that everyone who gets it, will work with it for a very long time.

Best Corded Drills For Woodworking Buying Guide



We will compare these drills with their most important features.

We will use objective arguments the most, but there will also be some subjectivity involved, so that readers may get the widest impression of the product possible while reading this.

Low and middle price range models comparison

  • Both the DR260C and DWD112 are very light to hold, but the DWD112 is a bit heavier. And since none of these models cause any strain for the user while holding them, I would call this a tie. 
  • The materials on DWD112 are better than those on DR260C. DWD112 also isn’t so slippery to hold when drilling with it.
  • None of these drills have their halves glued together or in any way fixed together.
The winner in this category is the DWD 112.
  • The DR260C can drill easily through low and medium density wood, but it requires a significant amount of help from the user while drilling through high-density wood. 
  • The DWD112 can drill through all types of wood, with a moderate speed, and I find that acceptable because this is not a high-end model.

The DWD112 wins in this category because the user won’t be very strained after working with it.

Both the DWD112 and the DR260C are very easy to use, so this is a tie.

The DWD112 wins this comparison by being better in than the DR260C into two categories.

I also personally like the DWD112 more, because it is only a bit more expensive than the DR260C, and yet, you get a lot more for this small difference in price.

Middle and high price range models comparison

DWD112 and DWD210G both weigh the same. Since the DWD210G is bigger and has a large handle, and especially after we take into account that higher end drills tend to weigh very much, this category is won by the DWD210G.

  • DWD112 is built from sturdy plastic, but its halves are glued together. This means that it is easier for this drill to crack in case it falls. 
  • The DWD210G has the halves glued together.
  • It is also made from sturdy plastic, but the best part when it comes to this drill is that the front of it is made from metal so that it doesn’t get damaged by flying pieces of wood.

This round goes to the DWD210G.

  • The DWD112 drills nicely, but the DWD210G drills better.
  • The DWD210G doesn’t require any effort from the user altogether, it instead cuts through oak like butter.

DWD210G wins this round.

  • DWD112 is very easy to use. All that you need to do to use it is to pull and hold the trigger literally.
  • The DWD210G is also easy to use, but simply because it has more to offer, it can seem to be a bit more complicated than the DWD112 is.

The DWD112 wins this category.

The DWD210G wins this comparison by three to one categories won.

Low and high price range models comparison

  • When it comes to weight, the DR260C is lighter than  DWD210G.

This category goes to DR260C.

  • The DR260C does not seem to be very resistant to falls and damage, which is understandable if we take into account the fact that it is lighter than DWD210G.
  • However,  resistance to falls and quality of build are more important than weight, which is why they have higher priority when it comes to drills. The DWD210G is made from tougher plastic, and the front of it was built from metal.

All of this makes the DWD210G a lot better when it comes to quality of build.

  • The DR260C can drill through all sorts of wood, but it has significant problems when it comes to sturdy wood.
  • The DWD210G, however, does better when it comes to power, drilling speed and rotations per minute.

This category goes to the DWD210G.

  • The DR260C is very easy to use, significantly more so than DWD210G.
  • The DWD210G has a nice safety switch that comes in handy when it is most needed.

The DWD210G wins in this category because of the safety switch.

The DWD210G is clearly the winning model here, having won three to one over the DR260C.


I hope that you have decided to get one of these bad boys as they are all the best in their own price range.

You can be confident that they won’t fail you. To the contrary, you can be sure that they will work with you for a very, very long time.

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