Extech EX330 Review

If you are experienced you should get this multimeter because it is an excellent backup in the case that your primary multimeter fails.

If you are new and you haven’t owned any multimeters yet, you should get this multimeter. It is an excellent choice for you to start with.

Many models of multimeters exist. It shouldn’t be surprising then that prices of multimeters can vary significantly. Most diverse area in this price range is the area aimed at newcomers and beginners who have not owned a multimeter yet. It can be really difficult for an experienced person to pick out the multimeter that is best for him or her, let alone for an inexperienced newcomer who wants to buy his first multimeter for use.

Extech EX330 is the multimeter from this price range. Extech EX330 is not aimed just at beginners. Although excellent for newcomers, this multimeter will prove to be very useful for a more experienced user who is looking for a quality and affordable product. This multimeter can also be useful for HVAC professionals that are just beginning to work in their trade because it has the ability to measure temperature and thermal probes come with it.

Extech EX330 Review

Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter with NCV and Type K Temperature, orange and green


The package contains multimeter test leads, thermal probes, dust protection caps, caps that improve physical precision while measuring and an instructional DVD.


The outside of this multimeter is enveloped by a thick layer of rubber. The rubber is thick enough to protect the multimeter from falls but the kickstand on the back is not of good quality and compromises the fall protection of this multimeter.

The casing is made of not so thick plastic but it doesn’t matter because of the rubber protection on the outside.

Extech EX330 is CAT III 600V and CAT II 1000V certified.

In order to access the battery and fuse compartment you will need to remove the rubber envelope that protects the multimeter from falls and unscrew the lid. Once you do that you will see that Extech EX330 has two fuses. That is excellent because most of the multimeters in this price range have only one fuse slot. The quality of the fuses could be a lot better.

If you decide to buy this multimeter get new fuses as soon as possible.


This multimeter has an autorange feature that can be toogled manually.


Extech EX330 can be used to measure microamps, miliamps, resistance, continuity, capacitance, AC/DC voltages and temperature.
Unfortunately, this multimeter does not have any type of back light. Luckily, that will not be a problem for users due to Extech EX330’s compact size that enables the user to light the multimeter up with a flashlight. 


On the front of this multimeter is a huge yellow button that says ‘NCV‘. ‘NCV’ stands for non contact voltage measurment. It is very neat that a multimeter of this approachable price contains both the non contact voltage measurement and the standard ability to measure voltage. The multimeter signals that it detects voltage by lighthing up the light at the top.

The continuity tester could be a lot better. The responsiveness is not very fast and the sound that comes out of the speaker sounds weak but the continuity tester itself works well.


This multimeter has three holes for the multimeter test leads. Holes are for 10A range, common jack and the hole for other functions – like current, continutiy and voltage.


Extech EX330 has a relative mode that sets the measurement to zero relative to the measurement taken at the time when you pressed the button.The mode button can be used to toogle between different modes.
Manual ranging also does what it says and the hold button frezes the screen when you press that button.

Temperature measurement

Temperature can be measured in degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit. The thermocoupler probe is isolated only by some sort of fabric and that fabric can break easily.

If I were buying this multimeter, I would buy a separate thermocoupler probe because this one won’t last long. 


All of the functions are surprisingly accurate and this multimeter is factory callibrated.

Ease of use

Extech Ex330 is easy to use for users of all experience levels. The only thing that bothers me are stacked resistance, capacitance and diode functions. Since only these functions require the use of the ‘mode’ button, if the manufacturer had just decided to make two more spaces on the dial, this almost useless button could have been removed.

Download Extech EX330 Mini Digital Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detector (NCV) User Manual – Here!

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