20 best reciprocating saws

Best Reciprocating Saw – 20 Best Picks!

From our fundamental ways of bending and sweating over cutting a simple plastic or wood, science has made some massive helpful progress over the last few years. To make difficult construction projects simple and straightforward, one of the new inventions is the reciprocating saw.

The reciprocating saw is sometimes referred to as “sabre saw” or “Sawzall,” maybe for its ability to saw it all! You just name it; the reciprocating saw can almost anything from wood or plastic to wall surfaces, PVC and metals. It does all the function of a manual saw with a lot of lesser effort so that both homeowners and professionals can use it.

Depending on the model of the saw, the blade, and the right amount of power, the tool is used to accurately cut through lumber, pipes, metal sheet and nails. Just about anything! Some are made to have variable speed with a controlled trigger or a dial by the side to suit the task at hand. There are other features like an oscillation, where the blade moves in an elliptical action for making faster cuts.

Although the description of reciprocating saw goes beyond just cutting things, it uses a reciprocating push and pulls action of the attached blade powered by electricity or battery. To control the motion of the device, the “foot” of the saw can surface you are cutting.

When it comes to the models of reciprocating saws, there are a lot out there, but there are not entirely complicated or so much unlike from each other. The main difference when comparing the tools could be the design or a small detail that may be your own essential need.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional and you are trying to figure out what exactly you need from a reciprocating saw, let us give you a starting point. We have reviewed the best 20 picks.


Reciprocating Saw in Action

Who uses a reciprocating saw?

Compared to other types of saw, the reciprocating saw is a bit more on the shrewd side. They are versatile tools, essential for demolitions, renovations, plumbing repairs, window replacements, landscaping, constructions, and simple yard works.

They are used by construction workers, horticulturist, plumbers, window fitters, emergency rescuers and a whole lot of other people whose job description involves using clamps or blades. The reciprocating saw is an advantage to anyone who understands the functions and how to use it in creative ways.

When they are not used for demolition, they are useful for making precise cuts, which makes them valuable tools for remodeling. Renovators use them to remove excess sheathing or cut through sole plates beneath the windows and doorframes or cutting PVC pipes.

Emergency rescuers use the cut and sawing motion of the reciprocating saw to cut out vehicles when people are trapped in it totally. Of course, horticulturists could need to weed or thin out crowded trees to allow sunshine through, and also construction workers for their metal and wood works.

A brief introduction to the top brands and their features

As we have mentioned, the reciprocating saw comes in different models which determines their design and how they work. The build-ups also vary in power, speed and portability.

Some are corded powered by electricity; others are cordless powered by a battery, where high speed and high powered corded models are used for constructions and demolition. And cordless tools can perform a similar function as long as it has a lasting battery.

The cordless ones have an attached battery, built to be portable and support maneuverability. They also work as long as the battery lasts and would need to be recharged for a continuous working process.

Some of the familiar and top recognized brands are DewaltMilwaukeeBlack and DeckerIngersollRyobiSkil and a lot more. But some of the significant features you should expect from a reciprocating saw are tool-free blade change, adjustable pivot shoe, stroke length, stroke speed, variable speed, ergonomic handle, acoustic casing and cushion balance for comfortable use.

Any tool that falls short in any of these features may not necessarily qualify to be tagged as one of the best reciprocating saw.

There are undoubtedly many renowned brands of reciprocating saws out there with different shapes, sizes and strength, but since you would want to get one with that utmost cutting performance to fit your specifications, check out our 20 best picks.

Top 20 Best Reciprocating Saw


DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Reciprocating Saw, Compact, Tool Only (DCS367B), Black

For an electrically efficient energy transfer device, Dewalt DSC367B offers you a brushless motor control with close to 60 percent which is up to two and half more runtime. The stroke length of the saw is 1-.125 inches.

Just like most Dewalt products, the DCS376B reciprocating saw is built to be compact with a length of only 14.5 inches to fit into small spaces and have a lightweight to make cutting studs and pillars easier.

Depending on the material and application, the DSC367B reciprocating saw is one of the fastest, most efficient and high performing tool. It offers a variable speed that delivers up to 0-2900 stroke per minutes at no load.

Some of the makeups that make the design of this tool is a lever action and keyless four-position blade clamp that works in all four directions to allow quick blade changes and various application such as flush cutting. To illuminate dark work areas, another feature is a bright LED light.

Still talking about the lightweight; even with the 20-volt battery this cordless tool operates on, it weighs only 5 pounds. The device also wields a comfortable anti-slip grip and prevents the operator’s fatigue.

The Dewalt DSC376B can cut through wood, plastic, metal and other material depending on the level of the speed trigger you set it. The variable speed feature makes it useful by construction workers, electrician, horticulturist, plumbers, and several other professionals.

In addition to the package, it comes with a user manual, with a three-year warranty, 90 days money back in case of faults and one-year free service in accredited centers.


  • Brushless motor controls
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Tool-less blade change
  • 1/8 inch stroke length
  • Five times energy transfer


  • Batteries are not part of the package


No products found.

Milwaukee M12 Hackzall 2420-20 is another powerful reciprocating saw, but this time manufactured by Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. There are a lot of Milwaukee products in the market, but they trademark their high-quality products as Hackzall.

This product is designed not only to be powerful but also to be one of the very compact and lightweight product. Some of the essential and mentionable features of this tool are the variable speed trigger, keyless quik-lok blade clamp, LED light, compact and lightweight design, lithium-ion battery and that it accepts both hackzall and Sawzall blades.

The build-up allows the tool to be versatile and useful in tight situations. It is not even a negotiable option for the reciprocating saw to feature a variable speed. The ergonomic design and the trigger allow you to have easy control and match the speed of the saw to its task.

The Milwaukee 2420-20 Hackzall has the power to run at a speed of 3000 strokes per minute, making it a handy tool for all professional tradesmen who have to deal with plumbing, remodeling, electrical and HVAC application.

Your need for steady power supply and longer working time without recharging the tool would be satisfied at least to some extent since it comes with a 12 volts lithium ion battery.

To avoid unnecessary work delays, you can change replace the saw blade within the shortest possible time. The quik-lok blade clamp reduces the changing time to less than two minutes.

The Milwaukee M12 2420-20 is efficient in the dark with the LED light, and it accepts both hackzall and Sawzall style blades available in the market, so you can select the best type of blade depending on the work you are doing with the saw.


  • Additional case gear for durability
  • Battery fuel gauge
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Built-in LED light to brighten up the work surface
  • Safety switch
  • Easy to use for novices
  • Excellent battery system
  • Fast to handle than large saws


  • The blade can only be mounted vertically
    • The tool does not come with battery or charger
    • The blade becomes loose very fast if carelessly handled.


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* POWERCONNECT 7/8 in. Cordless Reciprocating Saw (BDCR20B)

The Black and Decker BDCR20B reciprocating saw stands-out as one of the best saws you can purchase on a budget. It is made to have good quality and offered at an irresistible price.

The Black and Decker BDCR20B has a lightweight and can be used for an extended period without causing fatigue. It features a vibration dampening technology and small stroke length for easy controls. Also, this Black & Decker model is generally known in the power tool market for being easy to use.

This reciprocating saw features a tool-free blade changing that does not need extra tools or any complicated maneuvering to be replaced; you only need to use the blade lock button and proceed. Like most other reciprocating saws, it has the variable speed settings and pivoting shoe to aid the versatilities of this tool.

When considering the best tool for most repair works around the house, like trimming trees, or other DIY projects this tool should fall in the top rank of your choices. Offering 0-3000 strokes per minute and a stroke length of 7/8” with a 20-volt lithium battery and a nominal voltage of 18 volts; it delivers sufficient performance and power for crafty light duty demands.

We could go on mentioning the high sides of this power tool, but most of them also have a not so perfect side too, and for this product, the battery may not pose as good enough. The batteries disqualify it as being a top choice for professional use, as it runs out of power so quickly. You get a working time of about an hour before you need a recharge.


  • Excellent for home DIY tasks
  • Variable speed trigger for versatility
  • Tool-free design for faster blade changing
  • Pivot shoe included
  • Offers 0-300 SPM, with a stroke length of 7/8
  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Convenient and easy to control


  • Battery and charger not included
  • Stronger vibration than other models, and would compulsorily require using gloves.


No products found.

Amidst other one-handed reciprocating saws, the Milwaukee 2719-21 M18 Fuel Hazkzall is the most powerful and the fastest cutting reciprocating saw. It cuts up to 50 percent faster than the other competitors with a single stroke using 7/8 inches stroke length and features a powerstate brushless motor.

The powerstate increases the cutting speed and power during tough applications to get the job done within the expected time. The advantage of the compact and one-handed design is that it gives superior control and makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces.

To reduce the vibration to four times lower than other regular reciprocating saws, the device features a dual gear counterbalance mechanism, so you can cut metals faster without experiencing so much fatigue. The presence of the pivoting shoe helps to keep the saw in constant contact with the workpiece to create smoother cuts with less vibration.

The Milwaukee M18 also features the Redlink plus intelligence which is the mst advanced system of cordless power tools. It uses a system communication between devices, batteries and the charger to ensure optimized performance, prevent overloads, over-discharge or overheating.

Another feature is the Redlithium XC5.0 battery pack technology that provides more work per charge than the other competitors in the market. Redlithum batteries are constructed to have superior packs, perform better and have longer lives.

To provide superior protection against water and debris, it has rubber seals and weeps holes to cover the exposed parts. The Powerstate combined with the Redlink plus guarantee’s this useful tool life for up to three times the other one handed reciprocating saws.


  • 7/8 inch blade stroke
  • Pivoting blade shoe plate
  • Robust gearbox with dual bevel counterbalance gear.
  • Increased durability to water entry
  • Brushless motor
  • Excellent for electrical and plumbing tasks
  • Compact size


  • Battery and charger not included


BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* POWERCONNECT 7/8 in. Cordless Reciprocating Saw (BDCR20B)

Black & Decker BDCR20C is another great reciprocating saw choice when it comes to the best value for money.

The default length of the blade is 5 inches, even though you can fit other compatible blades of as long as 12 inches into it as well.

The BDCR20C is a compact Black & Decker model with a variable speed trigger. Like most of the other reciprocating saws on this list, it does not require additional tools to make a quick blade change.

A unique character of this Black & Decker model is the pivot shoe that gives better control to the operator, and the accessible variable trigger to adjust the speed of the tool when needed.

If you are looking forward to paying less for a top model, the Black & Decker BDCR20C is a good deal. However, there are some other downsides to this tool. First, we feel the battery life could have been made to be a lot better than it is, and also we would agree that some form of vibration during usage is inevitable, but the battery shakes a bit when used.

Regardless, when it comes to working on small projects like pruning, the tool proves more efficient. It may not be the best choice for multiple handlings.


  • Blades are easy to change
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Variable speed trigger and pivot shoe
  • Great price
  • Suitable for projects like pruning


  • Battery life is short
    • No dampers for vibration
    • Not ideal for complex projects.


PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Reciprocating Saw, Tool Only (PCC670B)

Several websites have reviewed the Porter Cable PCC670B as the most compact reciprocating saw in the market; we do not disagree with their opinion as this tool is convenient to use in small spaces and can be taken anywhere.

It measures one-inch stroke length, although compared to other models, the stroke length does not measure enough, that is not a big deal as it makes it easier to control.

The Porter Cable PCC67B is made to give a more consistent supply of power. The tool is made to be durable and has a lightweight with high-quality options. Changing the blades is not tricky; you can do so without help. There is also a variable speed trigger that performs well.

One fantastic quality you might not find with other cordless reciprocating saws is the battery that discharges at a lower rate than the different types. The battery is constructed to be durable and holds enough charge to the operator has the advantage of more usage.

To contribute to its ease of use, the Porter Cable PCC670B’s design includes an ergonomic handle, a metal and a well-protected housing from dust and debris caused by the tool used to increase the life of the saw.

The downside of this saw is that it runs out of juice too quickly; we feel the battery of this tool is not powerful enough to match it. Of course, it charges fast, but the charging time interrupts the work.

The short battery life disqualifies it from functioning as a heavy duty tool, but when it comes to smaller, infrequent projects, you have an advantage. The price at which it is offered allows you to purchase it for most of the functions around the house or in the yard.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Built with quality materials
  • Easy to change blades
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Battery recharges quickly


  • No anti-vibration feature
  • Shorter stroke
  • Not suitable for heavy jobs
  • Batteries and charger not included


Ingersoll Rand 429 Reciprocating Air Saw, 3/8' Stroke Length, 10,000 Strokes Per Minute, 1.3 Lbs

Offering uncompromising power and performance, the 429 heavy duty tool is a part of the Ingersoll Rand IQV Series of reciprocating saws. Ingersoll is a 100-year-old company, known for delivering top engineering that has made them leaders in the industry – 429 is one of them.

Built to deliver the most out if every volt and cut through any material at lightning speed, Ingersoll Rand 429 is another top choice. This tool is designed as a heavy duty air reciprocating saw with a rate of 10,000 strokes per minute from the sawing curved flat surfaces.

To reduce sawing vibrations and have excellent results when making body shop repair, muffler repair, sunroof installation or exhaust work, there are positive blade retainers and adjustable blade guides. Another build up is the durable metal body to last for a lifetime.

The vibration speed is 25.7 with the uncertainty of 4.0 and average air consumption let in through a ¼ inch aperture is 8 liters per minute. The inlet is compatible with any hose that accepts a ¼ inch aperture and compressor.

The tool comes with six fine and aggressive steel blades capable of cutting through several materials; two hex wrenches for tool maintenance and repairs and a one year warranty. The use goes beyond just cutting; you can also use the Ingersoll Rand 429 air saw to cut shapes or curves into materials like plastic, aluminum, composite, fiberglass, and other metals.


  • Air tool
  • 10000 strokes per minute
  • Positive blade retainer and guide for better control
  • Six mixed serration steel blades for cutting varieties of materials.


  • The 3-inch blade to cut more significant items which they offer may not be good enough.


Milwaukee 2625-20 M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Hackzall Reciprocating Saw, Bare Tool

If you have never tried a brushless Milwaukee tool, you should not think twice before jumping at this tool. The Milwaukee M18 is another obvious choice for the top cordless reciprocating saws.

With a stroke length of 1-.125 inches and speed of up to 3,000 strokes per minutes similar to most of the other Milwaukee models, you can be sure of the efficiency. The brushless motor provides less overheating even with constant power to assure you twice the required life of the other competitors.

The entire build-up of the tool speaks to power and durability. With the brushless motor, there are fewer moving parts which equal five times the expected lifetime.

The Milwaukee M18 wields a Redlithium XC 4.0 extended capacity battery pack which keeps the saw running at peak efficiency. The Redlink plus intelligence system offers excellent running time.

The 2625-20 M18 lives up to the quality demanded of a Milwaukee tool as it is easy to control and welcoming to new users, even the regular users of Milwaukee show some sort of surprise at the power and accuracy of this reciprocating saw.

As expected from one of the reciprocating saws brands with a reliable reputation, some things are not difficult to spot on with this model, like the durable and long lasting battery, and how quick and easy it is to change the blades.

The weight of this unit is made to balance with the user’s hand to make cutting less stressful, even with one hand. The Milwaukee 2625-20 M18 possess a patent pending dual gear anti-vibration for comfort and better control when used. There is barely any reasonable complaint from the users about this product.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful device
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to use


  • Efficiency reduces as battery discharges


DEWALT 20V MAX Reciprocating Saw, 3,000 Strokes Per Minute, Variable Speed Trigger, Bare Tool Only (DCS380B)

Living up to its reputation DCS380B is one of Dewalt the models of reciprocating saws in the power tool industry. The build-up involved some innovative features and patented technology that is attractive to most users, contractors, carpenters, hobbyist and other professionals looking for a reciprocating saw.

The features of this tool include the pivoting shoe, variable speed of up to 3,000 stokes and a 4-position blade clamp with 1-.125 inch stroke. The saw is built with excellent accuracy and speed with a comfortable ergonomic grip, double oil seal shaft, improved durability and ease of use – what else do you require of a  reciprocating saw?

Most owners of the Dewalt DSC380B have reported the reciprocating saw to have a long life and excellent power. Also, it has a multi-position design. Compared to the other reciprocating saw, including the lightweight Milwaukee fuel model, this Dewalt unit slightly lighter.

There may be a little bit of problem with the grip if you consider using it for extended periods, but it is made with plenty durability and can be considered for construction and home or garden workers for heavy projects.

Also, the battery is sturdy and quite okay, but it may not have the most extended life, so it is advisable to have a spare in hand, so you do not have to always wait for the charging time.

Even with these minor downsides that can be managed, the product comes at an attractive time and is built for excellent performance. Giving you full control to make vertical and horizontal cuts, the saw is one of the most accurate cutters, time saver and a work fatigue reducer.


  • 1-.125 blade stroke for faster cuts
  • Four-position blade clamps
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Pivoting adjustable shoe balance for more comfortable use
  • Moves up to 3000 SPM
  • Integrated front LED light
  • Lightweight to reduce fatigue
  • Ergonomic soft grip handle
  • Variable speed trigger


  • Battery and blades not included
  • Problems with grip after some time
  • Battery life is not long last enough


DEWALT Bare-Tool DC385B 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Another Dewalt product that would not disappoint you is the Bare Tool DC385B cordless reciprocating saw. It is an example of perfection and can cut through anything in its way.

With the powerful motor and variable speed, the blade provides up to 3000 strokes per minutes and length of 1-.125. Like the previous model on this list, the Dewalt DC385B also has a four-position blade clamp to allow for the versatile cutting option when there are limited space and flush cutting.

One of the best offerings of the Dewalt DC385B is the portability, the compactly built design makes it easy for you to take it out whenever and wherever you need it without much hassle. Just like other cordless tools, you have fewer worries since there is no cord constantly obstructing the way of your blade.

A few of the great safety features of this unit includes an electric brake which instantly stops the blade when needed, the non-slip grip and the cordless feature, where you do not have to worry about cord stresses.

The blades of the Dewalt DC385B can easily and quick changed which has made it an excellent choice for both professionals, DIYers, and first-time buyers, and also one of your best picks for reciprocating saws – This quality makes it a right choice for starters or beginners.

Although, the saw has a few downsides, but it has nothing to do with the performance. The functions are impressive but even though it works on batteries, the package does not come with it, you need to purchase the battery, charger, and blades separately. 


  • Lightweight design
  • Keyless blade clamp
  • 18-volt battery
  • Four-position blade clamps
  • Ergonomic soft anti-slip grip handle
  • Easy and quick blade change
  • 1-.125 blade stroke for faster cuts
  • Precise cutting performance
  • Up to 3000 SPM


  • Batteries and chargers are not included
  • No vibration control.
  • Blade kits have to be purchased separately.


Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Corded 3000 Strokes Per Minute Reciprocating Sawzall w/ Variable Speed Trigger

Based on the already established reputation of the Milwaukee products, the 6529-31 is capable of handling several cutting functions due to more power, minor vibration, longer stroke length, and a favorable value price.

Tagged as a first class in making the best cuts, Milwaukee 6519-31 is durable and powerful. It delivers a maximum of 3,000 strokes per minute, a 1-.125 inches stroke length and a 12 Amp motor.

The Quik-Lok blade clamp allows for a fast tool-free blade change. It also features a gear clutch that absorbs high impact forces caused by the blade lock-ups to extend the gear and motor life. The fantastic thing about the Milwaukee 6519-31 is that these upgrades did not make it heavier or bulkier. However, the saw does not pivot; it is fixed in a place and is no adjustable for depth of cut.

The front grip design speaks class in ergonomics, and also, you get a comfortable counter weighted mechanism to reduce vibration and have a smoother operation. Every single demolition exercise should be a breeze!

There are many new things to like about this product, including the heavy-duty blow molded carrying case that makes it easy to store and transport the reciprocating saw. The weight and positioning are well balanced for use with the D-handle grip for easy grasp and black rubber for protection.

Even if the motor does not have a speed setting wheel type switch, the controls involve a trigger where you can switch the engine with your index finger to adjust the variable speed.


  • Counterbalance mechanism
  • Well balanced and comfortable
  • Gear protecting clutch
  • Affordable price
  • User-friendly and versatile
  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Lightweight and compact


  • The case is a little small
  • Non-adjustable pivot shoe
  • Lacks speed limit control
  • Blades are purchased differently


No products found.

Another Milwaukee product which is also an obvious choice is the 2720-20 M18 Fuel cordless Sawzall with a stroke length of 1-.125 inches and speed of 0-3,000 stroke per minute, depending on how hard you pull the trigger. The tool as a whole is made to be more durable and have more power and life than the other competitions.

The brushless motor enables the device to have constant power without overheating, where you can have twice the usual running time, and five times the expected service time due to the fewer moving parts.

The battery type is the reliable Redlithium XC 4.0 that offers extended capacity battery pack and excellent running time with the Redlink Plus intelligence system to keep your reciprocating saw running at peak efficiency. Most users have reported a continuous enjoyment of the battery life and durability of this unit.

The accuracy of the 2720-20 M18 saw is one to reckon with as it is accurate, powerful and easy to get used to, due to the straight forward control even with one hand. With easy to change blades, quality product builds up to meet up with the Milwaukee reputation, a carrying case, adjustable shoe and an integrated LED light for better vision while cutting – This is a whole package.

The Milwaukee 2120-20 M18 is perfect for contractors who require heavy use, but some owners have noted the ghost power the tool uses which causes the battery to slowly drain when it is not removed before storing for future use. 


  • Brushless motor
  • Reliable Relithium XC 4.0 battery
  • Adjustable Shoe
  • Easy to change blades
  • LED lights
  • Suitable for heavy use


  • The tool uses ghost power


Ryobi P515 One+ 18V 7/8 Inch Stroke Length 3,100 RPM Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw with Anti-Vibration Handle (Batteries Not Included, Power Tool Only)

The manufacturing quality of the Ryobi P515 One Plus makes this 18V cordless Lithium-ion reciprocating saw one of the best. It can be used for cutting wood, metals, wall surfaces and plastics.

Despite all it offers, it is presented at an affordable price; you may rarely find another reciprocating saw of this quality for this range of cost. In addition, Ryobi P515 is just part of the one plus series which enables it to be compatible with other types of Ryobi 18 volts batteries, including P100, P101, P102, P103, P104, P105, P107 and P108

As other cordless saws the 18 volt P5151 is fully mobile, so you do not have to worry about dragging an extension with you anytime you want to use the saw, where the runtime depends mainly on the type of battery pack you get with it.

The P515 is made to have a blade with a stroke length of 1-.125 inches, which matches most of the task you would come across. Even when most models have an appropriate blade speed for most of the required work as 3000 SPM, this unit is made with a little extra. For you to have enough power for tougher materials, it rates up to 3,100 SPM to be exact.

Even when you want to purchase a budget, it always better to plan on getting one with excellent power and quality, the Ryobi P515 offers both, including using a One plus battery that can work for other tools.


  • Suitable for heavy duty construction
  • Great cutting performance,
  • Less vibration
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Comfortable handle
  • Easy to operate
  • Fast blade changing activity


  • The trigger design is somewhat strange.


Milwaukee 2621-20 M18 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Sawzall 3,000RPM Reciprocating Saw with Quik Lok Blade Clamp and All Metal Gearbox (Bare Tool)

It’s not every time you find a power tool company that embark on an upgrade to a previous model. The Milwaukee M18 2621-20 was built to replace the previous 2620-20 model. They are made to have more power, speed, and runtime. The 2621-20 on its own delivers up to 30 percent more cutting speed and 50 percent more running time that the close competitors.

For ultimate performance and protection against job site conditions, the tool runs on an all-metal gearing and Redlink intelligence. Powered with the M18 XC 3.0ah battery, the Milwaukee 2621-20 is a kick butt model with a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches.

The stats on paper compared to the excellent performance while making cutting sections at a decent pace is unmatchable. Even if the newer 2621-20 model is built to have a reduced speed per minutes from 3,200 to 3,000, it is equipped with orbital cutting action.

It is a lot easier to make cuts into metal with the 2621-21 than the previous models with the inline cut feature that keeps the blade from jumping around when the cut is initiated. It has a tad bit length coming at 19 inches and counterbalance mechanism to reduce the vibrations.

Apart from the improved runtime, it uses a standard Quik-Lok blade clamp to make blade swaps pretty easy. The device has a pivoting shoe to maintain constant contact with the cutting surface; thus, it can be positioned facing up or down. It has almost no downside, but you may refer to the fact that it does not feature the LED light as one.


  • Lightweight
  • 1-1/8 inches stroke length
  • Simple usage
  • 0-3000 SPM
  • Equipped with enough power to handle tough tasks
  • All metal gear case
  • Counterbalance mechanism to reduce vibration
  • Tool-less lever action Quik-Lok blade clamp


  • Lacks LED light
  • No dust bag


No products found.

Milwaukee M12 Fuel electric Hackzall delivers four times the regular running time making it the fastest cutting and most powerful saw in its class. The Powerstate brushless motor presents a constant power output that outperforms all other leading competitors without overheating or wearing out the components.

Some of the features include compact size and lightweight, one-handed design, Powerstate brushless motor for extended life, Redlithium XC 4.0 battery pack and Redlink plus intelligence for excellent performance and overload.

Tough tasks are no match for this tool; it offers 70 % faster cutting and six times longer the expected tool life of the other competitive saws. And the Redlithium XC 4.0 battery pack ensures more work per charge and more working battery life.

The design is compact and one handed to give superior control and make cutting possible in tight worksites. Being a lightweight item weighing just under 6.8 pounds, you can use it to make overhead cuts without stress or fatigue.

It operates on a Redlink plus intelligence to ensure optimized performance and protection from overload, overheating and over-discharge, do the unit can maintain the promise of a long life without damage.

The dual gear counterbalance works to reduce vibration and operator’s fatigue, and also provide faster starts when cutting metallic materials. The Quik-lok blade clamp feature makes blade swaps quite easy and straightforward so that you can use them on woods, metals, and the likes.


  • Reliable XC 4.0 battery feature
  • Powerstate motor to increase saw’s life
  • Quik-Lok blade clamp
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Redlink Plus to prevent occurrences of overloads
  • Contractor bag


  • Non-adjustable pivot shoe
  • Lacks speed limit control
  • Blades are purchased differently


Ryobi P514 18V Cordless One+ Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw w/ 2 Blades (Batteries Not Included / Power Tool Only)

Ryobi has a reputation of producing attractive and durable product at affordable prices. They are also famous for satisfying their customers with value and quality products which is a good reason for you to check out the Ryobi P514 18 Volts cordless reciprocating saw.

When it comes to its cutting performance, look, comfort and durability it is one of a kind and perfect in all aspects. The unit comes with a powerful motor, durable and lasting for superior cutting performance without any issue.

The Ryobi 514 stands out for excellence when it comes to grip, control, anti-vibration, accuracy, quick blade change, less strain, and better handling. Majoring on the blade change system, the process is quick and straight forward and can be made to happen in just a matter seconds.

The small size of the P514 allows for flexible usage in places where you lack maneuvering or when navigating the saw through close quarters. The tool weighs only 4.35 lbs making light enough to be held for a long time without strain or fatigue.

This reciprocating saw has a multi-speed control to ait the versatility and can withstand vibration due to the rubber grip over the handle. Ryobi 514 makes it easy to take on almost any job including trimming branches, cutting drywalls or pipe, or any other task around the house, but the battery may not last so long which limits to medium weight tasks.


  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Faster and tool-less blade changing technology
  • Comfortable handle with over mold grip
  • 0-3,100 SPM
  • Compatible with other Ryobi one plus battery series.
  • Faster and efficient cutting performance


  • The battery does not last long enough
  • Not suitable for heavy duty tasks
  • Battery and charger are purchased differently


DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Reciprocating Saw, Compact, Variable Speed, LED Light, Bare Tool Only (DCS387B)

Known for proving a monster like cutting performance, the Dewalt DCS387B is fine reciprocating saw with an amalgamation of strength and modern engineering.

But if your focus and primary aims are to get a reciprocating saw that can operate so well in a limited space, your first target should be this Dewalt DCS387B reciprocating saw. It gives full freedom and perfect working experience while working in tight spaces.

Not to overhype the tool, but it as a full investment as it fulfills the desires of most contractors. The design of this model is also compact as well as very lightweight.

As one of the saws topping our list, the Dewalt DSC382B is an excellent option for hobbyist and professionals alike. Part of its most appealing features is the weight that is about five pounds, making it one of the lightest choices of reciprocating saws.

The ergonomically handle allows you to get a better, tighter and more comfortable grip on the tool while you work. In a long-run selecting a device with a good handle would let you work at easy for a longer stretched time.

Like many other reputable reciprocating saws, the Dewalt DCS387B’s clamp can be set in four different positions to allow for optimized cutting options or when it is needed to perform flush cutting.

The speed trigger is available for versatility when you need to make faster cuts or ease a little for slower cuts. To control the variable speed, you should keep your finger in good condition, and the rest is a walk in the park.


  • Four position blade clamp
  • Stroke length is 1-1/8 inches
  • Adjustable pivot shoe
  • 2,900 stroke per minute
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to control trigger
  • Variable speed sawing
  • Ergonomically designed handle


  • Some users have complained about the durability
  • Low cutting power due to battery discharge.


DEWALT Reciprocating Saw, 10-Amp (DWE304)

Powerful and speed must have been precisely what Dewalt was thinking about while making the DWE304 reciprocating saw. It is capable of handling almost any job you bring its way. The features include a speed trigger to allow you to adjust the speed when you need to increase the speed or reduce it for some quick adjustments.

Most top reciprocating saw has the four blade position to allow it to stay positioned vertically and horizontally, but this unit exclusively stands out with this feature which also adds to the versatility of the tool.

Dewalt DWE304 is a perfect tool for both casual users and DIYers because it is easy to use. Speaking about easy, changing the blades is done with a keyless blade holder system to make it stress-less.  

There is almost nothing to hate about this unit, but to every product, there may be a slight downside, and for the Dewalt DWE304, it has a little too large to fit tight places and might pose a little problem for people with a small hand.

Also, some of the users have reported that it is not durable enough, as it breaks down and does not last up to its estimated lifespan, but good thing it is versatile, powerful and offered at a reasonable price.


  • Four blade position clamps to cut in any direction
  • Versatile tool
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to change the blade
  • User-friendly


  • Too large and may not fit tight spaces.
  • The keyless blade holder could lead to wobbling after a while
  • The powerful motor which means it can go through blades quickly.


DEWALT 20V MAX* XR Reciprocating Saw, Compact, Tool Only (DCS367B), Black

With the DCS367B, Dewalt presents to you a tool with a brushless motor to electronically control efficient energy transfer that occurs to give close to 60 percent more runtime. The length is about 14.5 inches which makes it possible to fit into small spaces.

The design of the Dewalt DCS367B is compact and lightweight to make cutting between pillars and studs easier. With the variable speed trigger capable of delivering up to a maximum of 2,900 strokes per minute at no load, you can have an opportunity at versatility. The brushless motor efficiently delivers up to two and a half more running time. The length of the stroke is 1-1/8 inches.

The saw happens to be one of the fastest and most efficient cutters; the only determinants is the material you are working on the application. There is also a keyless lever action for a quick blade change and a four-position blade clamp for cutting both horizontally and vertically or other application such as flush cutting.

In addition, there is an LED light to illuminate dark work areas and ensure accuracy. The unit weighs only five pounds with a comfortable anti-slip grip to prevent user’s fatigue. To leverage the cut and control the length, it features an adjustable pivoting shoe.

Of course, being a 20 volts battery powered cordless reciprocating saw, you can be sure of its service to you with all professional jobs like construction, horticulture, plumbing installations, and electrical functions.


  • Five times better energy transfer
  • 1-1/8 inches stroke length
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Tool-less blade change
  • Brushless motor control


  • Batteries are not included in the package.


Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

The Skil 9206-02 in many was qualified to be one of the best reciprocating saws; it has long stroke length and is versatile to get jobs done with speed. It features a counterbalance and a metal gear housing to keep the vibrations under control, as well as maintain the durability. Changing the blade is also made to be quick and easy, requiring no extra tool.

The operation of this model is pretty basic; there is no need for bells and whistles. Moreover, the most intriguing thing about this tool is that it is stripped down, but remains as useful as other hard-core models.

It is a fantastic tool for DIYers and basic home use due to its simplicity which makes it possible for anyone to use, and also powerful enough for larger jobs by contractors.

When it comes to the price, it is relatively inexpensive and a great buy, most especially if your aim is for a tool to handle small jobs around the house. To get you started Skil has thought it package the unit with a wood blade.

Even if some buyers have complained that the motor gets a little hot after use and also that inexpensive blades broke too quickly, yet Skill 9206-02 is highly recommended.


  • 800-2700 SPM
  • Stroke length is 1-1/8 inches
  • Easy to change blades
  • Great value for money
  • Powerful enough for larger jobs


  • Gets hot too quickly
  • Large size

Best Reciprocating Saw Buying Guide

What is the best corded reciprocating saw?

If your need is strength and power, then the corded reciprocating saw is what should go for. Corded power tools work directly with electricity which gives it a lot of power to handle almost all heavy duty tasks.

Although of all things, there is good and the wrong side. As much as the reciprocating saw is valued for its strength, its limitation is inflexibility. Unlike the cordless tools, you cannot work in places without electricity, and you also have to work within the range of the attached wires. 

But if our own type of task may require corded reciprocating saws regardless of the limited freedom, then we have a perfect one for you. Check out the Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp reciprocating saw; it is just equally as efficient as it is hyped.

For Milwaukee fans, we do not need to go into an entire full description of the Sawzall series, they have made a positive reputation for themselves by building affordable and effective power tools.

The 6519-31 especially is a proven power packed tool with longer stroke length, better comfort, and increased value for money. Milwaukee has lived up to their promise of delivering a great job with 6519-31.

Boasting of up to 12 Amps motor and blade speed of within 0 to 3000 strokes per minute, every job would be a walk in the park. As expected from a top class reciprocating saw, there is a counterweight help to reduce the rate of vibration on the trigger and the handle.

To make the tool comfortable to hold while using it, there is a soft rubber grip. All these are great features, but what we like about the Milwaukee 6519-31 is the internal clutch mechanism the makers have added. The clutch functions to protect the motors and gears from early wear and tears so that you can enjoy your tool for a longer time than others on the market.

In addition to these, it also comes with a polyurethane case to ease transportation from and to work sites. Amazingly, even with all these extras, the most surprising attraction is the asking price for this quality Sawzall tool that genuinely exceeds expectations.

Even if everything about this corded reciprocating saw seems so perfect, some brands have includes their package with some free blades to kick start the job, but Milwaukee 6519-31 is not packed with any. Also the pivot shoe is not adjustable, and there is no speed limit control. Asides these, this is entirely no complaining you can have with the device. Completely enjoyable!

What to look for in a reciprocating saw?

We have given you our thoughts on both the best corded reciprocating saw and the best cordless reciprocating saw, but the underlying truth is you might only hear about these tools. But if you are not used to buying the reciprocating saw so often, it would remain basic knowledge until you know enough to be able to select a tool for yourself.

A useful tool would be a significant investment and since everyone wants to spend their valuable money on things that would pay them in the long run, buying a device for an excellent reciprocating saw for a good deal is extremely important.

It’s not only about going for the best deal, but the first thing you should keep in mind is also that the tool must be suited for the task you require from it. To make ultimate benefit from purchasing a power tool from the market, there are some considerations you have to keep in mind like the features, durability, quality, style, and performance of the saw.

Even for have a better view at the reciprocating saws we have tried to explain above and pick one according to your requirement, we would further by first comparing the corded and cordless saws, then we would talk about the motor, battery, stroke length and stroke speed, orbital action, blade change, variable speed trigger, anti-vibe, and ergonomics.  

Let’s begin!

Corded VS. Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Immediately you get into the market for a reciprocating saw, it is either you come across a corded or a cordless one, so your first thoughts while you are in the market in which to go for. To know which type of tool to consider, you need to look at the characteristics of both the corded and the cordless reciprocating saws.

The corded reciprocating saw runs on electrical power connected to the device by a wire. Even if they both are quite okay with most features, but for a continuous working performance, the corded reciprocating saw wins. These models are powerful and unstoppable. Some brands even offer up to 15 Amps of cutting power to be better suited for heavy-duty projects.

But there are some downsides you have to know as well. The extension cords used to power them may not allow you to operate them in a wide range, and this may pose as a difficulty to flexibility. You cannot work in sites where electrical connection is not available.

Cordless reciprocating saws have the advantage of flexibility. They run on batteries and are more popular than the corded because of the minor operation required. The cordless models are made to be portable and have lightweight without extension cords, so you do not have to worry about it the working range.

But even if some of these models are effective with plenty of power, they are not as powerful as the corded ones. Your working hours would depend on the battery power, and you may not be able to work continuously as you would need time to charge.

As we have mentioned above, both tools types are beneficial in their own way. If you have to do heavy duty tasks, go for a corded one, but for basic repairs and home works, the cordless tool would suit you better.


We have mentioned this before, but once again, the power source of the saw significantly affects the mobility and versatility of the reciprocating saw. If you are going to a work site far from home, go along with a cordless model to be on the safer side.

If you aim for a reciprocating saw is just to prune your roses or cut through drywall, then you do not need one with a very powerful motor. The kind of project and the material you work on would determine the power you will need. But we recommend you spend a little bit more and go for a model with more power so you can have the best range of use.

The power of the corded reciprocating saws falls in the range of 7 and 15 amps output, while the corded come with batteries that deliver between 12 and 36 volts. For a more intense job description, go the highest possible rate.

The corded tools with extremely low ranges are lighter, easier to maneuver and ideal for small tasks that hand saws can equally do, but for construction and demolition works, the Amp range should not be less than ten if you want the job carried out correctly.

To make a choice on the best cordless tool based on the power, you have to figure out the watts-hour, by multiplying the nominal voltage with the ampere-hour (Ah) of the battery.


The battery of your cordless reciprocating saw is equally the life of the tool, and the kind of battery you get determines how much you eventually get from it. Anyone would feel inconvenient and annoyed if they halfway through a cut, and suddenly the battery dies.

From our review, we would see that the top and most common cordless reciprocating saws are the have a max voltage rating of either 18 or 20. If you want a battery with longer life, you can try the Dewalt 20/60V Flexvolt batteries. The battery is rate 60 volts, but it automatically changes to 20 volts immediately it detects a 20-volt power tool.

The Flexvolt battery would enable you to have more working time from a single charge. You could consider a spare battery for smoother workflow.

Stroke Length and Stroke Speed

The stroke length and stroke speed directly affect how fast you can saw through a material. The length and rate of the saw are measured in inches and stroke per minute respectively.

When the saw moves forward and backward in a quick motion, that action is referred to as a stroke; it is the area that comes in contact with the material you are cutting.

The stroke length is the distance the saw pushes the blade forward or backward after it is pushed forward. A reciprocating saw with a higher stroke length is expected to cut faster than another with a lower stroke length. But do not forget we said “expected” – based on of all other factors are being equal.

Reciprocating saws always have most of their stroke length at 1-1/8, although the general range is from 1 to 1-1/4. There are saws with lower stroke length, but compact reciprocating like our selection for the best cordless saw Dewalt DCS387B, have theirs as 1-1/8 inches.

In cases like this, the efficiency of the saws in fitting into tight spaces compliments the lesser stroke length and the tool would still cut faster as long as it has a good stroke speed. The speed, on the other hand, is the number of strokes it makes in a minute.

Reciprocating saws have ranges of maximum stroke speed within 2500 and 3200 strokes per minute. Just the way the stroke length affect the cutting time, the stroke speed also does the same. If you need your tool for occasional odd jobs, you can go for a lower quality one, which may start at 2500 SPM, but a saw with SPM of 2900 is proper enough for most intensive tasks.

In conclusion, the time you would spend on cutting would depend on both the stroke length and stroke speed, and not just one of them. So it is recommended to pay attention to these two things before making a purchase.

Orbital Action

Having mentioned the forward and backward linear movement of the reciprocating saw, the orbital action is another one. Instead of just moving forward and backward, the orbital action allows the blade to step up and down also to ease the demolition process.

To make précising cuts or cutting through soft materials like wood, plastic, and metal, the direct action is enough to get the job done, but for the commercial purpose where you have to deal with harder surfaces like masonry, getting a reciprocating saw with this is not an option; it is compulsory! It has a more aggressive and practical approach to the cutting.

It is important to make this consideration before your purchase, as reciprocating saws with orbital actions are on the expensive side, so you may go for the one capable only of making the regular straight cuts. However, the orbital movement will give more muscle for cutting through any material or demolition.

Blade Changes

Reciprocating saws use a wide variety of blades, and changing them is part of the work process, you would have to change the blade now and then depending on the intensity of the project you are working on.

You would need to make a blade swap when it gets dull or when you have to cut a different material that requires another type of blade.

Since changing the blade is inevitable, it is better to keep the process as simple as possible to maintain a smooth and stress-less working operation, and also to reduce the downtime.

The changing process of saw blades vary by models, but most of them use a tool-less blade changing mechanism, which is adjustable with a simple lever by the side of the tool that you pull up with a gear and replace the blade. When trying to re-fix a replacement blade, ensure you push it down to stay firm in a position before you continue cutting.

Not all saws have this feature, but it is reasonable to go for one that would not require a screwdriver or an Allen wrench to loosen change the blade on your power tool. Always consider your safety as a priority when handling these tools, so unplug the corded saw and remove the battery from the cordless ones before attempting to change the blade.

Variable Speed Trigger

Another feature worth looking at is the variable speed trigger that comes with some reciprocating saws. Some saws have multiple speeds that control the stroke per minute of the saw and is controlled by the trigger – which means the rate you get would depend on how far back the trigger is pulled. Some other reciprocating saws use a dial for flexibility in controlling the saw’s speed to be a more consistent and accurate choice of speed.

Since not all material requires the same speed to cut through them, for example, cutting through metal or drywall, you would need a slower speed that first and gradually be increased, in order not to break the blade or worse because of its dense and robust surface while wood requires a faster cut to be quick and effective.

There are times when you do not need the variable speed feature, but there are also times when it is so important to help you effectively adjust the speed to match the type of material you are handling.

Anti-Vibe and Ergonomics

The to and fro movement of the saw blade is run by a mechanism that causes a lot of vibration while you handle it. Some manufacturers include some vibration stabilizers in the saw to reduce the movement.

The Milwaukee 2621-20 M18 18 volt cordless saw and Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp corded reciprocating saw are samples of saws equipped with a rubber grips or internal counterbalance mechanism to suppress the vibrations when it is in use.

Although the vibration counter mechanism is the most necessary feature in the reciprocating saw, and as much as it tries, it cannot entirely remove all vibration from the device, but the anti-vibe control still seems like something you should consider to have a comfortable use.

Still on the vibration, to keep things stable, you also need a firm ergonomic grip on the handle to keep the judder reaction on your arm down to some degree. Not only to lower the vibrating effect to reduce the feel of the weight.

Cheaper corded reciprocating saws have plastic handles which are so uncomfortable to hold, while the more expensive models are equipped with non-slip grips and shock absorbers like foams or rubbers to reduce pressure or stress on the arm and wrists.

For your safety, it is quite helpful to note the anti-vibe and ergonomic feature of the power tool you are purchasing. Also, pick one that is according to your hand size and have a comfortable and supportive handlebar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to cut straight with a reciprocating saw?

To make clean straight cuts with the reciprocating saw, you could use a clamp to lock down the fence rail, most especially if you are sawing a plank or board. The clamp is to securely hold the piece to a surface to get the straight cut down to your desired position.

Make the necessary measurement of the part you want to cut, then if you have a ½ inch on your reciprocating saw, begin by cutting a distance between the fence rail and the blade, from the rail into the wood.

There would be vibrations from the saw or cross-pressure, so ensure your rail is firm to the surface while you apply it, because when it moves, you would damage your straight line and probably end up with an uneven or diagonal cut outside the cut line.

Also, you should consider that the foot of the reciprocating saw resting on the cutting surface could be referred to as a guide. Although it could be removed or interchanged; but to make a cleaner cut, you could make use of it (especially the flat edge foot) by placing and resting the edge of it alongside the fencing rail while you cut.

What can reciprocating saw cut?

The reciprocating saw is useful for a variety of home projects as well as professional purposes. It can cut through just about almost anything including all common forms of metal like steel, copper, aluminum and cast iron.

The tool is designed rightly for remodeling, demolition uses and tackling different tasks. Some of the basic home projects you can handle with the tool are, changing PVC piping, making indentations on the wall, fitting a window, cutting through various materials, like nails or pins and cutting tree branches.

Other instances where the reciprocating saw would pose as the most valuable tool is when you have to cut through metal pipes or nails, wood or plaster. If you have toothless blade coated with tungsten carbide abrasive grit, then they can be used to cut stone, ceramic tiles or cast iron.

How to use a reciprocating saw safely?

When it comes to using a reciprocating saw safety, you should keep in mind some safety tips. The most important factor is to keep your fingers out of the way while working – although it may seem like common sense, we think it is necessary to be mentioned.

While you make maintenances or changing the saw blade, it is necessary to keep the corded device unplugged and remove the battery from the cordless saw. As much as possible, use the shorted blade you can get.

Shorter blades would produce a straighter cut while the long ones are flexible, so you have to deal with the wiggling. Ensure you use blades that are sharp enough. They do not always have to be new, but as long as they have their edge, it’s okay.

The high speed produces heat more heat when the blade is dull. During a demolition exercise, check through the environment and walls for pipe and wirings.

Another thing is gloves and safety glasses. Wood chips and other debris are likely to fly off during a cut. The safety glasses keep them off your eyes while the gloves keep your digits from harm and splinter hurts.

Can reciprocating saw cut metal?

The reciprocating saw functions to cut through a lot of materials including metals including steel, aluminum, iron, and copper, as long as you attach the right blade to it.

Metals have strong and dense surfaces, so while cutting through them, use a reciprocating saw with variable speed, you should start with a slower pace and gradually increase it in other not to break the blade, or encounter worse difficulties.

Another thing is to be cut metals carefully and also to be on the safer side wear gloves and safety glasses. The glasses would prevent the flying metal chips from getting into the eyes.

You should also cover the show to cover the surface and extend the blade life with lubrication. The blade would heat as you cut, so you should rub lubricants on the blade in between cuts to keep it cooler and also the teeth of the blade from metal chops clogging.

How to cut rebar with reciprocating saw?

Cutting rebar is often necessary when building a structural reinforcement for construction works or remodeling. They are a sporadic form of steel and where you can cut the smaller sizes with a bolt cutter, and the larger sizes with a Sawzall

Making the clean cuts without bending the blade and shortening life could be done with the stroke length of 1-1/8 inches. We recommend you carry out this task with quality blades, and like you run the process of cutting other metals, you should start with a lesser speed and gradually increase it as you proceed.

You should also do so wearing all the necessary safety gadgets and ensure to clamp the rebar before cutting to keep it in a position.

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