Best Space Heater For Large Room

Best Space Heater For Large Room

You may begin to discover that the heater in your whole house is not enough, especially when the harsh fall and winter months are approaching, or maybe your home is not insulated enough for the heaters to be efficient.

For conditions like this, you may prefer to get a space heater for the rooms in your home. Space heaters are preferable since they do not need permanent installations and they are less expensive to procure.

Although there are several brands of space heaters in the market today, we have been able to compile seven of the best space heaters for large rooms. We would discuss them, we mention their pros, their cons and allow you to make a choice that is suitable for you.

  1. Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater
  2. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater,
  3. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel Heater
  4. LifeSmart 6 Element Large Room Infrared Heater
  5. EdenPURE A5095 Gen2 Pure Infrared Heater
  6. Lifesmart Corp Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element Extra Large Room Heater
  7. Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater

Let’s proceed with our product reviews

Top 7 Best Space Heater For Large Room


Lasko Oscillating Digital Ceramic Tower Heater for Home with Adjustable Thermostat, Timer and Remote Control, 23 Inches, 1500W, Silver, 755320, 8.5″L x 7.25″W x 23″H, Silver

The Lasko 755320 is built to be easy to use with two quiet settings, high and low heat, with LED indicator for both and an extra auto setting for it to fit perfectly to your home or office. It features a widespread oscillation to distribute warm air throughout the room.  

There is an adjustable thermostat with a digital display where you can select a wide range of temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit and adjust the 1500 watt ceramic heating element of the space heater.

Apart from adjusting temperature and oscillation, the Lakso 755320 is also built in an easy to program timer so that you can select 1 hour to 8 hours at an hour interval. With the wireless remote control system, you are enabled to make most modifications from a distance.

Even when the heater is left on for an extended time, the cool touch exterior and other safety features like the elongated ceramic element and penetrating air velocity protects overheating from occurring.

One amazing feature of the powerful Lasko 755320 space heater is the compact design and a carry handle which enables it to be easily moveable from a room to another.

You do not necessarily have to bother about any complicated assembling, Lako 755320 is easy to use and fully assembled you only need to take the device out of the box, plug it to an outlet, adjust the thermostat and begin to enjoy the warmth.


  • 1500 watt power
  • Compact design
  • Wireless remote control
  • Built-in timer
  • Two quiet settings plus auto


  • It does not save user settings
  • Temperature dial functions only at high mode
  • Chemical smell at initial usage


Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, Original, 1500-Watt, Cherry (Pack of 1)

Since wattage only indicates the amount of electricity required to power the space heater, not the amount of heat the device would deliver, Dr. Infrared Heater is known to produce 60% more heat than other 1500 watt heaters.

With a high-efficiency blower delivering at an average of 250 Ferenhite at 3.5m/s to enable greater heat production, Dr. Infrared Heater’s advanced heating system cannot be compared to other heaters that deliver a maximum of 155 Ferenhite at 2.2m/s. Dr. Infrared Heater is the first to features a Dual Heating System that provides Maximum Comfort and Speeds up the heat transfer rate.

No other competing space heater is built with as many efficient blowers to deliver heat as effectively as the Dr. Infrared Heater. The device works by combining the energy from the infrared heat with the conventional heat to establish comfort and efficiently fastens the heat stabilization throughout the room so that there is no hot spots or cold spots.

For this heater, there is no need to worry about the sounds from the blower. This particular brand of space blower is so silent that you may not even notice it is on.

The extra features you might fancy about the Dr. Infrared Heater is the dual heating system featuring a high and low speed with a 12hour auto shut off mode for energy saving, tip over and overheating protection.

The dual heating system features infrared quartz tube and PTC with a remote control system to make adjustment easy. The electronic thermostat of Dr. infrared Heater ranges from 50 to 86 degrees to heat large rooms with ease.


  • Dual Technology to heat large rooms faster
  • Remote control capability
  • Tip over and thermal auto shut off
  • Good design
  • Remote control and timer capabilities


  • Dries the air
  • Consumes power when used as a primary source of heat
  • Continuous thermostat adjustment causes noise


DeLonghi Mica Panel Space Heater, 1500W quiet electric space heater for indoor use, adjustable thermostat, freestanding/ easy wall mount, full room heating with built-in safety features, HMP1500 Black

Unlike the other regular portable space heaters, you can install the DeLonghi HPM 1500 directly into the walls of the large rooms in your home, for better control of the heating in your home. DeLonghi HMP1500 produces enough heat for your entire house to reduce the amount of power required to fuel your heating system and at the same time saves up your energy bills.

DeLonghi HMP 1500 offers instant heat due to the Mica Thermic technology. It comes with a double setting option where the low setting provides a power output of 750 watts, and the higher setting provides 1500 watts.

This space heater features side knobs for you to customize the temperature to your exact preference. It is designed to be aesthetic and sleek with all the necessary equipment to mount it on the wall and to fit perfectly to the style of your home. Even when it is being used on maximum settings, it does not become hot to the touch.

DeLonghi generally is considered as one of the best and an ideal space heater for many homes with the trademarked Safeheat Technology including the thermal cut off to prevent the device from overheating, and the internal tip-over switch in case the heater falls over.

It is useful and weighs only 8 pounds so it can be easily movable from room to room. When it comes to blower sounds, DeLonghi HPM 1500 quietly distribute clean, safe and gentle air in large rooms to create a comfortable atmosphere. The downside is that it may not distribute air evenly throughout the zone because it does not have a fan inside it.


  • Lower energy bill
  • Easily movable
  • Fits in with you several home styles
  • Quiet and effective


  • Poor circulation
  • Unnecessary temperature warning


LifeSmart LifePro 1500W Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Indoor Space Heater with 6 Adjustable Heating Elements and Remote Control, Black

For a perfect design that is fit for large rooms in your home or workplace, you should go for Lifesmart 6 element infrared heater. It is designed with infrared technology to warm up large living areas quickly.

Even though you can make easy controls of this device in front of the unit from the control panel, adjustments like regulating the temperature of the room can also be easily made with remote control.

Your room decoration is also important since you cannot have a weird looking device damage the beautiful look of the room, that is why the Lifesmart element space heater is available in two colors gray and black, so that would fit into almost any style.

The LifeSmart 6 Element is another quiet device as does not interfere with your sleep with any noise. We should also note that the infrared ray function to heat the room by emitting light. So if you prefer to sleep in dark environments, this might not be the best choice to make. However, most customers have reported that the light is soft, so it does not disturb the sleep.

The air emitted from the Lifesmart heater is clean and moist since it comes from a fully washable air filter. Apart from the remote control, you also have an additional feature like an LED screen for smooth operation. You can be guaranteed that this is the right product for you.


  • Evenly distributes heat in large areas
  • Helps to keep the air moist
  • The unit remains cool during usage
  • Remote control and LED screen for smooth operation


  • Consumes much power and might trip the circuit breaker
  • Hykes energy cost when used as a primary source of heat


No products found.

EdenPURE A5095 features an automatic on and off functionality to keep large spaces warm and comfortable without wasting energy. There is also a timer to specify the particular period you want the device to shut off so that when you leave your home or office to run some errands, it can warm the room just in time for your arrival.

The design is like a bookshelf with an attractive wooden plastic finishing grade where the quartz elements are concealed within and on the exterior of the unit. For people with a reasonable sense of style, the appearance fit perfectly into modern homes.

For another solution to a cold day or night, choose Edenpure A5095 for a warm option, the weight is only 15 lbs, so it is moveable. It has a compact size of 15.1 inches by 11.5 inches by 9.6 inches to allow it to stay conveniently in a room with limited space.

The Edenpure A5095 is safe allowing you to freely touch it while it works without it burning your palm. It also features a tip over the sensor to shut it off when necessary. You can install an extra air purification kit on Edenpure A5095, but if you prefer to use the current filter you have with it, it would still be great as long as you regularly perform some cleaning maintenance on it.

It is the best choice if you have a family member with asthma as it has features like a high-grade HEPA filter and PC component UV light to ensure it emits clean air.

Even though EdenPURE has been known to produce great products including the space heater, and the Edenpure A5095 has turned out to be one of them with excellence. It has a solid design, remote control system one thing users did not really like is the fact that it has no wheels which can make moving it around a little complicated, but you may not be affected by it though since it is small and it has a lightweight.


  • It can accommodate asthmatic patients
  • Safe touch and tip over sensor
  • Remote controlled thermostat and timer
  • Solid craftmanship


  • No wheels
  • Quite expensive


LIFE SMART Lifesmart 8 Element Wood Remote Control, Portable Infrared Heater for Bedroom, Living Room, and Basement with Cool Touch Exterior Cabinet and Overheat Protection, 750w/1,500w, Brown

To heat a large room, Lifesmart Corp Lifelux series ultimate 8 Element is the right space heater for you, since it remains one of the best space heaters in the marketplace. It weighs about 30 pounds and the size measures 16.2 inches by 15.2 inches by 18.5 inches.

This Lifesmart product features three heat setting options one of them is an eco-setting for heat conservation in large spaces, another for smaller places and the third is a 12-hour automatic shut off, so it works only when it is needed thereby saving up on your energy bills.

Like most other space heaters, the Lifesmart Series 8 Element is built with strong fan blowers to circulate the heat, the good thing about this product is that the fan does not make annoying sounds.

Compared to other metal heaters, the wood finish creates an appealing aesthetic appearance for the heater making it look inviting and fit for the stylish decorations of your home or workplace. You can also adjust the device from a distance with the remote control.

Regardless of how awesome most space heaters are, most of them would still have a downside including the Lifesmart Series 8 Element. If you own this product, you may prefer to use it indoors alone because it lacks the ability to heat over 50 degrees in external spaces without insulations.


  • Vey quiet
  • Remote control
  • Digital thermostat
  • Safe to touch
  • 9-hour timer
  • Energy saving variable heat settings
  • Ionizer may be turned on/off


  • It may not generate so much heat outdoors
  • Some early malfunctioning may occur


Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater-Features Oscillation, Remote, and Built-in Timer, Beige

This Lasko Designer Series is a multipurpose heater that works for every part of your home. It is safe with an inbuilt ceramic heating element and protection to automatically turn it off during overheating.

Some of the features of this heater are the oscillating ability to enhance heat circulation in the room. Depending on how you want it, the oscillation can be turned on or off. This Lasko product is easy to use with LED temperature settings and straightforward instructions. It requires no setup or arrangement, open up your box and begin to use.

There is also a remote control system that allows you to adjust the device from a distance and a timer to turn it off and on automatically according to your set schedule between 1 hour and 7 hours. You have three basic controls, the automatic, high and low settings, so you get to choose the amount of heat you need.

Since it heats the room so fast, you also have to know that it also cools down too quickly, but regardless, it still has a better aesthetic quality than many of the other space heaters in the market.


  • Easy to use
  • Fully assembled, so no setup required
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Built-in timer and safety features
  • It blends into your decorations.


  • Cools down too fast

Best Space Heater For Large Room Buying Guide

There are a few knowledge you need to have before purchasing a space heater; one is the larger the room, the larger the space heater you may want to get, but it goes beyond that! We want you to make a perfect choice, not only based on your fixed budget, but we feel the product you get should be the correct fit for the task you want it to carry out.

So we would give you a buying guide, as we discuss the space heaters considering the heater type, the heating capacity, energy efficiency, safety features, and noise level.

Heater Type

Space heaters have two main types, and the kind of heater you are getting is an important factor to be considered when getting one for large rooms. The two types of space heaters we would base on are the convection space kind and the radioactive kind.

Usually, most of the convection space heaters are small, portable and can effortlessly be moved. They make use of a heating element to warm the air, and circulates it heat itself or use an inbuilt fan to move the air around large rooms. Convection space heats up faster in smaller rooms since most of them are fan-based, you only need to turn it on, and it begins to work. When other heaters warm the air, the surface temperature from the oil-based convection heater stays much lower to heat rooms faster.

On the other hand, radiative heaters are bigger than fan-based heaters for larger rooms, but they are not so attractive. They work like halogen light bulbs to emit heat in the infrared spectrum. So instead of heating the air in the room, it warms the objects around it. They are more efficient for smaller rooms than the convection space heaters since they heat up longer and do not cool down so fast.

Heating Capacity

Heat capacity would be the required amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of the room and create warmth. Most space heaters are powered on 1500 watts, some others with a dual setting option can produce lower heat at 750 watts.

The heating capacity is a crucial factor to consider. Ideally, 1500 watt is appropriate for a 150 square feet room. Now that we have already established that the wattage of the space heater determines the heating capacity, you may want to consider the British thermal Unit measurement and temperature rise of the device. One watt approximately equals 3.14 BUTs.

It would be an unwise decision to get a heater that would not warm your room up as much as you want. A factor that would determine the heating capacity of the space heater you are planning to get is the type; another is the size.

Even though most space heaters would perform well in small places, there are secrets behind using them used to address the heating conditions in larger rooms too, one of them is the larger the room, the larger the space heaters and the other could be the way you use them.

Energy Efficiency

It is one thing for your space heater to produce sufficient heat to warm up your room, it is another important thing for the heater to effectively manage the energy used, which in turn saves up on your energy bill. Space heaters can warm a particular room and reduce the power spent on central heating of the whole house.

Some heaters would be sufficient enough to provide the required heat you need to warm up your room without weighing so much on your energy, and there are others that consume so much power.

Some features like the auto shut off timer exist to manage the energy properly. You can set a specific schedule when you want your heater to automatically work or stop working and save up on energy bills. Some space heaters allow you to set up the timer within a range of 1 to 7 hours, while some others allow setting up to 12 hours.

For an economical way to effectively heat your room, you should get a space heater that is good enough to perform it’s duty and lightens the weight on your energy. The space heater should also have a timer system, so when you put it on and set up the timer, you can be sure that your bills are not pilling up.

This video might also give some useful information:

Safety Features

Of course, electrical devices come with some kinds of risk, and that means the space heater is not an exception. Manufacturers of space heaters equip these devices with safety features to prevent the risk of fire or overheating.

Some of the features are the tip over sensor, and thermal shut off that becomes active when the device gets hotter than it should be. The safe to touch feature also seem reasonable to mention, since the external body of most heaters do not hurt your hands even when you are running the device at maximum use for hours.

Noise Level

heating devices

Even when large rooms in your home need some space heaters, it may be upsetting to when you always have to hear the sounds from the blowers. For light sleepers especially, you may find it difficult to enjoy your sleep with the constant whining sound of the heater.

Fan equipped heaters are usually noisy than the fanless unit since the heater noise comes from the oscillating sound the fan in it. The fanless heaters exhibit silent operation. Most modern portable heaters are fan based, and they make loud noises, even though some may be louder than the other. You can check through the decibel rating listed in the product specification to compare, and know that the higher the rating, the louder the heater.

So if you have a problem with the noise level of a heater, you should instead go for a fanless radiator. But if you buy a fan equipped heater, you could get one with a lower sound.

Which is the best room heater to buy?

Space heaters are not designed to be the primary source of heat, and they also work well to compliment your heating scheme in the rooms or certain spaces. The Dr. Infrared Heater is our choice for the best room heater since it excels amidst other space heaters with a dual technology that propagates heat faster and stabilizes it, so there are no hot and cold spots.

The electronic thermostat has a high range of 50 degrees to 86 degrees. Like several other space heaters, Dr. Infrared Heater also has features like thermostats, timers, thermal switch to shut off the device during overheating and also tip over sensors to help you concentrate the heat to a specific room of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is room heater good for health?

While a room heater operates, whether it is a fan equipped convection heater or halogen room heater, it burns up the oxygen and drops the humidity level in the air. When the oxygen level falls beyond the limits, it may lead to suffocation especially if you or any member of your household is asthmatic. The solution to this could be for you to open the door a little for natural air to come in.

Asides from oxygen, the reduced humidity in the air leads to dry eyes and nasal blockage which you can work out with a humidifier, or you can put a bucket of water in the corner of the room. If you use an oil based filter to dampen the air a little, you can prevent the oxygen and humidity levels from dropping so much.

Rest is good for the health, but you may have issues with the unwanted noises of the heaters as it is quite annoying to bare while you are sleeping. We suggest you drink enough fluid to avoid dehydration and water good wool cloth, so you reduce your dependency on room heaters alone.

Is room heater safe?

The main potential risk you can have while using a heater is fire accidents. Most times when fire accidents occur it is due to leaving the device unattended. While using your space heaters, you need to avoid covering the room heater outlet, so your device does not catch fire instantly. You should also put away your polyester clothes or inflammable items when you use radioactive heaters.

Not all space heaters are safe to touch; some are very hot, so you should make sure you keep kids and your pets away from them. We suggest you also consider a heater that both time based and tip over sensor features for assured safety so that automatically switch off either when during overheating or after your set duration.

Which room heater is best halogen or fan?

Deciding on which room heater is the best between halogen and fan would depend on your preference and the purpose of their use, as they both have advantages and disadvantages.

Rather than heating the air in the room like the fan based heater, halogen room heaters work by heating the objects directly around it. In some ways, like their size and how they handle large rooms better, they could be preferred. They also have silent sounds cool down slowly, so you can enjoy a quiet, warm room even after the device is turned off.

Some advantages of the fan based heater are that it heats up and distributes warm air in the room faster than other types of heaters, to ensure there are no cold or hot spots. They also have small and portable sizes and can fit perfectly into smaller rooms. The Fan equipped heaters always have a better and stylish build up in case you prefer not to tamper with your home decorations. The downsides you may have to deal with is the noise level and the fact that it cools down faster than you may expect.

Which room heater is safe for baby?

Either walking or crawling, babies are always curious, and it would not matter how much you watch them, they are drawn to shiny and bright items. Some coil heaters could be attractive to them and cause severe burns, that is the reason why you should get a wall mounted heaters or heaters that are safe to touch.

Another specification you should consider when deciding on a heater for your babies are the ones with thermostat control to turn it off and on automatically. Most importantly, the best heaters to get at this stage are oil heaters or radiators to reduce cases of dryness or itching on your baby’s skin.

Oil filter heaters help protect humidity and oxygen levels from burning low; they also come with features like timers and thermostats. Oil filters are the best choice for child safety, but monitoring that operation is still essential for utmost safety.

How to calculate room heater size?

Estimating the room heater size would depend on several factors, but there is one fundamental concept that guides it, and it is 10 watt per square foot of space. Comparing the heater’s watt with the room size according to this precept is quickest and easiest way to calculate room heater size, but other conditions may flaw this method, like the room insulation.

The heavily insulated room would require lesser power to heat it. Instead of 10 watts, approximately 7.5 watts would do the job, while lightly insulated rooms may need up to 12 watts. Places without insulation like garages or basements would let heat out as it gets in. Other conditions are the ceiling heights, outside temperatures, windows and the amount of supplemental heating.

Which room heater consume less electricity?

Even with your need for instant heat, you would still prefer to use an energy efficient room heater. The room heaters are meant to supplement the heat source for individual rooms, and it would be unwise when they take so much energy and add to the electrical bill.

Generally, oil filled radiator and halogen heaters consume lesser energy since they do not have to power the oscillating blower of the fan based room heater. When getting a room heater, you should look for one that is accurately effective enough for your target room, so you do not have to end up opening up your doors and windows from too much heat.

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