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Power Up Your Projects: The Best Cordless Drills Under $50

One of the most important tools in construction, renovations, installations, and for improvement chores in homes and offices is a cordless drill. The drill simplifies the most difficult tasks. It is a power tool that is used for making holes or driving fasters within no time.

Better than traditional drills, the cordless drills work more silently and can cut perfect holes in wood, iron, or concrete materials. It uses batteries, which gives the user enough flexibility to move around freely and work in places without electricity supply.

The cordless tool is versatile and can turn you into your own handyman, hence, save you lots of time and money. Its functions vary from fixing a rickety shelve or hanging wall decorations in renovations or improvements to some electrical installations like assembling home appliances.

Asides from uses in the home, the best cordless drills are built to have powerful torque for hammering purposes, which makes it suitable for handymen who need their tools for commercial reasons.

Man with crodless drill.

Of course, a good cordless drill is supposed to have a reliable battery; there also are few other features to keep in mind when choosing a cordless drill. For instance, the chuck type – the chuck holds the bit in place, which could be keyless.

The clutch of the drill determines the level of resistance it can take, and you can adjust accordingly. It helps to avoid blowing the motor or stripping screws during work. Drills with two-speed settings and a variable speed trigger are also preferable to allow the user to reduce the speed when driving screws and increase it when drilling.

There are too many cordless drills in the market, and most have lightweight to make them suitable for use in workshops. Even if the overall quality of the cordless drill is rated by the features, battery life, design, performance, and power; it all comes down to your budget.

We all tend to think so highly of the most expensive drills, but the best remains the one that can easily handle all your DIY projects and at the same time does not break the bank. With the several cordless drills in the market, there are some designed for domestic tasks while others are good for heavy-duty commercial purpose, and are still very affordable.

Not all, but the price tags of some cordless drills in the market are exaggerated, and even with a budget of $50, you can still get a Cordless drill with excellent performance.

Let’s fill you in.

Top 8 Best Cordless Drill Under $50


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* POWERECONNECT Cordless Drill/Driver + 30 pc. Kit (LD120VA), Orange

The most attractive aspect of the Black+Decker BDCDMT120C is the Matric Quick Connect System. Asides that, it runs on a powerful 20 volts max Lithium-ion battery that is capable of reserving the charge for up to 18 months without being used.

Black+Decker BDCDMT120C has up to 10 clutch settings and a variable speed trigger to give the user adequate control while performing various tasks. It is ideal for working on small or medium sized projects around the home.

The components in the package include the max power unit, drill/driver attachment, 20 volts Lithium-ion battery, charger, and a Double-end bit. It features a 3/8 inch chuck, but some users have reported that the chuck causes the bit to wobble after excessive use.

However, you have the option of buying separate attachments, then swap them in and out of your tool when you need, so that your cordless drill can also function as a reciprocating saw or impact driver with one press of a button.


  • Easy to switch attachment
  • Powerful 20 volts lithium-ion battery with long life
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Unreliable chuck
  • Limited power and torque


Milwaukee Electric Tools MLW2504-20 M12 Fuel 1/2' Hammer Drill (Bare)

The Milwaukee Electric Tools MLW2504-20 outmatches every other 12 volts cordless drill in the market, when it comes to performance, driving speed, power, and size. The power tool measures only 5.1 inches in length to make accessing tight corners so simple.

At 12 volts, the Hammer drill on the MLW2504-20 is on another level; it performs way better than the other 18 volts in the market. It features a brushless motor, a solid 1/2 inches metal ratching chuck and better torque output to allow for a wide range of fastenings.

Manufactured in the USA, this product has proven its quality as it displays the finest design feature at a very affordable price. The usage process is simple; DIY newbies can easily handle it. Also, compared to its competitions, the MLW2504-20 has more application speed and gets the job done faster.


  • Incredibly small size
  • Excellent hammer drill performance
  • Brushless motor
  • Belt clip
  • 1/2 inch metal ratcheting chuck


  • No separate mode select collar
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty functions
  • Torque is not high enough


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Matrix Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 2-Tool (BDCDMT120IA), Orange

The Black+Decker LD20VA is ideal for perfects cuts or screw driving through woods, metal, and plastics. Its weight is light to prevent user fatigue, and a soft grip handles to provide extra comfort and safety for the user during the job.

It comes with 30 accessories for versatility including drill bits, screwdriver bits, nut drivers and magnetic bit tip holders, which is enough to do at least 90 percent of the projects around the home and the garden. The 24 position clutch gives an extra level of control and helps to prevent stripping or overdriving screws.

With speed of up to 750 RPM, powerful 300 in.lbs torque, 3/8 inch keyless chuck that allows you change the screws and drivers quickly when you have to, the LD20VA is the exact kind of kit you want to have in your tool collection.

The drill is powered by a 20-volt lithium-ion battery that charges quickly and can hold the charge for up to 18 months without use, which is an excellent deal. But the downside is that the power tool comes with a single battery, which might interrupt your work process and make you wait for it to recharge.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Soft grip handle
  • Adequate torque
  • 3/8 inch keyless chuck


  • Not designed for heavy-duty tasks
  • Comes with only one battery


Genesis GCD18BK 18 Volt Cordless Variable Speed Drill/Driver Kit, Grey, 3/8-inch chuck with Hard Shell Carrying Case, 13 Bit Assortment, and Ni-Cad Battery Charger

Another cordless drill powered by an 18 volts battery is the Genesis GCD18BK. It seems to be the most favorite of some and the most disliked of the other set. Some of the features include the 16 position torque/clutch settings, electric brake, 3/8 inch keyless chuck; built-in LED work light, On-board bubble level, magnetic bit tray, and a rubberized non-slip pistol grip.

It provides plenty of torque to get jobs done, but there are some reports of the motor being weak and burning out quickly. But in our opinion, we feel the only drawback of the drill is the 18 volts battery that uses a nickel-cadmium battery instead of the lithium-ion battery.

The drill comes with a storage bag and might not have enough power or battery quality, but it makes up all at a low price. So if you need a drill for a small project or occasional use, Genesis GCD18BK can suit you.


  • 16 position clutch settings
  • Built-in LED light and level
  • Magnetic tray for holding bits
  • Comes with a storage case


  • Inadequate speed
  • Uses Nickel Cadmium battery, not Lithium-ion
  • Drill bits wobble in the chuck


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill and Driver, 3/8 Inch, With LED Work Light, Battery and Charger Included (LDX120C)

The Black+Decker LDX120C is already one of the best sellers of power tools in the market that you can also purchase a wonderful addition to your tool collection. Manufactured in China with a 20 volts max lithium-ion battery technology, it meets up to the requirement of heavy-duty tasks.

The Max matrix battery has a quick charging system and can hold the charge for 18 months without use. The Black+Decker LDX120C has a compact size to fit narrow spaces and, an LED light to brighten up those dark corners.

It is built to have a lightweight of not more than 3 pounds to meet up with the requirements of worksites. The easy-grip design make it comfortable for the user to work on plastics, woods, or metal.

Most part of the tool is sturdy, but after a while of intense use, the chuck can cause the bits to wobble or even fall off the variable speed feature gives a chance for multiple tasks and 11-position clutch for precise cut through every material, it’s the perfect drilling tool.


  • It can handle heavy-duty tasks
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Study


  • The kit comes with only one battery
  • Unreliable chuck


Hi-Spec 58pc Yellow 18V Cordless Power Drill Driver, Bit Set & Case. Complete Home & Garage DIY Tool

Hi-Spec 18 volt Pro Combo is a complete drill/driver set suitable for both professional heavy-duty tasks and DIY projects as well. It is powered by a long-lasting 18 volts battery for more run time and exceptionally slim for secure single-hand operations.

All the parts of the power tool are metallic and durable enough to withstand the harsh conditions of construction sites. It has a narrow head for drilling and delivers a steady 0-550RPM drill/drive speed capable of drilling smoothly into tight spaces as well as light steel surfaces.

Another mentionable feature is the variable speed setting controlled by an easy to reach trigger to choose between high torque and high-speed operations depending on the job. The set is a one-time pocket-friendly purchase that comes with backup batteries, charger, and 30-bit kit as an extra to keep all the tools you use on-site neat and clean.


  • 30-bit tool kit to handle several tasks
  • Durable with metallic parts
  • Slim body to allow for one arm control
  • Carrying case to keep the tools and accessories in one place.


  • The weight of the complete drill set plus the battery is heavy


Milwaukee 2401-20 M12 12-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/4 in. Hex Screwdriver (Tool-Only)

Here is a compact and lightweight designed drill from the famous Milwaukee. The build-up of the Milwaukee M12 includes premium quality metal parts with a powerful ratcheting chuck and sturdy grip on the standard 3/8 inch bits.

The lightweight of only 2.1 pounds gives you more running time without fatigue while drilling overhead. It has an ergonomic handle with a soft rubber grip to make it easy to control and handle the tool with one arm when you have to work in narrow spaces.

While using the M12, you can monitor your battery life to plan a working schedule via the fuel gauge. It also allows for both DC and AC power sources where you can switch to your power cord while your battery charges.

It has a 275lbs powerful torque designed for standard to handle all DIY tasks, including commercial jobs that requires highspeed drill/drive or counter drive task. The easy to use M12 cordless drill also features an LED work light to brighten up dark workspaces.


  • AC and DC power sources
  • Lightweight with ergonomic grip
  • Onboard fuel gauge to track battery life
  • 18-point keyless chuck settings
  • The buildup is with premium steel parts


  • Battery and charger are sold separately


Ryobi P208 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Drill/Driver with 1/2 Inch Keyless Chuck (Batteries Not Included, Power Tool Only)

The Ryobi P208 One+ driver/drill is an essential item in every tool collection regardless of who you are, a professional contractor, or a DIYer. The Cordless Drill/Driver provides an unmatched utility than any power tool on the market.

On top of having a lightweight that allows you to keep handling the power tool for a long time, it is affordable and recommended for any hardworking homeowner. It comes with a Philip head drill bit attached to the base with a magnetic fastener or bit holder to give you all you need to drive conventional fasteners.

The bits are easily adjusted and interchanged with a keyless chuck. You are also able to set the cordless tool to suit your specific need with a variable speed gearbox and clutch that features 24 positions.

Just in case you have other Ryobi products, it is compatible with Ryobi 18 volts Lithium-ion or Nicad battery which is used by P100, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107 and P108, which is useful as a spare battery to keep your work uninterrupted.


  • Tool-less bit changes
  • Variable torque and speed
  • Lightweight
  • Rubberized overgrip
  • LED light
  • Magtray to store bits and fasteners


  • The battery is sold separately

Best Cordless Drill Under $50 Buying Guide

Every retailer aims to get customers to buy their product, which can confuse the buyers that do not know the specific aspects to look out for. You have seen our reviews on eight cordless drills; it is obvious that the value is all in the features. Now with the following factors, we will teach you how to tell the difference between a good cordless drill and a bad one.

Item Weight, Dimensions

Cordless drills are most times handled with one hand for an extended period, which makes fatigue a concern. The dimensions also matter as large tools will not give access to function in small spaces.

Even if it is normal for fatigue to happen at some point, the weight of your tool greatly determines how quickly or severely it happens. If you know you will be using your drill for an extended period; you can go for a cordless drill weighing only a few pounds even when the battery is attached and not settle for a heavy and bulky tool.


The build-up of the cordless drill with an ergonomic handle is to accommodate the hand comfortably. The main intention is to reduce and delay fatigue and achiness, which will likely occur after intense use unless the handle of the cordless drill is built with a rubberized material.

Battery Type, Capacity, Charger

A cordless drill is powered using batteries, but the type of cells differ most use Lithium-ion while the others use Nickel-cadmium. The battery capacity and charger have a high influence on the tool’s efficiency and duration of use. You should get a cordless drill with Lithium-ion batteries since they deliver more power.

Included Components

Asides from the drill unit, some brands come with components like drill bits, screwdriver bits, nut drivers, and magnetic bit tip holders. These accessories will help you save up on the costs of buying them separately. There are also cordless drills sold with extra batteries.

RPM, Motor Power

RPM connotes “Rotation per Minute,” which measures the torque or motor power. Some drills are capable of operating at different torque levels controlled by a variable speed trigger. The different speed determines the versatility of your power tool.


New cordless drills are made to have keyless chucks to hold the bits usually shank up to 3/8 inch in diameter. Some have 1/2 inch, but for a cordless drill under $50, you are most likely to have a 3/8 inch chuck.


The clutch describes the level of resistance the cordless drill can handle, which in turn determines the type of task it can do. The clutch settings of drill differ from each other and adjusting it will help to avoid stripping screws or blowing out the motor.

Key Feature

There are numerous key features on the cordless drill to make work easy and improve the operator’s control. One of them is variable speed, which helps to increase the versatility –  Another is an adjustable clutch so you can make automatic changes to suit the material you are working on.


The purpose of the cordless drill and condition of the task determines everything including, the type, the size, weight, and key features like if you have plans to work in dark areas, you should use a cordless drill with LED light.

Noise level

Cordless drills are known to be quieter than the traditional ones, but since it is a powerful tool with a motor, it is always going to make some sound. Fortunately, their sound levels vary. You should go for one with a low noise level to allow you to work in sound-sensitive environments.


Lithium-ion batteries are improved battery models, but to extend the runtime and lifetime of the cell, you should charge it regularly before they are completely discharged. You can also support your drill’s life span with a spare battery. Temperature is also important, store your drills in temperatures between 40 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


Drills are put through challenging conditions and are designed to withstand wear tears. Sometimes things can go sideways; a bolt gets lose or the motor putters out – these happen. In situations like this, the better the warranty; the safer off you will be.  Most brands offer warranty for at least a year; some support theirs with satisfaction guarantees to allow you to return the product within a month if you are not happy with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a brushless drill?

The brushless drill has been adopted by the power tool brands like Makita, Milwaukee, and DeWalt. The more the resistance the cordless tool face, the more power it draws. The brushless motor technology does not have much friction between the motor and the stator. They are built to adjust according to the task, which increases motor life and overall performance.

What is drill bump off switch?

The bump off switch is a safety feature on the cordless drill like a fuse. It turns off the power tool when released. It functions by closing the electrical circuit and allowing current to flow through. When it is released the circuit is broken which hinders the current from flowing in the drill’s motor.

What is a Chinese fire drill?

A Chinese fire drill is not related to a cordless drill; it is a common slang term used for confusing or chaotic situations due to misunderstood instructions. It could also be a term for a prank where passengers in a car get out, and switch sits when stopped by a traffic light or a silly pointless exercise.

What is the drill motor rpm?

The drill motor RPM connotes Rotation per minutes, measures the speed of the cordless drill. It refers to the speed of the chuck, and it is calculated the time per rotation of the chuck. Most cordless drill drivers have speed ranges between 500 and 2000 RPM. Some have a load speed of about 1000 RPM while average screwdrivers operate around 200 RPM. You should also know that in most cases, the higher the drill motor RPM, the more expensive they are.

What is a brushless drill?

The brushless drill works differently from the brushed. The motor does not use traditional parts. Instead, it uses only magnets and an amateur. So there are no carbon brushes, and commutators when the trigger is squeezed, but only a smoother and faster connection, which is a charge sent from the battery through a circuit board to the amateur.

What is a drill chuck? What is a chuckle drill?

A drill chuck has a cylindric shape, and it is a particular self-centered type of clamp used to hold the bit in place while it rotates. The chuck is used on both hands and power drills for most uses. The drill chuck is a part of the power tool that anyone who works with a cordless drill will typically be familiar with.

What type of drill is the best bit for rock?

The best drill bit for rocks, brick, concrete, or cutting the edge of the stone is a masonry drill bit with a tungsten carbide tip. The drill bit is usually chisel-shaped to give it the ability to penetrate the rock without getting blunt. The tungsten carbide is there to increase the durability of the drill bit.

Spoiler title

To do this, you should begin by drawing the hole size in stone to ensure precision. Also, do not forget to wear protective eye wears and gloves. While drilling, start with a slow speed and gradually increase it to keep the drill bit from burning. And use lubricants or water to cool off the drill bit between the drilling process.

How to drill into the granite wall?

Determine the hole size and mark the area of the granite wall you want to drill. For safety purpose, use eye wears and protective gloves. Attach the desired bit size to your drill and drill slowly at first and increase the speed till you make your way through. Also, cool your drill bit multiple times between the drilling process.

What kind of drill bit do you use for granite?

Granite is tough to drill through, but you only need the right drill bit to uncomplicate it. The best drill bit for granite is a diamond-tipped hole saw bit. The diamond drill bit is occasionally segmented to cut through the hard surface of the granite. Using it will most probably leave a cylindrical shape in the granite.

What is a step drill bit?

A step drill bit as the name describes comes in the shape of steps. It is a single bit used to drill a range of holes with different sizes. Since the difference between each bit size drill hole is always less than 1/4 inch deep, the deeper you drill, the more you increase the size by 1/4 inch. One other thing is that it digs a minimum of 1/4 inch and they are mainly for drilling thin materials like sheet metals.

What is the best drill bit for metal?

Metals are classed as hard materials, and there is a wide range of drill bit that can be easily used to drill through them like High-Speed Steel, Cobalt, and Carbide. The HSS is the best option and an upgrade from the Cobalt because it already has a percentage of cobalt included in it and can drill into harder steel. Carbide is the most brittle and the hardest of all drill bit material.

What is a vsr drill?

A power drill is a solution to most challenging drilling tasks, but the purpose of it dramatically influences the type of cordless tool you will great. The VSR drill, meaning Variable Speed Reversible is useful for common household or DIY projects, but if you have to drill into stone, concrete or Mansory, a hammer drill is a better option.

Do you need a special drill bit for aluminum?

For aluminum, you should use the High-Speed Steel drill bit instead of a carbide drill bit. While drilling through aluminum remember to use coolant on the bit, and it is most suitable to drill at an angle of 118 degrees to roll out spirals of the debris.

What kind of drill bit do I need for fiberglass?

The cobalt drill bits are hard and dissipate heat too quickly which makes not as suitable for drilling into aluminum, steel or fiberglass as the High-Speed Steel. The HSS drill bit, on the other hand, can quickly drill through wood, PVC, aluminum, and also fiberglass.

Conclusion or Best Budget Cordless Drill Pick For You! 

Considering the various improvement chores that have to be done and the stress of using screwdrivers and manual drills have made the need for the cordless drill in every modern home uncomparable to any other DIY tools. Regardless of the task, you need to carry out; it is almost unavoidable.Choosing a cordless drill all comes down to the one that meets your needs. We have written reviews and guides on the best eight cheap cordless drills under $50 that you can invest in.

Even if any of these may serve you well; we find the Black+Decker LDX120C as our top pick of cordless drills under $50. You can buy it on here. It is efficient and durable and can handle heavy-duty jobs better than most others at this price range.

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