Siglent SDS1052dl review

Siglent SDS1052dl Review

The Siglent SDS1052dl is one of the most popular oscilloscope models since its introduction in early 2012. Part of its popularity can be explained by the general-purpose functions of this scope. But appealing to a broad audience alone doesn’t explain popularity, especially with measurement tools. The quality of measurements should always be the main reason …

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Rigol DS1054z review

Rigol DS1054z Review

Want to know more about Rigol DS1054z digital oscilloscope? You’ve come to the right place. We have tested this oscilloscope and it certainly does live up to expectations. Long story short, if you are looking for a good oscilloscope for an affordable price, this is the oscilloscope for you. Since this is an oscilloscope with a lot of …

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DeWalt DW511 Review

DeWalt DW511 is a corded hammer drill designed and manufactured by the renowned DeWalt Company. This model is on the market for at least a decade. This means that the manufacturer has had some time to receive user feedback and incorporate it into the design to improve this drill. Who was DeWalt DW511 drill designed for? Since this is …

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Fieldpiece HS33 Review

Fieldpiece is a company that makes tools specifically for HVAC professionals. One of the tools that HVAC technicians cannot live without is their multimeter, and that’s why Fieldpiece offers the HS33. This digital multimeter is specifically designed for HVAC technicians and the most basic model out of the Fieldpiece HS range. But if you’re looking for …

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