Best multimeters Under 50 Dollars – Buying Guide

If you are interested in finding some information about best multimeters under fifty dollars, you have come to the right place.  Although you have plenty of models to choose from, there are many models of multimeters that are of not so good quality. That is not the case with multimeters on this list.

The models on this list are proven to be above their price range in terms of quality of build, accuracy and other important features. If you are interested in deciding which model is the best one for you, or if you just love multimeters like me, make sure to check the models on this list out.

Best features multimeters in this price range have are their ease of use, efficiency, and quality of the build.

If you are a beginner, or if you are an experienced user, but you just want to get a model that’s easy to use, for a bit of pastime, check out some of the multimeters presented here.

If you are looking for a battery saver, multimeters in this price range are excellent for this. Unlike other, models from higher price ranges, these models use very low amounts of battery juice and give out the same quality results like their more expensive counterparts. 

So, which cheap multimeter to choose?

What's good about cheap multimeters under 50 dollars?

  • The price range of these multimeters is approachable to anyone, making these multimeters easy to buy. This makes them excellent for students that want to gain experience that will enable them to use high-grade industrial multimeters easier.
  • Multimeters in this price range are also excellent for experienced users that need a spare multimeter, but don’t want to spend four hundred dollars on them and pray that they don’t get damaged before they get to use them.
  • These multimeters are easy to use and easy to calibrate.
  • Once calibrated, these multimeters can be as accurate as multimeters from higher price ranges.

What's not so good about cheap multimeters under 50 dollars?

  • These multimeters are not so accurate, but that’s not so bad because you can calibrate them at home, in a short amount of time (it takes around five minutes).
  • The plastic shells of multimeters that cost under fifty dollars can break more easily than multimeters from higher price ranges but that’s also not a big deal because most of them come equipped with a sturdy rubber casing that can absorb most of the impact and protect your multimeter from damage.

Top 3 Best Multimeters Under 50 Dollars


Mastech MS8229 Auto-Range 5-in-1 Multi-Functional Digital Multimeter

The first multimeter on our list is Mastech MS 8268. This multimeter has found its place on the list of best multimeters under 50 dollars because this is one of the multimeters that are excellent for beginners. Mastech MS 8268 unites the ease of use with its wide range of features. Its best feature is light signals that show the user which probe to place where according to the setting and type of the multimeter probe that the user will use.

Mastech MS 8268 is not so accurate, but that can be fixed with manual calibration that takes around five minutes. It’s easy to calibrate this multimeter and it is also an excellent opportunity for new users to practice calibrating multimeters before they start using models that are hard to calibrate without experience.

Mastech MS 8268 is packaged nicely. What’s not so good is the manual that’s in Chinese instead of English.

The number one thing that I don’t like about Mastech MS 8268 is the claim that it’s CAT III certified when it is not. That can easily be verified if you decide to open the case and take a look at its back.

Also, the fuse should be replaced immediately.

This multimeter comes protected in a nice rubber shell that makes it very sturdy and durable. That’s excellent for users who are new to multimeters since they are the ones who are most likely to damage it.

Mastech MS 8268 is not intended for industrial use or for use in environments that are not safe (for example in extremely hot or cold weather and with the high current).

To sum things up, Mastech MS 8268 is an excellent multimeter for students to practice on, and this multimeter will shine the most if you are an experienced user and you decide to use it when you repair household appliances, test batteries, and light bulbs or conduct some repairs on the house where there is no high voltage included.


  • Sturdy, tough rubber shell
  • Excellent for beginners, easy to use
  • Accuracy, once calibrated


    • Uncalibrated when bought
    • Plastic is not very tough
    • Low-quality fuse, not CAT III certified


INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter, Red & Black

Innova 3320 is excellent for automotive and housework. This meter has a nice function that enables the user to check the battery power.  Results are then displayed on the screen, where you can see the precise amount of power left in the battery, and on one of three lights just below the screen.  Lights are green, yellow and red. Green stands for operational battery, yellow means that it’s going to drain out soon and red means that the battery is not operational anymore.

Battery setting can measure one and a half, six, nine and twelve-volt batteries. I recommend that you replace the fuse if you think about measuring car battery, as with all multimeters in this price range, the fuses are not so good.

Remaining features are as expected, continuity, voltage, resistance and so on.

This multimeter is precise, although it could be more precise. The level of its precision is enough for you to conduct precise measurements without calibration. If you are a perfectionist, you can calibrate this multimeter by yourself.

The case is sturdy and it would protect Innova 3320 from impact even if it did not have the rubber shell around it. When those two features are combined, we get the toughest multimeter on this list.

This meter has a stand on its back. You can use it on your desk if you are checking the batteries or testing the remote and you want a clear line of sight. The problem is that there is also an elastic band on the back of this multimeter. That means that you will need to remove the band if you want to use the stand. Fortunately, it’s no big deal to do so. This elastic band is really practical for situations in which you need to hold the multimeter in your hand in order to maneuver in tight spaces.

Innova 3320‘s small size and its other features make it ideal for work in small areas, for example, when you need to measure wiring that is under the hood of your car and there is no way for you to get there and see the results at the same time – that is, unless you use Innova 3320.


  • Sturdy plastic, tough rubber shell
  • Excellent for automotive work
  • Accurate


  • Impractical back design
  • If used outside of the car and housework, can be too small
  • Wires on the test leads are very thin


Klein Tools MM400 Multimeter, Digital Auto Ranging, AC/DC Voltage, Current, Capacitance, Frequency, Duty-Cycle, Diode, Continuity, Temp 600V

Klein Tools MM 400 comes with a set of detailed instructions that are excellent for new users. At the same time, its wide range of features, combined with its manual, will enable the user to gain experience quickly, if desired to do so. This multimeter will prove to be the best for new HVAC technicians as well as experienced ones, as its number of features is by far the widest on this list. 

From standard multimeter features like continuity, voltage and resistance to HVAC specific features like temperature, capacitance, frequency and duty cycle, this multimeter have it all.

It is not as precise as models from higher price ranges, but it will do the job well.

This multimeter is also the safest on this list, as it is CAT III certified.

Fuses inside Klein Tools MM 400 are good, but if you want the best you will need to replace them with more expensive ones. Rubber case on the outside is incredibly tough and the manufacturer even claims that this multimeter can withstand a one-meter drop. That makes it the sturdiest one on this list.

The auto-ranging variant of Klein Tools MM 400 is a little pricier, but if you decide to get the auto range model, you can rest assured that it’s worth it.

This multimeter has a backlight, which makes it excellent for low light environments.

Klein Tools MM 400 comes with a multimeter standard test leads and temperature probes. Test leads are executed nicely.  They are built of thick rubber, which makes it unlikely that they will break or snap if force is applied to them. The problem lies in the temperature probes that look very fragile.

If you decide to get this meter, you should definitely buy new temperature probes, as they are usually not so expensive and you have a lot to gain since acquiring new temperature probes will enable you to see this multimeter shine in its full light.


  • Toughest, safest and with most settings on this list
  • Has a battery power level indicator
  • Very easy to replace the fuse


  • Not as accurate as it should be
  • The backlight can drain the battery quickly
  • Can have only one battery

Best Multimeters Under 50 Dollars Buying Guide

If you are looking for a multimeter in this price range (Under 50$) you should go for the more expensive ones (that means closer to fifty dollars) as they are made from more quality materials and usually contain more features than, for example, ten dollar multimeters.

Accuracy should not be your concern here, as most multimeters will need to be calibrated. Those that already come calibrated are usually made in the European Union or in the United States. However, as I’ve said before, calibrating a multimeter is not a hard thing to do. All that it takes is some patience and five minutes of your time. Here’s the video on how to calibrate a multimeter:

All multimeters in this price range have lower quality fuses. Some models will have incredibly bad fuses, while some will have fuses that are good, but they could be better. Inexpensive multimeters on this list have fuses that are mostly good, but its probably best that you get high quality fuses right away, even if you plan on using this meter for work with low power lines only. You should not save any money when it comes to fuses as they could literally save your life.

Multimeters are easily replaced due to their affordable price. 

Those are the most important things to look out for when buying a multimeter.

There are not many quality multimeters in this price range. Multimeters shown on this list are different. They proved out to be on levels of quality above their price range in every category and that is why they made it on this list. If you decide to get one, you will not regret it.

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