Best Tool Bag? – 19 Best Tool Bags

If you’re a craftsman, handyman, homeowner, builder, woodworker, electrician, plumber, or anyone else who uses a broad set of tools for your daily work, a tool bag is your best friend! Tool bags come in many different shapes, sizes and styles and is used in many industries to store and transport tools.

What makes a tool bag special is that it’s uniquely designed to hold the tools that are useful for each worker’s needs. More importantly, they help to keep your tools safe and secure but yet always ready to use quickly.

While you can always get a big metal box to store your tools in, only a nice tool bag keeps them organized while also adding comfort so if you’re carrying it around all day to different job sites you won’t feel bogged down while still having everything right at your fingertips. They come in many different shapes and sizes including a backpack, tote bags, shoulder bags, holdall, canvas, and are made from different materials including metal, leather, plastic and heavy fabrics.

Popular Brands

It’s not a big surprise that some of the same manufacturers of the best power tools are also some of the best designers of tool bags. You can expect some incredible tool bags made from companies like DeWALTMilwaukeeKlein Tools, and others, but there are also some great 3rd parties that designed some really useful tool bags which aren’t for a specific brand and rather a generic tool bag that you can use for your everyday tools.

If most of your handheld tools and power tools are all from the same manufacturer, it’s often good to get a similar tool bag from that manufacturer as the tools will fit perfectly into it. If you have a broad range of tools from different manufacturers then it may be best to get a more generic tool bag so it will be the most flexible in terms of tools fitting.

Top 19 Best Tool Bags


Klein Tools 55456BPL Laptop Backpack / Tool Bag, Water Resistant Technician Backpack, Padded for 1-Inch Thick Laptop or Tablet, 25 Pockets
  • 25 pockets backpack
  • Separated compartment for laptops
  • Organizer for Pens, cables, and phone accessories
  • Light interior for quick spotting of tools
  • Hard plastic bottom

This bag from Klein Tools is a really durable and long-lasting backpack tool bag with two different compartments for tools as well as a separate laptop area to keep it protected form other tools. It has 25 pockets for storing tools, cords, pens, cables, and more.


  • Strong and durable build with strong fabrics and sturdy zippers
  • Hard plastic bottom for long-lasting durability while onsit


  • Limited storage space

The Good/What I like: Over the past year this backpack has gotten rave reviews and is one of the best in the electrician industry for an all-around great accessory for your tools. With two shoulder straps, it’s very easy to carry around to offsite locations as well as its hard-plastic bottom allows you to set it down without worry of soaking up liquids or getting dirty.

Inside its bright orange so you can find your tools easily as compared to pure black interiors. It’s just over 6 lbs making it light enough to carry and has some of the sturdiest zippers with large pulls making it easy to get open. There are 25 total pockets including those for pens/cables as well as a separate padded laptop sleeve to keep your computer protected.

The Bad/What I don’t like: Since this is a backpack style bag, it does have a limited amount of space. For an electrician, it’s enough to fit at least a drill, a multimeter and all of the hand-tools you’ll require for most jobs, but it isn’t the largest bag for when you need heavy duty storage. It’s meant to be an “on the go” type bag.


Klein Tools 5541610-14 Tool Bag with Shoulder Strap Has 40 Pockets for Tool Storage and Orange Interior
  • 40 pockets for tool storage
  • Orange interior for easy visibility
  • Shoulder strap with padding for carrying
  • Hard plastic bottom for protection

Over the years, Klein has had some really amazing products, but this tool bag is probably one of the best in terms of size, storage, and design. Made with extremely durable materials, this tote type bag has over 40 different pockets to store all of your tools making it easy to see and access them to help speed up your work.


  • 40 total pockets as well as a zippered pouch
  • Made from heavy-duty ballistic nylon
  • Plastic molded bottom for protection
  • Bright orange interior for ease of spotting tools


  • Tote bag does not zip closed

The Good/What I like: There is just so much storage in this pro 10” tote from Klein Tools with over 40 total pockets for more tools that you’ll typically need on a job site. Made from 1680D ballistic nylon, which is one of the strongest materials available so you can expect this bag to last through drops, weather, and all the other wear and tear that comes with most electrician and construction jobs.

The interior is a bright orange making it very easy to spot the tool you need as well as a zippered front pocket for those small/delicate parts. It also has the standard hard plastic bottoms to protect from the elements (dirt/water) so you won’t have to worry when you set it down while working. For ease of carrying this bag has both two handles to carry one-handed or a shoulder strap as well depending on your preference.

The Bad/What I don’t like: Overall this is a great bag, however, since tool bags are typically taken offsite it’s important that everything stays in place. Since this bag is a tote type bag everything goes in from the top down but it does not zip closed. This isn’t a big issue except when the bag tips over, especially while in transport between locations so be sure to secure it in place so it doesn’t fall over. 


Klein Tools 55431 Tool Bag with Molded Bottom, Padded Shoulder Strap and Lighted Tool Storage with 31 Pockets
  • Bright orange interior for ease of visibility
  • Twist on/off removable LED light
  • 31 pockets for tool storage
  • Molded bottom for protection
  • 1680D ballistic weave material

For those seeking a more lightweight tool bag that still has plenty of pocket space, the Klein Tools 31 pocket shoulder strap tool bag is perfect for you! It’s slim “laptop” style design has plenty of space but also has a built-in LED light that shines both outsides or in the bag and can be mounted to any worksite.


  • Compact size still with 31 different tool storage pockets
  • Bright interior to allow you to easily spot tools
  • One of the few bags with a built-in LED light for dark areas


  • Limited space inside for larger power tools like a drill

The Good/What I like: You’ll love that this Klein Tools bag is the perfect size to carry around with you over the shoulder and has 31 different pockets for tool storage including some Velcro ones to keep smaller items in place. You’ll also love that the inner section zips closed so none of your tools will fall out.

This bag also has a built-in LED light that twists on and can either point outwards or inside the bag. It can also detach and has a magnetic strip on the back and a hook so you can use it around the work site.

The Bad/What I don’t like: Overall this bag is very handy and will fit most of the on-the-go tools that you need for an offsite job. You will find, however, that it often lacks space for larger tools like a power drill. We found it’s big enough for a small personal cordless drill but for a heavy-duty Milwaukee drill, it lacked the capacity to store the drill and the tools at once.


XtremepowerUS Multi Purpose Tool Backpack Contractor Optimized Pockets Bag Organizer Pocket Jobsite Padded Strap Storage Tools
  • Backpack style with heavy padding on the shoulder straps
  • 3 large pockets and a laptop area to transport everything easily
  • Chest strap for easier weight distribution
  • Lightweight design made with durable materials

This company may not be very well-known, but the bag is an excellent place to store your tools for when you need them on offsite locations. This backpack style bag has 36 different pockets to carry all of your different tools in. It organizes them and keeps them secure until you need them next.


  • 3 large pockets with plenty of storage areas within it to easily organize your tools in different compartments
  • Additional padding on the shoulder straps
  • Lightweight design


  • Reviews show that the seams and velcro blow over time

The Good/What I like: You’ll love the lightweight design of this bag and the incredible amount of storage space within it. While it isn’t made with ballistic weave, it still feels durable and heavy duty. There are 3 large pockets that zipper closed, one being made for your laptop that is surrounded in padding to protect it from the tools in the other pockets.

We also loved that the shoulder straps are heavily padded so it will be easier to carry heavy tools as well as a chest strap to help distribute the weight evenly.

The Bad/What I don’t like: You’ll love that this bag keeps everything organized extremely well, however, the longevity of the bag did not hit the mark for us in that over a year of use often seams would blow out or velcro would end up tearing. This is to be expected with most tool bags but with the hope that it lasts a few years before you end up needing to replace it.


Custom Leathercraft1539 Multi-Compartment 50 Pocket Tool Bag
  • 50 different pockets for storage of tools
  • Spacious central compartment for large power tools
  • Lightweight design made with high-quality materials

While a backpack is great for transporting tools, sometimes you need something a little bigger and want to carry some bigger tools like an impact driver or cordless drill which is why you need the LeatherCraft 1539 bag. This bag is designed for plumbers, electricians and carpentry professionals ready to start repairing jobs onsite.


  • Strong and durable feed keep it from tilting
  • Side pockets fold down flat so you can see all the tools
  • Large durable zippers
  • Plenty of storage containers with over 50 pockets available


  • Only has a shoulder strap and handles for carrying – can’t be worn like a backpack

The Good/What I like: You’ll love that this bag has so many different pockets for storing an unlimited number of tools in it’s 50 different pockets. It also has a large central compartment which is perfect for larger tools and zips closed so you don’t have to worry about them falling out.

The materials used to make this bag are heavy duty so you can expect it’ll last for years to come. You’ll also like the fact that there are large pull tabs on the zippers so it’s easy to open and adjust.

The Bad/What I don’t like: There are relatively few negative things to say about this bag except that the style of the bag only allows you to carry it via the shoulder strap. As it gets heavier, this can often weigh too much and while carrying it long distances it can become very cumbersome. Ensure you think about this when carrying it long distances.


Dewalt DGL573 41-Pocket LED Lighted Technician's Tool Bag
  • Base pads to reduce wear and tear on the bottom
  • Padded carrying handles and shoulder strap
  • 41 total pockets to help organize tools
  • Adjustable LED light directed inside or outside the bag

The DeWALT team has gone above and beyond this time to provide a perfect technician’s tool bag with a built-in LED light that can be directed both inside and outside of the bag providing you with perfect illumination. You can enjoy 41 different pockets.


  • 41 upright adjustable pockets for tool storage
  • Built-in LED light is great for shining light on dark workspaces or inside the bag
  • Vertical pockets keep everything safely stored
  • Base pads keep the bag from getting abused and worn out


  • This bag can only be carried using the shoulder strap or handles.

The Good/What I like: You’ll love all 41 different unique pockets on this DeWALT tool bag to store all of your handheld tools and inside the central area you can store more of the larger power tools for bigger jobs. The bag has bright yellow accent colored materials to help you spot tools easier and is made with really heavy-duty material to keep it lasting you for years to come.

To keep your work area lit up, the bag is equipped with an adjustable LED light that can shine both inside the bag or outside the bag so even in dark work areas you can see the task easily.

The Bad/What I don’t like: While this bag does not have many downsides, the biggest one that we encountered is that when you load up the bag full of heavy tools it can become difficult to carry using just the shoulder strap or handles.


TOUGHBUILT TOU-60-26 26' Massive Mouth Bag, Black/Yellow
  • 62 different pockets and loops for tool storage
  • Steel reinforced handles and a padded shoulder strap
  • Rigid plastic lined octagonal shaped body that keeps its shape
  • Extreme capacity bag for high quantity tool storage

If you need a lot of tools taken to an offsite job and you don’t want to take multiple bags and bins with you, then pick up the ToughBuilt’s 26” massive mouth tool bag. Here you can fit extreme loads inside including handheld tools, power tools, and supplies needed for big jobs.


  • 62 different pockets for one of the largest storage bags on the market
  • Durable build with hard plastic and strongly lined exteriors
  • The large wide mouth of 26” for storage of many tools inside
  • Lockable zipper to close it up for safety and security
  • Rubber feed for increased longevity


  • Due to its size, it can become very heavy when fully loaded

The Good/What I like: The name of this bag includes the word massive in it which describes the size of the mouth of this bag. The mouth is 26” and zips open to show the giant inside the cavity where you can store plenty of power tools inside. You’ll also love that it has 62 different pockets and loops to allow you to store an unlimited number of handheld tools inside.

There are many different zip-able pockets as well for small items and the best part is it’s made with a hard-plastic body that ensures the shape is kept even when loaded full. It’s perfect for electricians, construction workers, carpenters, plumbers and handymen alike.

The Bad/What I don’t like: You’ll find that when this bag is fully loaded full of tools that you’ll have everything you need to get the job done, but you’ll also find that the downside is that the tool bag will become extremely heavy. This means that carrying it long distances can wear you down so be sure to take that into consideration based on your personal strength.


Dewalt DG5553 18 in. Pro Contractor's Closed-Top Tool Bag
  • 28 exterior pockets and 14 interior pockets
  • 3 flap-covered pockets and 1 drawstring pocket
  • Base pads to protect the bottom from the elements
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap and handles for carrying

You’ll love the extensive 28 exteriors pocketed and 14 interior pocket tool bag from DeWALT that pops open to show a large interior compartment for storing all of your tools. With it’s stylish black and yellow design, shoulder strap, handles, and the zipper closed top, this is the perfect bag for the on-the-go contractor to pick up.


  • Incredible size with 42 different interior and exterior pockets.
  • A large central cavity for large power tools
  • Heavy-duty ballistic poly fabric as well as large durable zippers
  • The multitude of covered pockets, drawstring pocket, and zippered pockets for smaller delicate parts


  • Large size bag with a relatively small strap

The Good/What I like: This DeWALT bag is perfect for large loads as it’s got a very roomy inside to store your tools as well as 14 interior compartments. It also has 28 different exterior pockets for storing tools and parts in so you’re ready to go on the work site.

To keep the bag safe the central cavity zips closed and the bottom is equipped with pads to ensure it remains upright and stable as well as to protect from the elements. This bag is meant to last using heavy-duty ballistic poly fabric.

The Bad/What I don’t like: Overall this bag is great, however, when opened completely and filled it can become very heavy and the strap is quite thin for the size of the bag. This is one area that you may end up purchasing a thicker shoulder strap with additional padding if you’re going to over-pack your tool bag.


No products found.
  • 26 different pockets for tool storage
  • Water resistant outside to protect valuable power tools
  • Dual zipper system and double-stitched straps to ensure longevity

For those of you who love your duffle bags, this Husky tool bag is a great option for you. With a large central cavity for storing most of your large power tools surrounded by over26 different vertical pockets to store all of your handheld tools in. To protect from the elements, it’s made with durable water-resistant fabric.


  • Easy to carry with shoulder strap and handles
  • Water resistant and well-constructed
  • 26 different pockets for the organization as well as a large inner cavity


  • Narrow pockets make larger tools difficult to store

The Good/What I like: With over 26 pockets available including 11 in the inner section and 16 external vertical pockets it’s perfect for storing most of your common tools needed for offsite work. The inner section large enough for many big power tools including a cordless drill saw multimeter, etc.

It’s also made with water-resistant material to keep your tools dry and protected from the elements.

The Bad/What I don’t like: You’ll love that the inner cavity of this bag is large enough for big tools, however, we found that there was not a big enough diversity of large pockets to fit hand-held tools in. Many of them were too narrow for even our smaller tools which means you may not be able to utilize the pockets as effectively if they were made slightly larger.


WORKPRO 18-inch Tool Bag Close Top Wide Mouth Storage with Sturdy Waterproof Base & Adjustable Shoulder Strap, HVAC, Electrical and Maintenance Tool Tote Bag Organizer & Storage
  • 13 different internal pockets as well as uprig12 external pocket storage loops as well as many other pockets inside and out
  • Waterproof bottom
  • Shoulder strap as well as handles for portability

While many toolbags out their extreme size so you can fit your whole workshop inside, sometimes you just need a nice simple compact bag to fit the basics. This WORKPRO 18” canvas bag is perfect for you then made with 600D polyester material that’s very durable as well as a sturdy plastic bottom for protection.


  • Many pockets for tool storage as well as an inner zipped closed section
  • Lightweight and durable build for a long-lasting bag
  • Adjustable padded shoulder strap


  • Can often be too small for large job needs

The Good/What I like: It’s a very lightweight and easy to carry bag even when hanging across your shoulder making it extremely portable. You’ll be happy with the durable build of the tool bag as it feels strong and also has a waterproof plastic bottom to protect it from the elements.

The Bad/What I don’t like: While this is a great compact bag for easy jobs, it’s not as large as many of the other tool bags on the market. This means you’ll always be a bit limited in what you can bring with you since it doesn’t have as much storage.


Internet's Best Soft Sided Tool Bag - 25 Inch - 22 Pockets - Wide Mouth Hard Base Tool Storage and Organizer Box
  • 22 individual pockets as well as a wide-mouthed open interior
  • Hard plastic bottom made waterproof
  • Zipper closed interior
  • Shoulder strap and handles

From the company Internet’s Best, this awesome 25-inch, 22 pockets soft-sided tool bag is great for an affordable alternative on the market. Made with 600D fabric, it’s heavy duty enough to carry large power tools inside. The wide mouth top allows for large power tools to be stored inside as well making it great for both smaller tools and large alike that are needed for off-site jobs.


  • The dark black interior makes it difficult to see
  • Soft sides make it less sturdy than other tool bags

The Good/What I like: We love how this bag is made with very durable material so it’ll last long, but yet it’s still at a very affordable price under $50 USD. It also has a very large mouth that zippers closed to protect your valuable power tools.

There is a total of 22 different pockets both inside and outside making it perfect for organizing all of your tools for on-the-go work. With two handles for carrying or a shoulder strap, it’s ready to go when you are!

The Bad/What I don’t like: Overall Internet’s Best has done a great job for its affordable price; however, the soft sides of this bag to make it a bit more difficult to retain its shape at times. Also, the dark black interior, while accented with some yellow pockets, still was a bit dark and made it difficult to see some tools at times.


McGuire Nicholas 22217-1 Universal Tote 16-Inch Tool Bag
  • A rigid frame that stays upright and open for easy access to tools.
  • Multiple inside and outside pockets to stay organized
  • Adjustable shoulder strap and a padded center handle

If you’re tired of hauling your tools around in boxes or crates and need a perfect little tote bag to organize everything then reach out for this McGuire Nicholas 16” universal Tool Bag. There are plenty of vertical pockets for your handheld tools as well as a spacious inner area for the larger ones.


  • Lightweight but yet very strong design made to handle heavy wear and tear
  • Open and spacious design for larger tools in the center
  • Padding on the handle for easy carrying


  • Pockets on the sides are quite shallow (less than 3.5”)

The Good/What I like: You’ll love the compact design of this tool bag organizer with a metal bar across the middle that keeps everything upright and stable. The inner section is open with all the side vertical pockets keep everything easy to spot and grab. With both a shoulder strap and a padded handlebar, it’s easy to carry around to job sites.

The Bad/What I don’t like: Overall the only issue with this bag is that it’s small and compact. The pockets on the sides are a bit shallow with only a 3.5” depth making it difficult to store larger tools in it. This isn’t a deal-breaker because most going for this tool bag are looking for a smaller sized bag anyway.


Stanley 518150M FatMax 18-inch Tool Bag, Black & Yellow
  • Heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric
  • Rubber grip handle and padded shoulder strap
  • Middle compartment zips closed for safety

You can transport your tools easily in this Stanley tool bag measuring 18” with a hard base to protect from the elements. With 600D material, it’s made to last against heavy wear and tear. Organize all of your tools in the side pockets as well as store some of the larger ones in the middle compartment.


  • Multiple pockets and compartments for easy tool storage
  • 600D reinforced the durable strong fabric
  • Waterproof plastic bottom
  • Strong handle and shoulder strap to carry a heavy load


  • Only large enough for hand tools and other small power tools only

The Good/What I like: Overall this is a really great bag made with heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric so you can beat it up and it’s still going to look like new. It’s made with a strong water-proof plastic bottom that keeps everything inside dry and has a reinforced handle so you can carry heavy loads without worrying if the bag can handle it.

You’ll find many pockets both inside and outside to store your hand tools as well as a central area for some of the small power tools to be safely zipped closed.

The Bad/What I don’t like: Since this tool bag is only 18” it’s not large enough to store very large power tools inside but you can usually fit hammers, sanders, and small cordless drills inside and still zip it closed.


Dewalt 18' Large Heavy Duty Contractor Tool New Bag in Bulk Packaging
  • A large inner section that zips closed
  • Two handles at the top for carrying
  • Accommodates items up to 21 inches long
  • Plastic runners on the bottom for durability

This very roomy DeWALT 18-inch medium size tool bad is a great choice for transporting small to medium size tools. You’ll find it in the standard DeWALT black and yellow colors making it easy to spot and includes many different pockets to store some hand-held tools in.


  • Very large inner cavity makes it easy to store large power tools
  • Bright yellow color makes it easy to spot
  • Can accommodate large tools up to 21 inches long.


  • Very limited pockets for smaller tools
  • No shoulder strap

The Good/What I like: You’ll love the size of this bag! The inside cavity doesn’t have much to get in the way when you need to haul a bunch of big power tools. It can accommodate tools up to 21” in length making it one of the largest bags on the market. It zips closed to keep everything safe and secure and has two very strong handles on the top for you to carry it. On the bottom, there are two plastic runners that help keep the bag sturdy and upright.

The Bad/What I don’t like: While this bag is made very durable, it’s not ideal for hauling hand-held tools as it only has a few pockets for smaller tools to be organized. There is also no shoulder strap so the only way to carry this bag is with the two handles making it bit less than ideal when carrying long distances.


CLC Custom LeatherCraft 1529 16 In. Center Tray Tool Bag, 16 Pocket
  • 15 pockets for tool organization
  • Plastic tray for easily organizing small pieces
  • Main central pocket allows for larger tool storage
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry

For those looking for an affordable tool bag that keeps everything neatly organized and secured, Custom Leathercraft has a 15-pocket bag that might be perfect for you. Made with strong durable canvas it has two handles on the top as a shoulder strap to easily transport it to different work locations making your job easier.


  • 15 small pockets for tool storage and two large central trays
  • Strong and durable build
  • Large central storage area for bigger tools


  • Canvas material can often soak up water and is prone to the elements

The Good/What I like: You’ll love how easy it is to tote this tool bag around with you made from a highly durable canvas that keeps upright with a strong frame. You can store many of the necessary tools for off-site job work to keep it organized and secure. Take along a few larger tools like hammers and a cordless drill in the central containers.

The Bad/What I don’t like: Custom Leathercraft has made a really simple bag for hauling your tools around, however, it’s made from a canvas which is durable but will soak up water, grease, and other liquids if set down. It’s important with this model to always set it down in a clean area or it will become dirty and reduce the overall lifespan of the bag.


DEWALT DCK019 Tool Bag
  • 10 outer pockets and one inner pocket
  • Zips closed to keep tools secured
  • Reinforced edges for durability
  • Heavy duty nylon material that’s strong and tough

For those looking for a large and solid bag, the Dewald DCK019 is absolutely perfect for fitting many of your large tools inside. With 10 different pockets along the outside and one on the inside, you can fit in most of your really large power tools inside the central pocket and your tape measures and handheld tools in the outer pockets.


  • The large central area allows for a maximum number of tools to be stored inside
  • Large outer pockets for handheld tools keeps everything organized
  • Large nylon handles and heavy-duty nylon bag is durable and strong


This big bag does not have a shoulder strap.

The Good/What I like: DeWALT has made a strong bag of heavy-duty nylon material is difficult to cut/tear so it’ll last you for years of hauling your tools to and from each worksite. You’ll find the central area is large and can handle quite a few power tools inside it as well as pockets on the outside that will keep your handheld tools organized well. The sides are fully reinforced and the top folds and zips closed to keep everything in place.

The Bad/What I don’t like: You’ll find that this is a big bag which means it can get a little bit heavy if you load it up. That’s why having a shoulder strap is often helpful when carrying your bags around, however, this DeWALT bag only has two handles for carrying it.


Milwaukee 17 Inch Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bag with 6 Interior Pockets, Reinforced Bottom, and Strap Ring (Shoulder Strap Not Included)
  • Measures 17” x 10” x 10” and has a reinforced padded bottom that keeps everything in place.
  • Heavy-duty handles make it easy to carry
  • Open central bag for storage of large tools that zips closed

This is an excellent tool bag with a large central area that measures 16 inches in length and is perfect for drills, drivers, driver bits, impact wrenches, batteries, saws, and so much more. It’s extremely affordable but yet strong and durable as is expected from all of Milwaukee’s great products.


  • The very large central area allows for storage of large power tools
  • Strong handles for carrying
  • Support bars installed to keep the bag open


  • No small outer pockets
  • Missing shoulder strap for easier carrying

The Good/What I like: For anyone needing to haul around large power tools all in one place, Milwaukee has designed a very affordable bag with a large central area that pops open to give you access to all of your tools. Zip it closed to secure all of your power tools in place and carry it using two very thick and durable handles. With a length of 17 inches, it’s wide and deep enough for some of your larger power tools.

The Bad/What I don’t like: The biggest downfall to this bag is that there are no smaller outer pockets to keep your handheld tools inside as well as there is no shoulder strap included. Overall any bag which has shoulder strap rings should include a shoulder strap to go along with it.


Dewalt 13' Mini Heavy Duty Contractor Tool Bag
  • 6 external pockets for tool storage
  • Plastic runners on the bottom to keep it upright
  • Central cavern allows for tools up to 13” in length
  • Heavy duty outside the canvas

You’ll love the compact 13-inch DeWALT mini tool bag which is the perfect size for hauling a drill, impact driver, batteries, chargers, and other tools around between locations. With 6 external pockets to organize your handheld tools as well, it’s the perfect size for those looking for a smaller alternative to those large bags. You’ll never lose your DeWALT bag with its bright yellow/black colors which are easy to spot.


  • Compact size that’s easy to carry
  • Large enough for most drills and impact drivers
  • Plastic runners to keep the bag upright and stable
  • Durable and strong outside made of heavy-duty nylon


  • Does not have a shoulder strap

The Good/What I like: DeWALT has made a very strong and durable heavy nylon bag that measures up to 13-inches in length that is perfect for fitting quite a few different power tools inside including your drivers, small saw, drills, spare batteries, and chargers. You’ll also enjoy 6 different external pockets (3 on each side) for securing your handheld tools, tape measure, pens, and other smaller tools. Spot this bag anywhere with the bright yellow color you’ve come to know and love about DeWALT.

The Bad/What I don’t like: While the bag is compact and perfect for storing your tools inside, it lacks the rings for a shoulder strap which is very helpful when carrying your tool bags between worksites. Lacking this, it means you have to free up a hand to carry it which allows you to carry or do one less thing. Not a deal breaker, but definitely a “nice to have” accessory.


CLC WORK GEAR DEWALT DG5542 Tradesman's Tool Bag, 12-Inch
  • 9 pockets inside and 20 pockets outside as well as a 10-inch depth in the central area
  • Pop open design to easily spot tools or zip it closed to secure them in place
  • The heavy-duty polyester fabric that’s strong enough to last for years

The DeWALT tradesman’s bag is designed with an easy access top that pops open to show you your tools nicely organized. Zip it closed to keep everything secure or keep it open to pack it full. You’ll love how many pockets there are including 20 exterior pockets and 9 interior ones to organize all of your handheld tools. Inside it’s deep enough to put your different power tools including drill and drivers.


  • Pop open design allows you to easily spot your tools inside
  • 20 different pockets outside and 9 inside including one zipped pocket
  • Hard base pads keep the bag upright
  • Two handles on top and a shoulder strap make it easy to carry


  • Compact setup isn’t ideal for larger tools like hack saws

The Good/What I like: This compact design from DeWALT is perfect for keeping all your tools organized. With a length of 12-inches, it’s big enough for most of your drills, drivers, and other power tools inside the central compartment. You’ll also find there are plenty of pockets to keep all of your hand-tools organized safely with over 20 external pockets (one flap covered pocket) and 9 interior pockets (one zippered pocket).

Designed in true DeWALT style with heavy-duty polyester fabric in black and yellow as well as 4 base pads to protect the bottom and keep it upright.

The Bad/What I don’t like: Overall this is an incredible bag, however, it’s only 12-inch in length making it not ideal for some larger tools. If you want to fit inside some hack saws or large drivers, this bag wouldn’t be the best choice for those. If you need to carry larger tools, go with a longer wide-mouth bag instead.

Best Tool Bags Buying Guide

What is the best tool bag for electricians?

The most common of tool bags are those used for the electrician which no matter what profession you’re in, you’re bound to have a bunch of electrician’s tools laying around that you use quite often. The electrician tool bags help you organize and make sure everything is safely secured when you’re on the go.

The electrician’s tool bag typically has many compartments in different shapes and sizes allow you to transport many different types of tools. They also have different larger areas to carry things like cables or even a slice of drywall if needed to fill a spot. They are typically the most diverse and functional tool bags as the electrician always gets his hands dirty in just about every line of construction work there is.

Electricians are also always on the go moving from one place to the next fixing one wiring issue and then on to the another. That’s why for an electrician’s tool bag needs to be built to last for a long time so don’t grab for the cheapest one out there but instead go for a trusted brand that’s high-quality.

Top choice electricians tool bag

After careful review of all of the great bags that are suitable for electricians, our favorite with the most amount of space that electricians will use is the Klein Tools 5541610-14 Tool Bag w/ 40 Pockets (check price on The first point of interest that I feel most electricians will see and absolutely love is that 40 pockets! This bag isn’t oversized, but rather the perfect size that’s still easy to carry around but big enough to fit everything you need inside.

There is a multitude of different types of pockets including a large zippered pocket on the front for storage of small bits and pieces so they don’t get lost or scattered around the bottom of the bag. You can also fit your larger power tools like a drill/driver inside the central area which is bright orange so nothing gets lost inside your bag making it easy to spot.

The other most important part about it is that it’s designed and built to last. Made from 1680D ballistic nylon which is one of the strongest materials that tool bags are made from which will outlast the elements, water, drops, and all of the beating up that you do to it over the years hauling it between work sites.

It’s easy to carry with both handles and a shoulder strap so you have the flexibility when you have lots of other things to carry.

What is the best HVAC tool bag?

As an HVAC technician, you’re trained to be ready for just about anything. You’ll not only need the basic tools for building and construction like pliers, screwdriver sets, tape measures, and wrenches, but you’ll also need electrical instruments, flashlights, multimeters, and thermometers. For that reason, you’ll want a bag that’s big and versatile with a large assortment of different pockets.

You’ll also be on the go as most HVAC technicians go between multiple customer’s homes and businesses every day and being on the go means you need something that’s compact but yet big enough to carry most of what you’ll need on-hand. You also can’t afford to have your bag ripping and tearing so durability is a huge factor for you.

Top choice HVAC tool bag

For HVAC technicians we’ve picked a compact bag with the maximum number of pockets that allows for you to carry a lot without weighing you down. This is why we felt the Custom LeatherCraft 1539 Fifty-Pocket Tool Bag was a perfect choice -- Check the Price here on! While this bag is still a compact bag, it has 50 different pockets which make it an incredibly perfect companion if you need a lot of tool with you on the job.

Also, since most HVAC are paid by the hour you want to ensure you’re speedy and efficient so having quick access to your tools is important. With this Custom LeatherCraft bag, you’ll not only have all of your tools upright but the inner section pops open to clearly show all of the tools organized inside. The inner section is also large enough that you can fit in some of the larger power tools that you need like impact drivers, cordless drills, and even a small saw.

You’ll also love the durability of this bag made with a heavy-duty canvas that’s Dual-reinforced on all edges so you won’t have to worry about it tearing open for many years to come. It also has large pull tab zippers making it easy to spot and pull open even when your fingers are greasy.

For the on-the-go HVAC technician, this Custom LeatherCraft bag with over 50 different pockets is perfect for you to get almost every job done without running back to your truck 10 times in an hour house-call.

What is the best tool bag for plumbers?

Every good tool bag’s main mission is its convenience and ability to reduce your time spent looking for a specific tool. For plumbers, time is often of the essence as water leaks can cause major damage to homes and structures that is irreversible. In order for your tool bag to accomplish this, you need to have an appropriate number of pockets and compartments including some that zip closed for the different bolts, screws, drivers, etc., that every plumber must have to complete most jobs.

Plumbers also need to carry a few larger tools so a big central compartment on the tool bag is also necessary for drivers, drills, etc.

The bag should also be comfortable and strong as you will be carrying these between your vehicle and the worksite and often all around the location you’re working as you fix the entire plumbing system. This means if the bag is not comfortable enough to carry around you could end up hurting your bag or arms making you unable to keep working as long. It also needs to be strong and durable because tools are heavy and they tend to be a bit destructive to your bag. Hence why a strong material is needed for the build of your tool bag.

Top choice plumber’s tool bag

After careful review, we love the DeWALT DGL573 Lighted Technician’s Tool Bag from for plumbers for its durability, strength, number of compartments, and also because of the built-in light. The light alone is one very important tool ever plumber needs as pipes are never found in the most well-lit areas but rather, they are hidden in the darkest recesses of your home.

This DeWALT bag has over 41 different pockets that are perfect for helping you organize all of your tools including different velcro and zipped closed pockets to keep those small parts safely secured. Inside the zipped central area is a large open area for the larger power tools that are needed as well as a few additional pockets.

Like most of DeWALT’s bags, this is made with heavy-duty polyester to help protect against the elements and for strength. It also has strong base pads to ensure the bottom doesn’t get worn or damaged as well as keep the bag upright and stable.

What is the best rolling tool bag?

For many craftsmen, construction workers, electricians, plumbers, and anyone else who does manual work on homes and workplaces, they all know the stress that the work puts on the body. This is why many workers prefer a bag that takes the stress off your body like a roller bag. Roller bags are perfect for that as they don’t require you to carry it at all.

Usually built with a square central bag that’s perfect for all of your heavy power tools and gear and surrounded on the outside with many pockets suitable for all of your hand-held tools to keep them safely organized and in place to take to the worksite. All this is on a stable platform with two wheels and a long extendable handle similar to that of luggage. Simply pull the handle up, tilt the bag, and pull it along behind you.

Most roller bags also have two handles since not all work sites can accommodate a roller bag and will need to be carried, especially through water or snow or rough surfaces.

Top choice rolling tool bag

While there are many great roller bags, we took into consideration the size, cost, and organizational ability of each bag and found that the Custom LeatherCraft L258 TechGear Roller Tool Bag as one of the best ones. With two great big wheels to pull your tools along and a telescoping handle with a built-in LED light, this bag is built perfectly to take around to your work sites.

On the outside, there are 11 durable pockets for storage of hand-held tools, tape measures, and other tools as well as 6 pockets inside for smaller parts. The inside cavern is large and spacious with a width of 17 inches to fit most of your needed large power tools. Point the LED light from the handle down into the bag and you’ll be able to see all of your equipment even in low light or night-time work.

Built with durable heavy-duty canvas and double-stitched seams keep everything secured nice and organized. For those looking for a great bag that will reduce the wear and tear on your body, this Custom LeatherCraft bag is perfect for you.

What is the best backpack tool bag?

Tool bags are essential for technicians, electricians, plumbers, and many other crafts to be successful? While most of these tool bags have the same basic setup that looks like a “bucket” with pockets on the outside and a large central cavern, the backpack styles are starting to become more and more popular. They not only can hold your tools easily but they are much easier to carry with both backpack shoulder straps as well as a chest strap to secure it.

They are designed similar to other backpacks with multiple large pockets that open up but inside you’ll find many different organizational pockets both open or zipped closed. They also have pockets and loops along the outside to place/hang tools to keep everything organized and easy to get to. Many workers also need to utilize laptops in this digital age which is why they are now coming with a padded pocket which is perfect for storage of laptops.

Top choice backpack tool bag

Our top choice for a backpack style tool bag is the Klein Tools 55456BPL Electrician 25 Pocket Backpack Tool Bag w/ Laptop Compartment (More info on This backpack has 25 different organizational pockets making it a great choice for those needing to store many different handheld tools. This bag has gotten some of the best reviews for an overall great tool bag for 2019.

It’s easy to carry with two shoulder straps that are padded which allow you to carry it long distances between worksites. It’s designed with a hard plastic bottom to keep it protected from the elements and made with a strong-durable canvas material that’s reinforced on all edges to ensure it’s long-lasting. Inside its bright orange so you can spot all of your tools easily as compared to other bags with a pitch black inside where tools disappear.

You’ll find a laptop compartment as well that is fully padded to ensure you can still take your laptop along but keep it safe from the other tools. When everything is packed up inside this bag, zip it all closed with large strong zippers that keep it secured.

What is the best small/compact tool bag?

Each tool bag is designed uniquely based on what type of tools or profession would best benefit from it.  Some bags have a large central area that keeps big tools and saws in place while others are designed with as many small compartments/loops to organize as many handheld tools as possible.

While most woodworkers, electricians, and plumbers tend to prefer large oversized tool bags that they can fit a lot of tools inside, there are others who don’t need that many tools to get the job done. That’s where the smaller, compact, bags are the preferred style. These are perfect for quick jobs, inspections, DIY enthusiasts and homeowners who want to keep everything organized and secured instead of having all of their tools scattered around.

The smaller and more compact tool bags are designed with the understanding that you won’t be storing large tools like a hack saw inside and instead is made to store all of the more basic/small tools like hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, tape measures, and a personal small drill. 

Top choice for small/compact tool bag

Out of all of the tool bags on the market, our favorite one in both price, durability, and quality is the DeWALT DG5542 Tradesman’s 12-Inch Tool Bag. This little bag is designed for maximum storage capacity with over 20 different exterior pockets and 9 interior ones to keep all of your tools organized. The top of it pops open to give you easy visibility to everything inside and when you’re ready to travel it folds together and zips closed. Check on

The inner cavity is big enough to place different larger power tools like drills and drivers safely measuring up to 12” in length. Build using a heavy-duty polyester fabric as well as reinforced seams, this bag is designed to last for years to come.

To keep the bag upright you’ll find hard base pads which act to also protect your bag from the ground and other elements. There are two handles on top of the bag for carrying as well as a shoulder strap for convenience. You’ll love this compact bag for getting your tools from your workshop to the worksite without forgetting anything.

What is the best tool bag for cordless tools?

While most tool bags are designed with the maximum number of smaller pockets so you can take along as many small hand-held tools as possible, there are times that technicians need quite a few large cordless power tools but your normal tool bag can only fit one or two of these comfortably.

That is why some bags are designed with a minimal number of small pockets and instead with a large wide mouth with an open center area for you to safely store your power tools.

These are built with a stable bottom so the bag doesn’t sag, it zips closed at the top and sometimes comes with a few pockets on the outside for storage of cords, wires, bits or other accessories needed for your cordless tools.

Top choice for cordless tools

When reviewing most of our tool bags, they are primarily designed for maximum tool storage with lots of pockets, but the DeWALT 13″ Mini Heavy-Duty Tool Bag is designed just for your cordless tools (check price on It’s a compact design made for hauling drills, drivers, small saws, batteries, chargers, and other power tools safely and securely.

Plastic runners on the bottom keep it stable and upright at all times with an inside width of 13” making it perfect for most of your small to medium cordless tools. Manufactured with heavy-duty nylon of black and yellow in traditional DeWALT style allows you to easily spot your tools inside.

With 6 additional pockets (3 on each side) you’ll be able to transport other small tools including tape measures, pencils, and other handheld tools needed for job sites. You’ll love how many of your cordless tools you’ll be able to fit in this tool bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

5 Toolbag organization tips

A tool bag is usually designed to keep everything organized already, but there’s a lot of great tips and tricks that can help you to ensure you are the most efficient at putting the right things in the right place. Here are some of the tool bag organizational tips that our team has to keep your tool bag working as best as it can.

  1. Tools Up: The number one most effective way to keep your tool bag organized is to keep everything upright. This allows for maximum visibility of all of the tools so you can spot everything in one look at your bag. Most of the time’s tool bags become a dumping ground for tools and they end up getting tossed inside and pile up. This means you have to dig to the bottom of the bag to find the tool you need. Many of the tool bags now already come with many pockets but they may not have as many as you need. Feel free to purchase different plastic tubes that you glue together to place in the bottom of a tool bag or use plastic containers from a department store to add additional organization to your tool bag – get creative!
  2. Most Common Outside: One great suggestion is to keep the most commonly used tools on the outside like your flashlight, tape measures, screwdriver, hammer, etc. This way it’ll always be right there without you opening the bag. This saves you a lot of time having to open up the bag every time you need a basic tool. The ones you place inside are the ones needed in a one-off situation instead.
  3. Plastic Containers: our tool bags are typically designed to last for years and years to come, however, there many times that you’ll require screws, bolts, nails, washers, and other small metal items along with you. You could just toss these directly into the bottom of your tool bag or in one of the pockets, but they will not only be hard to retrieve but they will also start to scratch and rust which will damage your bag. Head to your nearest department store to get some nice small plastic containers. I usually place these at the bottom of the tool bag and then set my power tools on top of those. They stay nice and secure at the bottom and don’t make a mess that way.
  4. Zip-Ties: The central area of every tool bag tends to become a dumping ground for anything that won’t fit into the pockets. This includes tools, parts, wires, and power tools. Any of the cords/wires that you place into this central compartment should be tied up so it’s kept free from getting tangled in with everything else. Using zip-ties you can easily wrap up cords so they’re out of the way. Additionally, you can use rope, tape, or plastic wrap to get this done.
  5. Tool Bag for The Job: If you are a “jack of all trades” and do a little HVAC work, electrician work, Construction work, and plumbing all, you may find that many of your tools get mixed up. This is why it’s suggested to organize your tools based on the job. Knowing what tools you’ll need for each job is difficult but if you have one tool back for each job that has all of the required tools you’ll need, then you’ll be ready for everything.

How to organize sockets in tool bag?

There are many different tool parts that may frustrate you when you have to carry them between work sites, but none more than sockets. They tip over, they fall out, they go flying – no matter what the instance is, it’s always embarrassing and takes time to recover all of the pieces.

It’s highly suggested that when purchasing sockets, you either get a metal socket rail that they snap easily into place or you can find magnetic socket holders that keep them there until you pull them out.

It’s also suggested to separate your sockets between the standard measurement and the metric measurement types. This way you can differentiate them. You can also place them into different bags or even spray them to a different color so you’ll easily know which is which.

How to organize tools by category?

Organizing tools can be a difficult task especially when you don’t even know what you’ve got. The first step for organizing your tools is to get them all out. Lay some cardboard or an old sheet on the floor and start pulling out every tool you own and toss them in a pile.

This may be time-consuming but over time you’ll find this will help you greatly! Then place all of the hand tools in one spot, the power tools in another spot and anything that’s considered “seasonal” into a third spot.

Lastly, organize and sort all of the tools based on their tool type. Screwdrivers with screwdrivers wrench with wrenches, etc.

Now that you’ve gotten everything sorted, you’ll need to decide how to put them in place. If you’ll be using your garage, a pegboard is the best and easiest way to organize the large power tools. Smaller tools like hand-tools you’ll want to use a tool bag or toolbox to organize them. Keep everything upright in a tool bag and ensure every tool is always clean before you put it away.

Best way organizing tools for work

The best way of organizing tools for work in your tool bag is to either purchase a tool bag that’s specifically designed to have all of your tools facing upright, or custom design your bag for this. Using a simple PVC pipe, you can cut it into smaller parts of 4-6inches long that will act as additional pockets inside the tool bag. This way everything is organized easy to spot inside.

You also don’t have to carry every tool with you. If there are certain tools that you only end up using once a year, why put it in your tool bag even and instead just keep it in your truck. That one-off instance won’t really be necessary and if you try to plan for every one-off then your tool bag will end up just bogging you down on the work-site. 

You may also want a small compact tool bag that holds the most essential tools and that one goes everywhere with you on the work-site, but then you have another larger tool bag that holds most of the large power tools and the other one-off tools that you only use once in a while.

That secondary tool bag you may carry to the worksite but leave it at the entrance and only go back if you need that one-off tool.

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