Innova 3340 vs Fluke 115 comparison

Innova 3340 vs Fluke 115 – Digital Multimeter Comparison

In this article, we will have a look at two digital multimeters that have made quite a name for themselves. I am comparing the Innova 3340 with the Fluke 115, two multimeters that are a proven success in their respective fields.

People looking for a digital multimeter often have specific needs in mind. They’re looking to use their multimeter while fixing their vintage Volkswagen van, or are redoing the basement and need a solid multimeter to help them with the electrical side of things. Finding the right multimeter for your needs can take a long time, but I’ve taken that time and compared the Innova 3340 and the Fluke 115.

First, I will review the Innova 3340 and lay out the specific features this multimeter has to offer. Then, I’ll move on to the Fluke 115 and describe it in fine detail. Finally, I will put the two multimeters side by side and compare the two, before giving you my final verdict on which of these two digital multimeters is best for you.

Innova 3340 vs Fluke 115

Innova 3340 Professional Automotive Digital Multimeter, Black

The Innova 3340 is a digital multimeter aimed at automotive technicians. Its features are designed to quickly find engine problems. Overall, it comes with a wide range of measurement features, including temperature measurements, diode measurements, tacho check, and RPM measurements. It is CAT-II rated and UL-certified.

Although it is aimed at automotive technicians, the functions will serve anyone looking for a well-rounded multimeter as well. It comes with most standard measurement options for general multimeter use, and although it is not the fastest multimeter around, the readings are accurate.

The outside feels solid and strong, but under the surface, the Innova 3340 feels a bit cheap. It lacks the quality design of some of the competing multimeter brands, but it does get the job done. The screen lacks a backlight, which may become an issue when working in poorly lit conditions. People looking to use a multimeter specifically for electrical work might consider a different multimeter, because there is no function to measure capacitance, and there are other multimeters in the same price range with a CAT-III rating.

The Innova 3340 is a longstanding favorite of many car technicians, and it’s easy to see why. For a good price, you get a well-rounded multimeter that offers the extra capabilities that make a car technician’s life a lot easier. It works well, has a good range of measurements (and an auto range function), and won’t break the bank.

Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter with Polyester Carrying Case

The Fluke 115 is a standard for many electricians who work ‘behind the box’. It is a compact multimeter, but still packed with features and fast, reliable, and robust. As a True-RMS meter, it can measure distorted waves and sine waves.

It fits well in one hand and is designed so you can adjust the measurement type with that one hand. The Fluke 115 feels very solid in your hand and can survive a drop from a good height, due to its rubber case. For the professionals, it will be good to know that it’s CAT-III rated.

As an all-round multimeter, it lacks some of the more specific functions that could be found on other multimeters. It doesn’t have a milliamp or microamp setting, which can be found on other multimeters in the same price range.

The biggest drawback I found with the Fluke 115 was the display. Although it is built well and has the same solid feel as the rest of the meter, the sharp contrast you’ll see at first fades away from some angles (especially seen from above), making it harder to see the screen.

But when the Fluke 115 is put to the test in areas where it matters most, it excels. It is a 6,000-count multimeter and gives four measurements per second for the main display. The readings come fast and are reliable, so if you’re not looking for any functions that the 115 is lacking, it will be hard to find a better multimeter that will last this long.

Innova 3340 vs Fluke 115 Buying Guide

Comparing the Innova 3340 and the Fluke 115

Both the Innova and the Fluke are general-use digital multimeters with a specific set of functions designed to serve a profession. The Innova 3340 is specifically aimed at car technicians, offering features such as RPM measurements, tachograph checks, which help you detect engine problems quickly. The Fluke on the other hand is more likely to appeal to electricians or hobbyists who need a solid multimeter. It has less features overall, but can measure capacitance and is CAT-III rated.

The Fluke is slightly better built, having a quality feel both on the surface and when taking a closer look. It is also faster than the Innova, but these qualities come at a slightly higher price. The Innova offers an overall good multimeter for a slightly better price, but won’t be of as much use for a professional electrician.

Both multimeters could use an upgrade on their screen, although the screen of the Fluke 115 does offer a backlight. They’ll both survive a good drop. The biggest difference in their outward design is that the Fluke 115 has a slimmer, ergonomic feel and can be used one-handed.


If you’re a car technician looking for a digital multimeter, the Innova 3340 is as close to a no-brainer as you’ll get. If you don’t plan to use any of the specific car-related features that the Innova has to offer and you plan to work with and around electrical circuits behind the box, there is hardly a better multimeter to consider than the Fluke 115.

Both of those multimeters will cover the basics that you look for in a digital multimeter. It’s when they are called to their specific designs that their capabilities come out best. You wouldn’t buy the Fluke 115 if you’re going to fix cars, and you wouldn’t buy the Innova 3340 to fix electrical circuits in the house. But if you know what you need, then these multimeters will be just what you were looking for.

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