How Long Should a Vacuum Cleaner Last

How Long Should a Vacuum Cleaner Last

Ever imagined how easy life will be if the tangible things we owned lasted forever? Sadly, even the most promising items will sooner or later get worn out.

As efficient as the Vacuum cleaner is, it also comes with an expiry date. This is the reason why you should consider all factors when buying a vacuum cleaner, including its longevity.

Of course, before answering the question on how long should a vacuum cleaner last, you should know that there is no exact set timeframe for each one to last. The same way there are plenty of models on the market with different features and specifications, their durability and lifespan also vary.

Information on the estimated life of the vacuum cleaner is essential so you are sure beforehand the model is worth your money. Although the long life is calculated based on the good quality and maintenance, also some other few things that determine how long the vacuum cleaner can serve you.

Let’s go ahead by checking out the expected lifespan of some famous brands and brief detail on what you should expect from them.

Brands Recommendations

Continue reading as we talk a bit about five popular brands.


Hoover is well recognized for its variety of cleaning products including upright vacuums, stick vacuums, carpet cleaners, and hard floor cleaners.

Famously, since they are not a new product out there, there are several customers with enough experience to speak of their quality. Depending on the model you buy and the general use, you can expect your Hoover to satisfy you for up to 15 years.


Dyson is another beneficial and durable vacuum brand. You can expect the vacuum cleaner to remain functional for up to ten years. However, the lifespan will depend on how it is being taken care of.

Regular maintenance, replacing filters in due time, and cleaning after each use is how the Dyson lasts longer and gets you more usage out of it.


Miele is well known for its durability and longevity. Unlike other brands, they are trouble-prone and do not break.

Most of their products are reported to be 20 years strong. As a popular brand, reputable for making quality, you already expect them not to be quite pricey.


With upright vacuums, Shark is probably the best! They are more accessible than Miele and can be gotten at affordable prices in stores.

They can last from five to seven years as long as they are appropriately used and maintained. Besides, they are highly effective for removing pet hair.


Kirby vacuum cleaners are built with durable components to withstand the demands of frequent use. Every part is made to withstand wears.

The Kirby is synonymous with quality. Just keep it serviced, well-maintained and cleaned after use, and watch it stay in top form for as long as 25 years.

What Is The Average Lifespan on Vacuums?

Yes, every brand will claim their lasts up to a predetermined number of years, but as time goes on, you may begin to find some degradations with its efficiency. This only indicates the need for a change or some repair works.

To a great extent, it’s agreeable that the longevity of the vacuum cleaner comes down to the manufacturers. Most times, the quality of the vacuum cleaner is reflected in the price and warranty. But this does not certainly mean that cheaper vacuum brands are of low quality.

Average Lifespan on Vacuums

Generally, a good one will have an average lifespan of eight to ten years, but some others may survive more and others as shorts as only three years.

No matter how good the vacuum cleaner is, the expected lifespan depends on the maintenance and care, frequency of use, and model. Also, it’s still safe to say that the durable vacuum cleaners cost more.

How Do You Prolong Life Expectancy?

Now that the average lifespan on vacuum cleaners have been said; let’s move on to how to prolong the expected life so that you can get more than the eight years out of it.

Regardless of the estimated life a particular brand, the best way to prolong the healthy lifespan of your vacuum is by caring for it with regular maintenance.

It takes more than the regular emptying of the canister or bag after use to ensure your vacuum lasts long. You will also have to clean the machine and replace the filters you use them.

Luckily, all brands already tell you how they should be maintained, either from their packaging or instruction manual. Although there might be slight differences with how these units are handled, you mustn’t go for a brand that is too difficult to keep up with.

Also, if the vacuum cleaner is under-maintained, it will most likely cause havoc to the system of the machine and reduce the lifespan.

There are a few useful tips to prolong the life expectancy of the vacuum cleaner

  • First, buy a suitable unit, and use it according to the instruction manual.
  • Change the batteries as often as required.
  • Replace the bags once every quarter.
  • Replace filters at least every 2-3 years.
  • Always keep the vacuum cleaner in a good shape
  • In case of faults, repair it from the appropriate service center.

Which Vacuum Cleaner Should I Get?

With the wide variety of vacuum cleaners from different brands and models, the exact model you need to get is quite a difficult question.

However, there are some factors you can consider to guide your decision on the best vacuum cleaner you should get. They act as a buying guide to make a reliable choice.

Which Vacuum Cleaner Should I Get


Brand credibility matters when choosing a vacuum. Look for a solid and reliable one that stands out and backs up their product.

You can detect this with the warranty deal and customer service they offer. Also, customer’s reviews on their experience using the vacuum cleaners confirms the quality and durability. It’s better to buy the one with enough years of experience. Most times, they are more reliable.

Power Source

You have a choice between batteries based or cord based vacuum cleaner. You can prefer either, but each one comes with its pros and cons, so you need to go for one that suits you best.

Battery-operated vacuums are easy to maneuver during cleaning, but they have limited running time and need to be charged. Corded units, on the other hand, can be used for as long as you want, you only need to keep it connected to electricity.

Type of Vacuum Cleaner

This is another factor that depends on your preference. You have a choice to either pick an upright vacuum or a canister vacuum. The brand plays a vital role in how the types perform, so choose based on your convenience.

But usually, canister vacuums are more massive and bulkier than the upright ones. They also tend to last longer too.

Bag or Bagless

Whatever choice you make, bag or bagless vacuums, you have to empty them as often as possible. The ones without bags have dustbins to receive the dirt and dust. Usually, the bagless ones come with dustbins bigger than bags, and may not require emptying all the time.

Which Vacuum Lasts the Longest?

When going for a vacuum cleaner, ensure you are buying from a brand with experience and credibility. It’s safer to go through peoples tests and reviews on the product. Also, ensure that you know how to use and maintain it.

stick vacuum cleaner

The Miele and Hoover are the two most long-lasting brands you can find. Our assessment is based on their ability to remain functional above the average of eight years, although it all depends on the model you choose — Some last as long as ten to twenty years if handled correctly.

Dyson and Shark also have long lives and can give an average of ten active years depending on the exact models, but they do not offer longevity as their earlier mentioned counterparts.


Getting the right vacuum cleaner for yourself will be less tedious if you take not of everything we have discussed above. Check out both the pros and cons of all the products you are considering so you can choose the most reliable unit.

There are several brands of vacuum cleaners the market, and sometimes they make excellent products as well as some not-so-excellent ones. So the brand name alone does not guarantee the quality, the specific models matter too.

Another thing that is equally as important as choosing the right vacuum cleaner is maintaining it. Ensure that it’s appropriately used, well cleaned, and cared for as regularly as possible.

In cases of faults, replace the broken parts instead of abandoning the still-useful machine. Now, go ahead with your purchase!

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