Dewalt DWD112 Review

In the world of tools, there are a few brands that matter. These brands have fans, and these fans become like truck owners. Brand-loyal and suspicious of any of the other brands. So when a drill can make fans switch brands, you know something special is going on. The Dewalt DWD112 is a special drill, alright. Although it seems a run-of-the-mill tool, the specific performances leave people excited.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what excited people about the Dewalt DWD112. We’ll look at the key features of this drill, its standard features and take an in-depth look into what could make the DWD112 even better.

Who is the Dewalt DWD112 for?

The Dewalt DWD112 is perfect for anyone who needs a solid corded drill. Corded drills are made for people who drill a lot of holes and can’t afford the loss of torque that inevitably comes with a battery-powered drill. At just over 4 lbs., it feels like a power tool, even though it is priced very affordable even for the casual DIY-er.

The 8-amp motor ensures that the DeWalt doesn’t just feel like a power tool, but also works like one. Although it lacks the punch of a hammer drill or industrial tool, the DWD112 can do all the heavy-duty jobs you’ll find around the house. Its ease of use is another factor that makes the Dewalt DWD112 the perfect drill for a casual (or more serious) DIY-er. Like most hand-held drills, the speed of the drill is easily adjustable by squeezing the trigger harder.

What’s included with the Dewalt DWD112

The Dewalt comes as is. To get the most out of this drill, you’ll want to add at least one set of drill bits and/or screwdriver bits.  A carrying case can also be bought separately. You can chose a soft carrying bag or the hard plastic case.

Dewalt DWD112 Reviews


DEWALT DWD112 8A 3/8' VSR Pistol-Grip Drill

heavy one. Its core feature of drilling and screwing is also unremarkable, but when we take a closer look at how the DeWalt DWD112 works in practice, it’s easy to see why this particular drill is so popular.

First of all, as we mentioned above, the 8-amp motor gives this drill a little more punch than you’d expect for the price. What is even more surprising is the precision with which you can unleash this power. The so-called VSR trigger has an unmatched precision, so you can adjust the speed from 0-2,500 RPM more exact than you’re used to. As you can imagine, a trigger this sensitive takes some getting used to, but once you’re more familiar with the DWD112, the precision offered by this drill makes a very versatile drill.

As a side note, some people have found the trigger to be too sensitive. We didn’t think so when we tried the drill ourselves, but to some it was the only downside to the DeWalt.

The 3/8” all-metal keyless chuck makes sure your drill bit stays in place, even when doing the toughest of jobs. For a lot of people, an all-metal chuck makes a big difference and even for those who’ll say it doesn’t matter, an all-metal chuck feels like the heavy-duty option.

Because it is made with an all ball-bearing construction, the quality isn’t just guaranteed, but you can also expect to use this tool for years to come. And as a last small feature, the built-in level can make sure that your holes and screw all go in neatly. While we found ourselves not using it once, we still liked the feature and can imagine it’s a great option for some.

Dewalt DWD112 Buying Guide

How to get the most out of the DeWalt DWD112

To get the most out of the DeWalt DWD112, you need to be looking for a corded drill with power that offers a blend of precision and power for a variety of materials you find around the home. If you’re regularly using a drill and don’t want to be looking for a power supply all the time, you’re stuck with battery-powered drills (and you won’t find battery-powered drills with this power in this price range).

On the other hand, if you never need the precision that the DeWalt can offer, you may be interested in another drill that offers a slightly different set of features. While the DeWalt is a great buy, its chuck is somewhat limited. Someone might want to switch out precision for a wider variety of drill bits.

Alternatives for the DeWalt DWD112

Within the DeWalt family, the DeWalt DWE1014 makes a good alternative. It differs just enough from the DeWalt DWD112 to be a completely different option, while costing just about the same and offering similar features.

Key differences include a keyed chuck instead of the keyless chuck from the DWD112, a slightly less powerful 7-amp motor and a higher top speed at 2,800 RPM. Read more about this drill on

A completely different option would be the SKIL 6335-02 (see on This relatively unknown brand offers nearly the same experience as the DWD112, but with a slightly lower grade on every feature. It’s not the power tool in disguise that the DeWalt turns out to be, but a good option for someone who doesn’t need the power and precision from the DWD112.

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