Innova 3320 Auto-Ranging Multimeter Review

Many years ago, if you wanted to purchase an appliance that could measure electricity, you would be spending hundreds of dollars, but these days due to technology, they are affordable and accessible.

In our present age, a multimeter is no longer an option, and you don’t have to be an electrician to measure or test things that relate to electricity or automotive electronics.

So you are left with the question, which multimeter do you buy?

We would give you an insight into the Innova 3320, so you can know the functions, the features, and how you can use it.

About Innova 3320

We would introduce this review on the Innova 3320 multimeter with a brief description of the product. This updated multimeter is an auto-ranging device; it is safely designed with resistivity measure of up to 10 Mega Ohms input to troubleshoot the electrical problems of automotive and household appliances accurately.

Inbuilt in this device is the color-coded LED light on the front that allows you to check the levels of household batteries, they also include an attachable test lead, holders, protective rubbers at their corners and stands, although these stands interfere with the wrist straps on the back of it.

Some of the appliances that you can use this device to test are fuses, wirings, automotive circuits, charging systems, general purpose batteries, your vehicle batteries and many more.

Who needs the Innova 3320?

To a significant degree, the Innova 3320 is cheaper than the other big brands of multimeters, and they can also do most of the things those expensive brands do, and in addition to its versatility is the useful battery life.

Anyone can use this device if you are beginning to have issues of electrical repairs at home or with your car and you would prefer to make these repairs by yourself. Even if you are already a DIY hobbyist, and you want to add a new device to your toolkit, then Innova 3320 is perfect for you.

The Innova 3320 multimeter is comfortable for DIY beginners as it has easy to read mounting instructions that would help you master the device quickly. It is not for DIY enthusiasts alone; it is also useful for industry technicians.

Innova 3320 Reviews

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter, Red & Black

Overview of Features

We have told you about the description of the Innova 3320, who can use it. Now we would go into the summary by explaining some specifications and features of this device by describing the things we like and the things we don’t like about this device.

Things we like about the Innova 3320

Apart from the auto-ranging feature that eliminates the need for you to dial the multimeter in a correct range when making electrical measurements there are other features are beneficial from this device.

LED lights for Testing Batteries

Although most of the other automotive multimeters can perform this function, there is a slight advantage with the Innova 3320. The device features a red, yellow and green (LED) lamps that help you determine the levels of the batteries, so rather than just checking the voltage of batteries, as you do with other multimeters, with the Innova 3320 you can also know the present state of your batteries.

The wide range

A great addition to the features of the Innova 3320 is the range. With this device, you can measure up to 200 milliamp of AC and 10 amps of DC. If you have some knowledge on multimeters, you would know this is a wide range for meters placed in this category.

Most times people need the multimeter to measure DC values than they do for AC values but the Innova 3320 has a single setting resistance function for both AC and DC voltages. However, the most important thing is consistency, and due to the range of this device, it is one of the most consistent multimeters on the market.

Large Digital Display

One of the attractive things about this device is the prominent and legible digital display that makes reading all the numbers, symbols and markers easy. You would always have precise information from this Innova brand from the backlights that make reading possible in dark places.

Protective Design

Despite the small size of these devices, the Innova 3320 is built with some impressive features that would aid you to work freely and also makes the overall design of this device great.

The device comes with an attachable wrist strap, two molded holders, and a kickstand although you can’t use both together because of their interference. They are also guarded with a rubber mask to keep them safe in cases where they are roughed or dropped.

Auto shut off

Although it is a typical feature in most multimeters, we would still point it out, as it saves time and money. You may always forget to turn off your devices after you use them, even though they may not draw so much power, after a few days their batteries would be drained.

You don’t need to worry because you already have the auto shut off feature that would turn an inactive device off after 15 minutes.

Low battery warning

It might seem like an ordinary feature to have the auto shut off function, and a low battery warning that would give you notifications that are self-explanatory on when to replace your batteries, but in situations of urgencies you would have less to worry.

Things we didn’t like about it

Even though the Innova 3320 has been neatly designed to ensure that there are no deal-breaking issues, there few disadvantages. It is good that we mention them, so you know what to expect from this electrical tool.

Wrongly Designed Kickstand

Even though it does the job and you may even get used to the positioning eventually, but the kickstand is between the wrist strap and the casing, which causes a little difficulty when you try to place it in a vertical position.

Test for only AC less than 200MA

Although it has a wide range of up to 200MA, this may not even bother you if you are an occasional user. However, this could be a disadvantage to you if you are a professional and you plan to measure circuits above this limit.

Annoying Beeps

The last thing we would mention is the loud series of beeps which accompanies the auto off features. It could get annoying when the sudden sounds get to make unexpected moves, so it is worth mentioning.

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