DeWalt DW511 Review

DeWalt DW511 is a corded hammer drill designed and manufactured by the renowned DeWalt Company. This model is on the market for at least a decade. This means that the manufacturer has had some time to receive user feedback and incorporate it into the design to improve this drill.

Who was DeWalt DW511 drill designed for?

Since this is a corded drill, it was primarily designed for people that work on construction sites and do heavy work. You can use this drill for work at your home too, but there are models that were designed specifically for the purpose of doing work at your home, that will suit you better.

DeWalt DW511 comes with a wide range of features that make it accessible for use by workers of various occupations. However, I believe that this drill will be used the most by electricians when they need to tear parts of a wall down to insert cables and by plumbers when installing the pipes due to its very powerful hammer drill function that makes the work described here a lot less difficult.

Is DeWalt DW511 drill shipped with additional equipment?

Yes, it is, however, you shouldn’t expect anything special. That being said, I believe that the additional equipment that comes with this drill will help you greatly if you decide to use it.

DeWalt DW511 is shipped with a manual, a handle and a rod to make it easier to position the drill when accuracy is needed. It is a common practice to ship some drills in or with the hard case, but you shouldn’t expect something like that in this case.

DeWalt DW511 was designed for experienced users. Since most of them already have a case, this is the reason why this drill isn’t shipped with one. If you don’t have a case for this drill, I highly recommend that you get one because you might need it in the case that you need to move the drill.

DeWalt DW511 Review


DEWALT Hammer Drill, 1/2-Inch, 7.8-Amp (DW511)

What makes the Dewalt DW511 truly special is the sheer number of features that were packed into this drill. And all of them work like a charm.

  • DeWalt DW511 has a variable speed feature. Speed is controlled by pressing the trigger more or less firmly.
  • It goes without saying that the drill that is a product of hours and hours of work has a reversible speed. You can control the reversed speed by pressure on the trigger too.
  • One more excellent feature that this drill has is the option to choose between two work modes: hammer drill or drill. This makes it an excellent choice for a professional that needs to tear down a part of a wall or even entire walls and to drill holes for screws without having to carry two different drills.
  • DeWalt DW511 is a drill designed to be lighter than other drills. Unlike other drills that are lighter ten to fifteen percent, the DeWalt DW511 feels like you are holding a feather in your hands. Literally. The handle is made from textured rubber that is easy to hold while working. The rubber ensures that you always have a firm grip and the rod works like a charm.

DeWalt DW511 Buying Guide

Is this drill built from the quality material?

Yes, it is. That is the case with all drills from this price range, but if you factor in the fact that this drill carries the DeWalt name, you can be confident that it is really a high-quality drill. Let me describe this drill to you.

The trigger is made from firm plastic covered with a small layer of rubber to ensure that you always have your finger on the trigger when you want to, regardless of sweat, water, dust or any other environmental factor in your workplace.

The main handle is made from high quality, firm plastic and the back of it is covered with rubber. Although there are no contours for your hand, you won’t have any trouble holding the handle because the plastic itself isn’t slippery even when wet, and the rubber on the back will provide an additional layer of firmness to an already firm grip.

Safety button is positioned beneath the trigger and it is very easy to access and control with the middle finger. It is positioned in such a way that you won’t get in the way when you are drilling, but you will be able to slide it easily if you want to.

Secondary handle is easy to hold regardless if you have large or small hands. It is also covered with rubber so you will be able to hold it well if you need to.

A body of the drill is made from a high-quality hard plastic that is almost impossible to break.

DeWalt DW511 isn’t as bulky as other drills are, so you can theoretically maneuver with it in tight spaces, but the fact that this is a corded drill and that you have a wire that you need to drag along with you might make this task a little more difficult than it might seem at first glance.

How do I use DeWalt DW511?

DeWalt DW511 is used like any other drill. All the buttons are positioned ergonomically and the design is intuitive. Everything is where it should be and where it is on other drills.

Ratchet is harder to open when compared to other drills, but that is a huge plus if you ask me because it drastically reduces the chance that the drilling rod will fall out of the ratchet when you are drilling. This also makes it possible to work easier with material that is tougher than others.

Download DeWalt DW511 Drill User Manual -- Here!

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