Fluke 323 VS 324 – Clamp Meter Comparison Guide

FLUKE 323 VS 324

Just like the multimeters, Clamp meters are also measuring instruments, although they are different. They are built-in clamp and are used mostly by electricians. The clamp meter function also as multimeters, it can take measurements of voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, conductance, inductance, temperature, and some can also measure duty cycle, decibels, and frequencies. Even though […]

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Innova Multimeter Comparison – Which Multimeter Should You Buy?


It can be tough to pick out one multimeter among many multimeters on the market, especially if you are interested in one brand in particular. But, if that brand is Innova, you have come to the right place. I will pick one multimeter per low and medium price range and write about what makes them […]

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Cheap Multimeter vs Expensive One?


There are many different types of multimeters on the market and it can often be very difficult to determine which one is best for you. The biggest challenge can often be knowing why the prices can often be drastically different from as low as $20 to up to $500. The question becomes why would you […]

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Clamp Meter VS Multimeter? Which one should I buy?


If you are not into DIY or if you are considering buying the first meter you probably saw a multimeter and a clamp meter online and started wondering what’s the difference. And you are not alone. Almost everyone is confused by this when they first start with DIY work. I was also confused by this and I […]

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Klein Multimeter Comparison – Which Klein Multimeter Should You Buy?

Klein Multimeter Comparison

Like most other electronic tools, multimeters have one brand name that always comes to mind first. But that doesn’t mean you have other choices. For some, these alternatives might just be what they are looking for. So if you’re in the market for a digital multimeter and you want to find a brand that’s not […]

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Fluke 117 VS Fluke 87 – Multimeter Comparison Guide


If you are reading this review, then it is safe to assume you know a few things about the multimeter, but if you don’t, I would explain. With a multimeter device, you can troubleshoot your vehicles and household appliances, by measuring their voltage, current, and resistance. For this review, we would be comparing the Fluke 117 […]

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Fluke 115 vs Fluke 87V – Which One Should You Buy?


Fluke 115 is professional digital multimeter designed for general purpose electronical work. Fluke 87 V is a high grade professional multimeter designed for high grade industrial work. Both of these products aim at professionals, the only difference is in the amount of work required, as industrial multimeters are obviously going to be used a lot more.

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Fluke 101 vs Fluke 107 – Digital Multimeter Comparison


Fluke 101 and Fluke 107 are digital multimeters from the 10* series. They are intended for use by beginners or for use as backup multimeters for professionals. If used in a way described in the previous sentence, they will do their job nicely.

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Fluke Multimeter Comparison – The 110 Series Models Review

Fluke Multimeter Comparison: the 110 series model review

In the world of digital multimeters, Fluke is the uncontested champion of quality and durability. When you buy a Fluke, you can safely assume it needs a place in your will. But not all digital multimeters are the same, even when they come from the same brand. One of Fluke’s latest introductions is the 110-series, […]

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Innova 3340 vs Fluke 115 – Digital Multimeter Comparison

Innova 3340 vs Fluke 115 comparison

In this article, we will have a look at two digital multimeters that have made quite a name for themselves. I am comparing the Innova 3340 with the Fluke 115, two multimeters that are a proven success in their respective fields. People looking for a digital multimeter often have specific needs in mind. They’re looking […]

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