How To Install A Ring Doorbell On Brick Without Drilling

How To Install A Ring Doorbell On Brick Without Drilling?

The ring doorbell is one of the newest trends among homeowners. Besides working as a regular doorbell, this doorbell comes with a pre-installed camera that lets you see who is approaching your home. The added safety that comes with ring doorbells has made them a popular choice among homeowners.

If you have decided to add a new ring doorbell to your home, I applaud your decision. At the same time, I want to help you learn that there are various ring doorbell models, each with a unique installation. If you want to install a ring doorbell on brick without drilling, I have you covered.

In today's guide, I will tell you how to install a ring doorbell on a brick without drilling. I will focus on three simple installation methods: the official ring doorbell mount, a double-sided tape, and mortar installation. If you want to learn more, stick around for the rest of this detailed guide.

Method 1: The Official No-Drill Mount

The Official No-Drill Mount

Anyone can install the ring video doorbell on a brick wall without drilling. The first mounting option to look into is the official no-drill mount provided by the company. You get a mounting plate along with the no-drill mount that you can use to install the doorbell.

The official mount comes with certain advantages. For example, the mount is easy to install without drilling, it is made to fit all ring doorbells, and it can be removed without causing any damage to the surface underneath. The mounting plate and mount are also waterproof, so the doorbell will not suffer any damage even if exposed to various types of weather.

As many advantages as this mount comes with, there are a few disadvantages worth noting. For example, the ring no drill mount is always sold separately, so you must pay extra. Then, you can install it on a flat surface but not on textured surfaces or glass, as it will not stick well. So, this is not the best mounting method, after all.

Still, if you decide to install your ring video doorbell with the ring no drill mount, here is how you can go about the process:

Step 1 - Prepare Mounting Location

Select your mounting location, ensuring the surface is flat and large enough to fit the mounting plate. Clean the surface using some rubbing alcohol to ensure no excess dirt or dust on it.

Step 2 - Install the Mounting Bracket and Plate

Install the mounting plate using the no-drill mount, which is a strong adhesive that will hold the plate in place.

Step 3 - Set up the Ring Doorbell

Before setting the ring doorbell on the fixing plate:

  • Connect it to power.
  • Install the app.
  • Make your account.Connect the doorbell to the app and the Wi-Fi network.

Once everything is set, you can customize the doorbell or move to the next step.

Step 4 - Install the Ring Doorbell

Finally, mount the ring doorbell on the plate and test it to ensure it works correctly. Someone can ring it to ensure the camera and storage settings are set up correctly.

This installation method should not take more than an hour, considering the time it takes to set the ring doorbell. While it is quite a convenient method, it is not fool-proof or theft-proof. If you want to ensure no one steals your doorbell, you should look into the anti-theft mount created by the company. It is also weather resistant and easy to install while making it impossible for someone to remove the doorbell from its plate.

Method 2: The DIY Double-Sided Tape Method

Double-Sided Tape

Suppose you do not want to purchase the no drill or theft mount and would rather try other solutions. In that case, I recommend using double-sided adhesive tape to stick the ring doorbell to the wall.

The first advantage of this mounting method is that double-sided tape is affordable and easy to find. Then, there are various types of tape. You can use waterproof or weather-resistant tape or one that offers industrial strength, ensuring the doorbell stays in place for years.

If there is one major downside to double-sided tape, it is the fact that the stronger the tape is, the more likely it is to cause damage to the surface it is stuck to. If you plan on adding the adhesive strips to textured or painted walls, you should be prepared to see all the texture and paint come off when you remove the adhesive strips. It is just how things go with this mounting method.

Still, the installation is quick and effortless and a great short-time solution for people who are not yet determined where they want to set the ring doorbell. If you want to try this secure method for yourself, here is what you need to do:

Step 1 - Prepare Mounting Spot

Select the mounting spot, which must be high enough to catch people's faces when approaching your house. Ensure that the camera is at least 45 inches removed from the ground.

Step 2 - Select the Tape

Purchase the strongest adhesive strips you can find to ensure the ring doorbell will stay in place after you set it up. Decide on the type of tape you want to buy. If you plan on setting the doorbell on an uncovered porch, it will be wise to get weather-proof exterior-grade strips. You can get such strips or tape from any local home improvement store.

Step 3 - Prepare the Ring Doorbell

Prepare the ring doorbell as explained in the previous mounting method. You should connect it to power and a Wi-Fi network, set up the app and make your account, customize the doorbell, and test it before installing it.

Step 4 - Install the Ring Doorbell

When installing the doorbell, stick the tape to the wall and the mounting plate. Finally, add the actual ring doorbell to the plate.

This is another way to install your ring doorbell without drilling. It is quite convenient, but it might not be theft-proof or able to stand the test of time. Also, all that wall damage afterward might not be worth the trouble, especially if you just finished working on a great external face for your house.

Method 3: Drill into the Mortar Instead

Drill into the Mortar Instead

Even though the no-drilling methods seem convenient, they are notoriously tricky to do right, mainly because the no-drill mount and adhesive strips cannot easily stick to all surfaces. If you do not have the option to rely on no drilling techniques, you can always try to drill into the mortar and mount the ring doorbell that way.

This might be the most secure method of the three as it offers longevity. Mortar is the material between the bricks - it is sturdy and durable but not connected to actual bricks. You can easily drill into it without drilling into the bricks, allowing you to put up sturdy mounts to attach ring doorbells.

Even if you damage anything during the installation, you can easily fix the localized damage and fill the holes with additional mortar. The only thing to worry about is drilling into the mortar without hitting the brick and causing damage to the entire wall. Also, you must have a brick wall with wide enough mortar to fit the mounts.

If you have all this and you want to try adding a mounting hook to the mortar, here is what you need to do:

Step 1 - Prepare the Mounting Location and Ring Doorbell

This mounting technique starts with determining the installation spot, cleaning the wall, preparing the ring doorbell with all installations and customizations, etc. If you want to review the details again, read the two previous mounting techniques.

Step 2 - Drill Holes into the Mortar

The next thing would be to install the mounts. You should use a drill bit of the same size as the drill holes you want to make. Drilling holes is pretty straightforward, but you must keep the drill at a 90-degree angle to the wall so as not to hit a brick.

Step 3 - Install the Mounts

When you make the drill holes, add plastic anchor bolts to hold the mounts in place. Then, add the mounts and use them to attach the mounting plate.

Step 4 - Install Ring Doorbell

Once the plate and bracket are attached to the brick wall, you can install and test your ring doorbell. If everything is okay, the motion sensor will immediately start working and send notifications whenever someone approaches the device or your home.


Thank you for reading this detailed guide on installing a ring doorbell without drilling into brick. Remember that you can purchase a no-drill mount from the company that makes the ring doorbells. Still, you can also use double-sided adhesive strips or mortar installation to set up your ring doorbell quickly.

I would love to know if you have one of these ring doorbells and if you found the installation easy. Please share your experience with me in the comments below while including any installation tips and tricks you have. I cannot wait to read everything!

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