Dewalt DCK240C2 vs DCK280C2 vs DCK285C2 Review & Comparison

To a DIYer hobbyist, furniture maker or construction worker, the best investment is a power tool combo pack. Imagine having a single purchase for an impact driver and drill combo you can clip to your belt for performing a wide range of task instead of bothering about separately getting multiple tools. Some of the functions involve tightening or loosening screws, boring holes or chiseling materials away.

Amidst other producers in the power tool industry, Dewalt is a trusted and most popular name. With over 90 years in the market, they have produced and innovated new products that continuously meet the needs of their customers. Dewalt promises 90-days money back satisfaction guarantee when there is a problem with the tool, one-year free service contract, and then a three-year limited warranty.

Most of the well-known products from Dewalt is the cordless drill and driver collection. There are many power tool models to choose from, and even if the brand offers high quality and high performing products, you would always prefer one to another.

If you have narrowed your choices to Dewalt DCK240C2, DCK280C2 and DCK285C2 combo kits then you are on the right track. Even though these devices have the same impact driver, they are accompanied with different drill and accessories.

Review and Comparison

To assist you in selecting the specific Dewalt cordless drill and driver combo that best suits your function, we would be reviewing and comparing each model; we would also focus on some of their benefits and the not so beneficial features.

Dewalt DCK240C2 Review

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill and Impact Driver, Power Tool Combo Kit with 2 Batteries and Charger (DCK240C2)

At a glance at the DCK240C2, you would notice that it is a combination of DCD771 compact drill and DCF885 impact driver. If you have basic knowledge of power tools, you would admit that this is a lot of strength put together in a small package.

Some of the benefits of this drill are the versatile two-speed option that produces up to 450 RPM with a maximum RPM of 1500, 300 watts of power, a driver pack strength of 117 in-lbs, and 16 clutch settings to give the operator freedom to choose the appropriate torque for different tasks. The accompanied drill does not come with a hammer drill feature, which already excuses it from performing heavy duty jobs.

Although this product has no problem with assisting house repairs, or basic carpentry works such as assembling cabinets, fixing shelves and installing curtains, you should note that this is not the exact package you want to get for heavy tasking function. But they have enough power and speed to do most of the required drilling and driving work.

These devices are built to be compact and lightweight (both weighing only 9.1 pounds), to be used to reach difficult angles that heavier tools would not. They also have ergonomically designed bodies and a durable rubber handle for a safe grip while operating.

For those hard to reach corners and poorly lit work site, this combo pack is your best bet. Both DCF885 and DCD771 have LED lights for those poorly lit work areas, but when the drill is not in use, the light automatically powers down.

Dewalt DCK240C2 is a complete practical kit that you can have at home. Apart from the DCD771 cordless drill and DCF885 impact driver, the pack also consist of two 1.3Ah rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, a maximal charger and a carrying bag to house it all.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Impact driver provides 117 in.lbs of max power
  • Compact drill offers 300 UWO of power
  • Lithium-ion batteries assure longer life
  • Easy to use chuck
  • Variable speed option for the compact drill
  • Both tools use brushless motors
  • Both are equipped with LED lights
  • Affordable price


  • The drill lacks the hammer feature
    • The charger takes about an hour to recharge batteries.

Dewalt DCK280C2 Review

DEWALT (DCK280C2) 20V MAX Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit

A complete everyday necessity for both DIY enthusiast, carpenters, plumbers and contractors, the Dewalt DCK280C2 combo kit comes with a DCD780 drill and the DCF885 impact driver. These devices are packed with enough power, speed and useful features that can be used on a wide range of drilling and driving operations.

Slightly powerful than the previous kit, the DCD780 drill has an upgraded two-speed setting for 600 RPM and maximum RPM of 2000 with 350-watt strength. The impact drill, on the other hand, has maximum RPM of 2800 to give additional speed and enough power to ease steelworks or plumbing jobs amidst other wide range of uses.

You can determine how much torque you want to deliver with the 15 different clutch settings ranging from 200 inch-pounds to 530 inch-pounds. When you want to drill holes or drive screws into dense materials, the DCD780 drill/driver has a large chuck to allow you place heavy-duty bits.

It is built with an aerodynamic design and lights to enable the operator to use the tool anywhere even in challenging situations. 

Priced at around $200, Dewalt has offered their consumers what they want in a combo kit. With a DCF885 impact driver and a DCD780 driver/drill, you also get a fast charger, two 1.5Ah 20-volt lithium-ion batteries, a carrying bag, two belt hooks, and a bit holder; we can rate this combo kit as reasonably affordable.

Just like other Dewalt power tools, the DCK280C2 is has a compact and lightweight build-up to allow for easy transportation everywhere and through tight spaces. Both devices also feature three a 20-second delay LED light to lets you use them in dimly lit places.

In case there is any problem with the package, Dewalt offers a 90-day money back guarantee, one-year free service warranty and three-year limited warranty on the DCK280C2 at any accredited center.


  • Drill delivers torque power of up to 350 UWO
  • Impact driver offers 1,400 maximum torque
  • Both are equipped with LED lights
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Uses Energy Star qualified charger
  • Built with extra strength and speed
  • Comes with two belt hooks


  • More expensive than other combo kits on the market
  • Batteries have a short run time

Dewalt DCK285C2 Review

DEWALT DCK285C2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Compact 1.5 Ah Hammer Drill and Impact Combo Kit

As a workshop owner, you might think the DCK280C2 has all the needed accessories that you can dream about, but DCK285C2 comes with more extras. The DCK285C2 combo kit consists of a DCF885 impact driver, a DCD785 ½ inch hammer drill, two 1.5Ah 2-volt max lithium-ion batteries, a 30 minutes fast charger, two belt hooks, a bit-tip holder, and a hard plastic carrying and storage case.

For flexibility, the drill has a variable speed transmission of 0-600 RPM and 0-2000 RPM for both low and high speed respectively, with 14 other clutch settings. To withstand the high torque of the drill and give a better confident grip on the bit during use, the ratcheting chuck has carbide insert.

Different from the drills in the other combo kits, it has a hammer feature to perform those drilling task through concrete and bricks during a project. Additionally, it also has a lightweight of 3.5 pounds and compact size measuring only 7.95 inches in width.

Dewalt DCK285C2 has a sturdy design which makes it suitable and reliable for handling almost any drilling or driving task that you bring to it. It is built with the excellent features and durable, high-quality materials to serve you for years continuously.

The handle is made with a soft grip and a two finger trigger for comfort and better control of the device. The DCK285C2 a kit you would love to own, it is easy to use and has a power rating or 350 UWO, it is also rated for 34,000 beats per minute. The rapid charger takes only 30 minutes to get refilled, so you can be sure to have an uninterrupted work session.


  • Made with heavy-duty construction materials
  • Easy to operate
  • Kitbag for convenient storage.
  • Two-speed range or drilling operations
  • Made in the USA
  • Drill delivers torque power of up to 350 UWO
  • Built with extra strength and speed
  • Comes with two belt hooks


  • The impact driver gives a burning rubber small during usage.

Wrap up

Rather than just going for any brand name, every DIYer has reasons for staying loyal to a particular brand. Most Dewalt products are built with amazing torque, strength, and durability, but what separates them is their unique advantage.

Although there are different Dewalt products to pick from, when choosing the model to buy, the factors to consider including the price and a lot more, but your major consideration is the specific reason you need the tool.

Even if the Dewalt DCK240C2, DCK280C2, and DCK285C2 are equally efficient, when you need a combo kit with maximum flexibility to perform medium works, you should consider DCK240C2.

For more force with the lightest of weight, and enough power, go for the DCK280C2 pack. And lastly, the DCK285C2 which we consider the winner for this review has the hammer drill feature for handling concrete and tougher materials.

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