10 BEST WET DRY VAC UNDER 100 dollars

10 Best Wet Dry Vac Under $100 – Buying Guide

A wet-dry vacuum is a great tool that can help with many tasks in your housekeeping process. I tested many wet dry vacuums under a 100$ price range (in total about 20 wet-dry vacuums models tested).  When you are ready to buy a cheaper bet best wet-dry vacuum (Under 100$), I can recommend  Vacmaster VBV1210 Wet Dry Vac because of this vacuum cleaner great for dollar value.  

Try to put up a list of messes that are made in a workshop; it is always going to be a long and distinguished one involving sawdust, metal shavings, and occasionally a flooded basement. At work, you cannot always predict the next action, imagine a shattered, full coffee decanter – the only thing standing between this chaos and you are a wet-dry vac.

From huge projects to minor emergencies, the wet-dry vac tackle jobs that other vacuums find difficult. It has a motor separate from the airflow to keep the machine from shorting out like other vacuums when it gets wet.

The uniqueness of the wet-dry vacuum is its ability to perform and remain indestructible when handling the different state of materials in various quantities, whether it is a pile of sawdust or a flooded basement.

Best Wet Dry Vac Under $100

What is a wet-dry vac used for?

To most people, when the wet-dry vacuum comes to mind, the first thing that comes to mind is construction and other intense jobs. But a lot of users have found it to also be quite handy around the house.

You may already own a vacuum cleaner for pets or a pool vacuum; now the wet dry vac can fill up the void. They can be used to clean up spilled liquids or extract water from carpets and as well pick up larger debris without any damage. Better than the regular vacuum can, they are also used for outdoor clean-up or car cleaning.

What is a good wet-dry vac?

As rugged as the appliance sounds, not all are powerful; some best wet dry vacs from this list significantly out-perform others based on quality. A good wet dry vac is designed with a measure of excellent power, usability, and versatility, to withstand harsh situations and make your life a whole lot easier.

Best Wet Dry Vac Under 100$

Without busting your budget, you can get a wet-dry vac under $100 to clean up your home, worksite, and car. If there is ever an appliance homeowner should own, it’s a wet-dry vac. Now, with the description of the vacuum as well as its ability to handle both debris and liquid, you may think, it will involve spending tons of money, but not always. The market is filled with available options that can easily handle most of the jobs.

One of the positive appeals of the wet-dry vac is the versatility and how you change the function with a touch of a button during house maintenance — for instance, switching modes from sucking up dirt to liquids or vice versa.

What is important when picking a wet-dry vac?

Beginning with some basics, the PHP on the wet-dry vac means peak horsepower, which is used to describe the horsepower output of the motor not when it’s in use, and the tank capacity is the actual tank volume, not the space available while using it.

When picking up a vacuum, one of the many qualities you need to consider is the size and buildup. The wet-dry vac comes in a range of sizes, some even up to 20 gallons, but bigger is not always better when it comes to mobility (large volumes are heavy to lift).

Hose size can help! This makes it essential, but the length can also affect the suction level. The buildup also determines the durability and weight; stainless steel vacs are durable but weightier than plastic models.

Short cords will force the use of extension cords, so go for one with a built-in cord reel, which is long enough to meet your aim. And lastly, buying a wet dry vac with onboard storage; it will save you from searching for accessories and attachments when you need them.

Top 10 Best Wet Dry Vac Under $100


Makita XLC02RB1W 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Cordless Vacuum Kit (2.0Ah), 1.3 Pint

The Makita XLC02RB1W Lithium-ion cordless vacuum runs on a powerful 18V motor. It is compact and a powerful solution for fast and effective cleaning of the home and work sites.

The compact size of only 18.75 inches in length makes this versatile appliance useful as a hand vac, or with the floor nozzle extensions for cleaning up floors, carpets and hard to reach places. The package comes with a fast-charging 18-volt compact Lithium-ion battery and a Rapid Optimum Charger to give the user more working time, rather than charging.

To improve the tool’s performance and extend the battery life, Makita created a built-in mechanism called the Star Protection Computer Controls, which allows the device and battery to exchange data in real-time. Star protection invention monitors the condition of the battery during use to protect it against overheating, over-discharging, and overloading.

Also, the Makita XLC02RB1W can be powered by Makita 18 volt LXT and other compact Lithium-ion batteries with a built-in Star Protection mechanism.


  • Fast charging
  • Strong suction
  • Compatible with other Makita batteries with built-in Star Protection mechanism
  • Star Protection Computer Control
  • Robust enough to handle workshop dirt.


  • Short cords
  • No brush tool included
  • Short-run time


Vacmaster VJC507P 5-Gallon* 3 Peak HP** Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum, Blue, 5 gal

Vacmaster VW510 is unlike every other model in its category. It is a wall mount system, ideal for home, basements or worksites. It can be easily detached from the wall for portable cleaning.

The Vacmaster 5 Peak HP wet dry vac has a dual-turbo industrial motor that promises a long life, quiet operation and maximum supply of suction. It features a WiFi remote control on/off switch on its handle to save you the stress and time of waling to the vacuum.

Right with the purchase, you get the tools or accessories for mounting it and every other thing you need for vacuuming. Some of the extras include extension wands, round dust brush, crevice tool, combo floor nozzle with brush, car nozzle, air/noise diffuser, washable cartridge filter, foam sleeve, and accessory caddy and remote control handle

Other parts of this appliance include a 10 feet flex hose, 11 feet standard hose, a 20-foot cord, and onboard storage for all accessories and attachments.


  • Light and portable
  • Easily detaches from the wall
  • Efficient cord wrap when not in use
  • Saves space with wall mount
  • Long hose and power cord
  • Powerful suction
  • Remote switch on the handle


  • No wheels at the bottom of the vacuum
  • WiFi remote tends to turn itself on
  • The several accessories do not fit into the small tool side caddy


DEWALT DXV09P 9 Gallon Poly Wet/Dry Vac, Yellow

DeWalt has made a target towards professional users with a new line of wet dry vac models, starting with DeWalt DXV09P. It comes with a hose diameter of 1-7/8, length of 7 feet, and a 10 feet power cord wrap to assist in reaching the clean-up point.

With a canister size of 9 Gallons, pushing five peak horsepower which is the perfect amount of suction required for most clean up jobs, delivering 90 cubic feet per minute and 70 inches of water lift; the build quality here is a step up above the rest.

The DeWalt 9 Gallon wet dry vac is sturdy and ideal for large pickups. It has a convenient handle for easy pick-ups and ultra-durable swiveling casters for smooth movement in any direction.

For ease of suction, the unit features a built-in blower port enough to blow sawdust and debris from any workshop. The integrated storage bag conveniently attached to the backside of the vac, you can neatly organize your accessories.


  • Great build quality
  • Four casters for easy movement
  • Outstanding hose and cord management
  • Ideal for large pickups


  • Storage pouch does not allow for enough organization
  • More expensive than others some models with the same specs.


Vacmaster VBV1210, 12-Gallon* 5 Peak HP** Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum with Detachable Blower, Blue

With five horsepower, Vacmaster VBV1210 is a reliable wet dry vac with powerful suction. The advantage of the large capacity tank offered by this unit reduces the trips to the deep sink to empty it while working. It is a versatile 2 in 1 tool that can work great as a wet-dry vac and can also be converted to a standalone leaf blower with the press of a button.

Along with the wet-dry vacuum includes on-board accessory storage, a rugged 12-gallon polypropylene tank, extra-large drain for fast emptying and several other accessories that are useful for most vacuuming and blowing applications.

The Vacmaster 12 gallon is perfect for all kinds of cleaning jobs, whether it is draining a clogged sink, vacuuming the car’s upholstery or blowing sawdust off your workbench. It can be assembled in minutes and be easily shifted between modes with a flick on the release button to either produce a powerful suction or intense blowing.


  • Powerful suction
  • Large capacity
  • Large cord and detachable wire
  • Excellent as a standalone blower
  • Comes with diffuser or noise reducer


  • The size makes it difficult to store
  • Does not move lots of air
  • Difficult to remove fine dust or materials from an uneven surface.


Vacmaster Professional - Professional Wet/Dry Vac, 12 Gallon, Beast Series, 5.5 HP 2-1/2' Hose (VJH1211PF0201) , Black

The Vacmaster Professional 5 Gallon is a high-performance wet-dry vac, powered by a 5 Peak Horsepower and designed to tackle the toughest clean-up projects in homes, garages, job sites, or around the shop.

It offers onboard storage for hose, accessories and power cords, for proper organization, and to eliminate unneeded hassles. The 7 ft. a hose as well as the 18 ft. Power cords permit the user to reach further distances without unplugging the unit.

The power can be quickly controlled with large dust sealed on/off switch without in case of emergencies. An addition is that it includes all the necessary accessories for almost all tasks like the kink-resistant premium hose, crevice tool, utility nozzle, car nozzle, fine dust cartridge filter, extension wand, wet foam filter, and air


  • Light and portable polypropylene tank
  • Integrated hose storage
  • Long power cord with storage
  • Powerful suction
  • Easily converts to a blower


  • No wheels at the bottom of the vacuum
  • Does not move lots of air


Vacmaster, VQ607SFD, 6 Gallon 3 Peak HP Stainless Steel Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum

Vacmaster VQ607SFD is a 6 Gallon wet dry vac made of Stainless Steel to be ultra-lightweight, portable and powerful. It has a professional look and is rugged enough to meet the demand for cleaning jobs in homes, garages, and offices.

The powerful three Peak Horsepower motor with a large tank size of 6 gallons delivers the suction necessary for all household projects. VQ607SFD is a great model, and if you want a Vacmaster product that offers a bit more than the others at an affordable price.

It has adequate power at the nozzle end with enough accessories to make the unit versatile for cleaning jobs, but if you have to deal with a regularly flooded basement, you may prefer to spend more on a more powerful vac.

The kit comes with the wet-dry vac, replacement filters, air control or control handle, two extension wands, dust bag, cartridge filter, reusable foam sleeve, crevice tool, round dust brush, multi-surface floor nozzle, and a 2-in-1 utility nozzle.


  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Good suction at the nozzle end
  • Quiet operation
  • Great for dollar value


  • Not powerful enough for regular and intense work.


Vacmaster 4 Gallon, 5 Peak HP with 2-Stage Industrial Motor Wet/Dry Floor Vacuum, VF408, Blue

Vacmaster 4 Gallon is a powerful floor vacuum with a 2-stage industrial motor to keep it quieter, long-lasting and provide more excellent suction than other regular wet dry vacs. It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use with awesome features like automatic cord rewind, onboard accessory storage, triple filtration, and a large dust-seal on/off switch.

At five peak Horsepower motor, the Vacmaster 4 Gallon to enable it to perform the expected tasks. The sturdy unit has a nice long cord to reach across big room and wheels rolls to enhance the mobility and make it easy to maneuver.

It is proficient having three filters, one along with a bag, mid filter and HEPA at the bottom of the machine. Sealed from the upper part of the motor to the end of the bucket, the suction is exceptionally reliable and suitable for vehicle cleaning.

The machine comes with all the necessary parts you need for different tasks, including three extension wands, 2-in-1 utility nozzle, crevice tools, and dust brush.


  • Quiet operation
  • Extra-long and retractable power cord
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Strong suction
  • 2-in-1 functionality
  • The HEPA filter and eight other cleaning accessories
  • High wet and dry cleaning performance
  • Onboard storage


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Hose and attachment are not wide enough


STANLEY SL18115 Wet/Dry Vacuum, 4 Horsepower, Stainless Steel Tank, 5 Gallon, 4.0 HP, 50' Sealed Pressure, Silver+Yellow

Powered by an excellent motor, Stanley SL18115 5-Gallon wet dry vac has a leading performance and provides maximum suction power for heavy-duty tasks. It functions for both damp and dry pickups.

It is designed with great wet dry vac with durable handle for easy carrying, and an extensive water-resistant on/off switch for quick and safe access. For convenience, the Stanley SL18115 has a built-in power cord wrap and the ability to provide superior performance in any environment.

With a portable 5 Gallon steel container, four peak Horsepower and airflow of 85 Cubic feet per minute Stanley SL18115 makes short work of the tough jobs and saves you time and effort. Draining after picking up liquid is made easy with the built-in tank.

The kit comes with a 5-foot hose, two extension wands, gulper nozzle, crevice nozzle, foam filter, floor brush, cloth bag with a clamp ring, and a dust bag. Another mentionable feature is the rear blower port and the accessory storage swiveling casters to keep the items organized and give ease of movement in any direction.


  • Lightweight and portable steel tank
  • Easy to dump out and clean after
  • Convenient handle
  • Powerful suction


  • Small hose
  • Deflector inside the canister clog with small pieces of dirty during use.


Vacmaster, VP205, 2.5 Gallon 2 Peak HP Portable Wet/Dry Shop Vacuum, Blue

Coming with a 2 Peak HP motor, the Vacmaster VP205 is useful for small tasks at home, offices or worksites. It is incredibly portable and convenient to be moved from one place to another without problems of overweight.

A unit is a 2-in-1 tool that can also function as a blower to clean unwanted debris or inflate beds and pool toys. It has a 2.5-gallon polypropylene tank to retain both liquid and dependable pickups.

Even with the small-sized tank, there is no need to fear overflow; it has an inbuilt Auto Shut Off when the tank is full. Some of the features include an 8 feet cord with cord wrap, 4 feet hose, 2-in-1 utility nozzle, crevice tool, reusable cloth filter, and foam sleeve filter.

The appliance also comes with onboard accessory storage to put all the needed attachments in place.


  • 8 feet cord with cord wrap
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to carry
  • 2-in-1 functionality
  • High wet and dry cleaning performance
  • Onboard storage


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Not powerful enough for regular and intense work.


Wet/Dry Vacuum, 2.0 HP, 1-1/2gal, 7.4A, 60Hz

At 2.0 peak Horsepower with quiet operation, the Shop-Vac 5895100 wet dry vac can handle most small tasks. The tank is dent and rust-resistant with a compact size of only 1.5 Gallons. To prevent overflow during wet pickups, an automatic float shut-off turns off the engine when the tank is filled.

The Shop-Vac wet dry vac is manufactured in Switzerland can be used for different applications, including shops and homes. There are a top and side tank handle with dual-wheel hooded casters for easy mobility.

To meet most users’ requirements, the 18 feet power cord reduces the need to move to different positions while vacuuming. It comes with a wall mount bracket store the machine out of the way.

The kit includes 7 feet and 1.25 diameter fit hose, two extension wands, crevice tool, dual surface floor nozzle, gulper nozzle, foam sleeve, round brush, collection filter bag, and wall mount bracket.


  • 18 feet cord
  • Portable, lightweight and easy to carry
  • Quiet operation
  • High wet and dry cleaning performance
  • Wheel hooded casters for easy mobility


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Not powerful enough for regular and intense work.

Best Wet Dry Vac Under $100 Buying Guide

We have mentioned the top ten wet dry vacs under $100, but to keep your decisions intact, there are individual specifications that even vacuum feature, which could mean favorable or contrary to any buyer. We would discuss a few criteria you should keep in mind when making a purchase.


The weight of your wet-dry vac, strongly determines the amount of work you can do with it, so some of the questions you may want to ask yourself before buying would be – do you need one light enough to be carried around when you have to work on multiple floors? Is your plan to work in only one ample space where you can just get a bigger sized one and roll it around?

Clean Tank Capacity

Wet-dry vacs have dirty containers called the tanks, which is why they are always more significant than the average household vacuums. The tank size also determines the weight of the entire unit. They are sized in a range of gallons, so think about the type of job you plan to do, it should determine the tank capacity.

Cord Length

If you pick a corded tool, then the cord length is a big concern. The length of the power cord has a great impact on your mobility and convenience while working. Cords that are so short would force you to always unplug and replug to reach certain areas. But it may not be so much of a problem if you have reliable extension cords.


The hose size plays a significant role in any vacuum, most notably in a wet-dry vacuum. The hose can be measured both by its length and its diameter, and asides from the power cord length, a longer hose would help you reach certain distances without having to move the whole machine around, particularly when you have a large or full tank. You should also note that longer hoses also reduce the suction.


Wet-dry vacs also need filters to prevent dust, debris, dirt and other particles from leaving the vac just the same way regular vacuum cleaners do. Experienced users recommend going for the ones with pleated filters since they are less prone to leaks and can be easily replaced. Some wet dry vacs offer HEPA filters, which are useful for allergy situations.

Power Source

If your vacuum cannot pick up what is on the ground, then it is useless. The power of the unit is measured in Horsepower, and it tells a lot about the strength of the motor, level of suction, and the overall cleaning performance of the vacuum. The power level greatly determines if you can use the machine for small or larger projects.

Included Components

Most wet dry vacs come with a selection of additional cleaning tools to assist the tasks. Some of these attachments consist of specialized nozzles and dusting brushes. These components have a way of increasing the versatility of the machine, making it great for cleaning different rooms and surfaces. To easily access them, some vacs are designed with brackets to hold these accessories and extensions.

Floor Nozzle

The floor nozzles are special attachments that increase the convenience of the clean-up process. Most wet dry vacs come with utility nozzles to pick up large debris and crevice nozzle to clean up tight spots. Some have inserts for dusting brushes and come with a special nozzle for car interiors.

Extension Wands

Some are packaged with one extension wand, some two, others three. The extension wand is another attachment to help the convenience of the tool. Long extension wands reduce the need for the user to stoop or kneel while vacuuming. And just like the hose length, long ones can also reduce the suction.

Key Feature

One of the key features to check out when buying a wet-dry vac is the width of the hose, especially if you need to pick up a lot of debris. Other features are crush resistant, hose locks to keep it locked on the vacuum, and maneuverability since it could be annoying when the hose gets caught under the furniture.


Conditions for getting any appliance is mainly circled around your goal for it (large or small projects), how far and often you want to use it, and where you aim to store it. The purpose of the purchase is the most critical factor to consider before taking any step.

Noise level

Worksites, larger or more remote properties may be used to coping with noise, but when you are carrying out cleaning exercises or maintenance work in an apartment, the noise level is essential. There are wet-dry vacs equipped with noise control technologies to reduce the noise from the vacuum cleaner.


Changing the filters is important when switching modes for proper management of the appliance.  Also use a paper filter when dealing with dust, trash, and other debris, and use a foam filter when picking up water or other liquids. Empty the inner bucket and hose after vacuuming up liquid to avoid the buildup of stagnant water and keep the wet dry vac ready for next time.


To be safer than sorry, it is best to get a wet-dry vacuum with a decent warranty. The warranty should be well thought of; it tells a lot about the manufacturer’s confidence in its product. Well-known brands have a limited warranty of between two to five years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a wet-dry vacuum (vac) cleaner good for dust?

Being a wet-dry vacuum with a tank does not leave the machine as a device exclusively for picking up liquid or large objects; they are also useful for vacuuming dirt, debris, and dust from any surface. The wet-dry vac has more suction than regular vacuum cleaners and feature filters capable of catching dust while you clean.

Wet dry vac what does it do?

Wet Dry Vacs or Shop Vacs like some industries call them are cleaning up workhorses from sawdust in a workshop to an overflowing bathtub in the home. The Wet Dry Vacuum is versatile and can make easy work of a tough mess from inside the house to the car or the job site. Well, they may not be as portable or as powerful as job site extractors, but the vacs are capable and much less cheap.

What does wet dry vac do?

Wet-dry vacs are powerful devices with the ability to remove trash in both liquid and solid states like debris, dirt, or dust. They are used to clean up almost all types of mess imaginable. The device is popularly used for clean-ups in construction areas and environments where the regular vacuum cleaners or brooms would not be efficient or practical.

What is a wet-dry vac used for?

Vacuuming stains from carpets, picking up animal hairs off furniture, sucking up overflowing water in the basement, cleaning up ash from the fireplace, cleaning the interior of a car or boat, picking up sawdust from renovation site – these are some of the uses of the wet-dry vac. Others can be draining flooded dishwashers or clothes washers, inflating tubes or toys, and blowing away leaves or debris from a garden.

What is a wet-dry vacuum cleaner?

A wet-dry vacuum cleaner is a machine looking so similar to the regular vacuum cleaner but with specific differences like a larger upright store container of the tank, the stronger motor with powerful suction and more heavy-duty hoses to perform tasks like vacuuming dust, dirt, debris, and liquid substances from any surface. They can provide suction, not only for dry materials but also for contents in the liquid state.

What is the best wet dry vac?

Ordinarily, we would say the best wet dry vac is the one best suited for the task you plan to do with it, but the best vacuums should offer you long hoses, different extension tools and power cords that extend appropriately and can be locked. You can go for Vacmaster 12 Gallon.

What is the most powerful (strongest) wet dry vac?

From our reviews on wet dry vacs, our pick for the most powerful vacuum cleaner is the Vacmaster 12 Gallon model. Vacmaster is versatile, reliable, and one of the most popularly known wet dry vacs in the power tool industry.

What size wet dry vac do I need?

The size of the wet-dry vac is a critical determinant of the price, but conditions are guiding the size you need. The size of the vac should equivalently match the power ratio of the power tool. Most importantly, the volume should be suited for the task you are carrying out.

What size wet dry vac is most useful?

Averagely, the wet-dry vacs come in several sizes measured in gallons, but a big tank can also be helpful if you are vacuuming a lot. The thing about tank sizes is that they can be a concern when you have to move or store the machine. The best decision to make is one with an appropriate size for the needed task.

Why is my new wet dry shop vac overheating?

Depending on the use, you may have to run the wet dry vac for an extended period continuously and as durable as the wet-dry vac, with age and excessive use, the motor becomes hotter and hotter and can eventually result in overheating. Many times the result is temporary, but the best way to manage an overheating wet-dry shop vac is by proper maintenance and monitoring.

Why is sand in my wet/dry vac?

The function of the filter of the wet-dry vac is to prevent sand and other debris from entering into the power tool. It is valid to use a filter for vacuuming. When you have sand in your vacuum cleaner, unscrew the filter and inspect it, if it shows signs of wear and tears then it should be replaced.

Why to put a filter in wet dry vac?

Using a filter for a wet-dry vac all comes down to what you plan to do with it. If you aim for the vac is exclusively to pick up large objects, not fine particles, the filter may not necessarily be needed. Wet-dry vacs come with different filters; you should use a dust filter that can trap tiny particles for fine materials like sawdust or ash. Some models come with a pleated cartridge filter, which is the best.

Why two holes in a wet-dry vac?

The extra hole in the wet-dry vac is the blower port, where you can connect your hose and use the power tool as a blower to move leaves or grass clippings from the sidewalk. Some models of vacuums have the blower ports open without a cap, which is not a problem as long as you know the function of both holes.

Why use the wet filter for wet dry vac?

There are filters available for different purposes, and since the wet dry vac is targeted towards picking up both liquid and dry materials, a wet filter or foam sleeve is perfect. The foam sleeve filter stops the debris in the water from getting into the motor. But you should also note that the foam sleeve is not available for all models.

Why won’t my wet/dry vac suck water?

Several reasons why a wet/dry vac won’t suck water, one is a clogged air filter or exhaust filter – which you can sort out after you refer to the owner’s manual. Another is the vacuum hose, try to set it out to be straight, and you can also check it out with a flashlight to see that it is not clogged.

Conclusion and best pick 

Irrespective of their sizes, the wet-dry vacuums are cherished long term investments that offer utmost performance when dealing with picking up both liquid and dry materials from surfaces. As long as you make the right choice of vacuum cleaner suiting your purpose, you would realize their usefulness in houses, offices, worksites, garages, workshops, and also for cleaning up car interiors.

Some important factors, buyers fail to consider when getting the power tool are how long the power cord is, the weight of the tank they can carry, how sturdy the hose is, their budget and the aim of use.The best pick should be easy to set up, store and operate, provide good suction power to meet up with almost any task, take a beating and continue working, and anyone of the wet-dry vacs from our review would not be a wrong choice of you have nailed your budget to $100.

But after going through the details of several models, we have chosen Vacmaster VBV1210 as our best pick for its ability to do the very basic required job, which is delivering powerful suction.

Vacmaster 12 Gallon is effective, delivers a reliable cleaning performance, useful with good value, an absolute bargain for the price and can be a solution to cleaning up every type of mess around the home on a daily base.

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