Klein mm600 Review

When you’re looking to buy a digital multimeter, the right model depends a great deal on what you’re planning to do with it. Although all multimeters have the same basic functions, each model will serve a different group of people.

Today, I’m introducing you to the Klein mm600 digital multimeter. It’s a tough meter that at first glance is solid and a good price/quality value. In this article, we’ll have a closer look at the features and specifics of the Klein mm600, so you can make a buying decision based on your demands and your budget, while also knowing all the important information up front.

Who is the Klein mm600 for?

The Klein mm600 is made for residential, business, and light industrial environments. This means that DIY-ers, hobbyists, and professionals can all consider the Klein mm600 for their all-purpose multimeter. Although the feature list includes all standard options on a digital multimeter, the professional electrician will most likely look at other brands and models. Everyone else just might be surprised how well this multimeter holds up.

The Klein mm600 is especially popular with diesel technicians who work with buses, construction vehicles and agricultural equipment. The multimeter is CAT-IV certified up to 600 Volts, and CAT-III certified up to 1,000 Volts. It has an Ingress Protection rating of 2. For DIY-ers around the house, the mm600 will offer anything you expect from a multimeter and deliver good readings.

What’s included with the Klein mm600

The Klein mm600 comes with a good looking carrying case, basic test leads, positive and negative alligator clamps that easily connect to the basic leads, and a K-type temperature probe. A magnetic hanger is available as a separate accessory. The manual is compact and bilingual in English and Spanish. On the back of the multimeter is a place to park the probes, which can be a handy feature in the field.

Klein mm600 Review


Klein Tools MM700 Multimeter, Electrical Tester is Auto Ranging, for AC/DC, LoZ, Temp, Capacitance, Resistance, Frequency, and More, 1000V

The Klein mm600 does everything you expect from a multimeter in this price range. It will measure up to 1000 AV/DC voltage and 10A AC/DC current with a cooldown period of ten minutes in between measurements. You can perform resistance (up to 40MΩ), duty-cycle, temperature, frequency, diode, capacitance, and continuity tests with it. The casing provides protection for drops up to 6.6 ft.

In normal use, the Klein mm600 holds up very well. It works as described, delivers reliable readings within the product’s capacities, and is built to last for a long time.

The display is a nice and large LCD display. It also offers an auto ranging backlight, where the brightness adjusts to your environment. The display has a 4000 count, which is standard in the price range for the Klein mm600, but doesn’t give the reliability of slightly more expensive models. This would only be a concern for people who need to have their multimeter warn them of potential fatal shock hazards. Another concern for electricity-minded multimeter buyers is that the Klein mm600 is not a True-RMS meter, so it can only be used for sine waves.

The autoranging features mean that the display is nice and clean, and that the Klein will do most of the prepping work for you. You can switch from AC to DC readingswith the push of a button and switching main measurement functions is easy and your choice will be clearly displayed on the LCD screen. It doesn’t have the bar graph option you’ll find in other multimeters.

Engineering-wise, the batteries and fuses are reasonably easy to access. You only need to remove one screw to replace the (AAA) batteries or a fuse. The test leads start to feel a little loose in the meter jacks after a little use, but it doesn’t impact the readings themselves.

Klein mm600 Buying Guide

How to get the most out of the Klein mm600

The Klein mm600 is a well-rounded multimeter that comes with most standard features you’ll find on comparable multimeters, and offers a temperature probe, too. If you plan to use the multimeter hands-free, Klein offers a magnetic mount as a separate accessory. The Klein is designed to endure normal job wear and tear, but the carrying case it comes in will also add a few years of durability to your purchase.

Alternatives for the Klein mm600

The mm600 is the third multimeter in a series, and one of two ‘Tough Meter’ multimeters. Its bigger brother, the Klein mm700, will give you a wider range of options, and a broader range in some measurements (specifically temperature and capacitance). It also comes with a bar graph on the LCD display, which the mm600 lacks, and the mm700 is the only True-RMS meter in the series. Find out more on Amazon.com.

The other two meters, the mm300 and mm400, are for much lighter use, and don’t nearly offer as much in overall quality.

People looking for a well-built multimeter that doesn’t cost as much as the leading brands will appreciate the value the Klein mm600 can give. It offers a solid performance and sturdy engineering for a good price and will last for years.

It’s the people looking to get a bit more out of their multimeter that would pass up the Klein mm600. Its bigger brother offers just a bit more punch, and for more reliability and features that will save a professional electrician’s life, other brands have more to offer.

Download Klein MM600 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter User Manual – Here!

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