How To Mount TV On Metal Studs

How To Mount TV On Metal Studs?

If you get a new flat-screen TV, mount it on the wall instead of putting it on a TV stand. Wall-mounted TVs have been top-rated for a while because they give this clean look and make the whole room come together.

Moreover, installing the TV wall mount bracket is relatively easy, especially if you have wood studs. If you have metal studs, things get more complicated. It would help if you used specific equipment to mount a TV on metal studs and a particular installation technique.

You have come to the right place if you do not know how to mount a TV on metal studs. In today's guide, I will talk about the best hardware to use on metal studs, how to set the snap toggle on the metal studs, and how to attach the wall mount and TV without difficulty. If you want to learn more on the topic, stick around for the rest of the guide!

How To Mount TVs On Metal Studs [Step-By-Step Guide]

Metal studs

You have bought a TV and want to install it on the wall. The first thing you should know is that you do not need the help of professionals, as you can install the TV mount yourself.

However, you need a few pieces of equipment, including a drill, several drill bits in different sizes, a marker, a level, and some snap toggle bolts. Furthermore, keeping the wall bracket and TV nearby would be best so you can easily attach them to the wall after installing the toggle bolts.

Once you have all these things close by, you can get started with the actual installation. Here is what you need to do to mount a TV on metal studs:

Step 1 - Choose the Position for the TV

The first thing to think about is the exact place where you want to mount the TV. Installing snap bolts on metal studs is not the easiest, but it will also cause you to drill holes in the wall. Because of this, you do not want to keep making holes until you find the best position - you should choose the TV position first!

Once you choose the desired position and are sure, you want to install the TV there, remove everything from the area and cover your other furniture so that it does not get covered with dust from the drilling you are about to do. Then, you can move on to the next step.

Step 2 - Get the Right Hardware

Suppose you have not selected the bolts you want to use. In that case, I recommend that you go with the snap toggle bolt, as it is one of the sturdiest and easiest-to-use bolts for mounting on metal stud construction.

You can tell this bolt apart from others as it has a long and narrow body resembling a screw, and at the end, it comes with a particular anchor. I recommend the elephant anchor toggle bolt if you cannot find snap toggle bolts.

It would be best to get anywhere from two to four or even more bolts depending on how many you plan to install for your TV. For most TVs, you will not need more than four bolts.

Step 3 - Locate the Metal Studs

A metal stud construction complicates the TV mounting, as you need to be very careful when installing the toggle bolt on the wall. For one, the metal studs are quite narrow, so you must ensure you get them when installing the bolts.

If there is no way for you to tell where the metal studs are, I recommend using a stud finder to find their precise center. Then, you can use a marker to mark the spot where the center is. This will help you know where to drill so you do not miss the stud center.

Step 4 - Make Pilot and Bolt Holes

After you find the metal studs and mark where you want to make the holes, I recommend starting the drilling process by making pilot holes. These will make it easier to drill larger holes without missing the needed spot.

To make the pilot hole, grab your drill and add a thin drill bit, narrower than the one you plan to use for the main holes. Then, make shallow pilot holes using the thin drill bit. You can use the pilot holes as guidelines for where you need to drill.

Next, choose a drill bit for your main holes, depending on the desired depth. If the drill bit is too long, mark it with tape at the desired depth so you know when you reach it. Start drilling the holes where you will place snap toggles.

Step 5 - Add Snap Toggles

After making the needed holes, you must install the snap toggles. Add them to the pre-drilled holes in a vertical position. When you reach the desired depth, turn the toggles so the wings open vertically. Then, turn off the plastic part and leave the wings inside the metal stud wall. Now, you have the anchors all set, and you can add the mounting bracket securely to the wall.

Step 6 - Attach the TV Bracket and the TV

Each TV has a specific TV bracket to help you easily attach the TV to the wall. So, use the drilled holes as guidelines for where you need to install the TV bracket. You can use a level to ensure the wall mount or bracket is level and not crooked.

Use sturdy screws or bolts to install the wall mount. Ensure that the bracket sits flat on the wall so that it does not move around and cause your TV to be wobbly.

Add the TV to the wall mount when you ensure it gives proper support. You should install it based on the manufacturer's recommended method. If all is good, your TV should get all the extra support it needs to stay on the wall without moving.

Tips & Tricks

TV mount

After reading the step-by-step instructions in the detailed guide above, you should know how to install a TV on metal studs. But many wonder if the same installation method can be used on all wall types or bolts. Here is a bit more on these topics to help you realize why this method is only suitable for metal studs:

Type of Wall

Everything listed above refers to metal stud walls. Most metal studs require this exact installation for added support. However, the same installation is not always required for other types of walls, including plaster walls, walls with wooden studs, etc.

If you have any other type of wall, you might not have to pre-drill holes and add the toggle anchors. Instead, you might be able to use some lag bolts and still install the TV the right way.

Also, you must consider the state of the wall. Some walls are just not sturdy enough to hold a TV. In that case, installing any kind of TV mount will be dangerous and not recommended.

Type of Bolt

Yet another thing to consider is the type of bolt you use for TV mounts. When installing TVs on metal studs, I recommend going only with the snap toggle. However, if you have any other type of wall, you might be able to use a different kind of bolt.

For example, the butterfly toggle bolt is similar to the snap toggle. The only difference is in the anchor, but the anchor type makes a huge difference. The snap toggle can hold a TV mount in place even with thin walls. The butterfly toggle bolt is not as efficient for metal studs but is excellent for wooden studs and other types of walls.

Another type of anchor I have often heard as part of this conversation is the self-drilling anchor. It can be plastic or metal and make its own hole, so pre-drilling holes in the wall is unnecessary. However, this anchor is not the sturdiest, so it will not work best on metal studs.

While you can explore the various bolts and anchors, I recommend sticking to the snap toggle whenever working with metal studs.


Thank you for reading our detailed guide on installing a TV mount when you have metal studs. Remember to use a stud finder, make holes at the center of the metal stud, and install snap toggles to hold the TV wall mount and the TV itself.

If you ever need to install a TV on metal studs, I recommend following this guide to do it correctly. Also, if you have any prior experience with metal studs or want to share other tips with us, please do so in the comments below. I cannot wait to read all about your experience!

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