Mastech MS8268 Review

This multimeter belongs to those cheaper, lower quality multimeters. My Mastech MS 8268 was produced over a year ago, in January of 2017. The multimeter was shipped out in excellent condition. This batch of multimeters is still the same like at the beginning of the production of this model.

This multimeter has all the standard multimeter features, however, the feature that I find to be very useful, especially for users who don’t have a lot of experience using multimeters, are light signals that show the user where he needs to plug the probes in, depending on what function of the multimeter the user is using.

Mastech MS8268 Review


Mastech MS8229 Auto-Range 5-in-1 Multi-Functional Digital Multimeter

Here are some of the most prominent features of the Mastech MS 8268.

The following one is not a very prominent feature at first, but I want to mention it. The multimeter comes with a rubber envelope that engulfs it. The rubber is very sturdy on the outside and soft on the inside, it covers the multimeter well on all six sides and you will come through a lot of trouble if you try to remove it as it fits firmly on the multimeter. As a matter of fact, it is so tight that I thought that it was glued on the multimeter, only to find out that it wasn’t. So that’s a very good feature.

The rubber can also serve as a protection against electrical discharge in the case that the multimeter overloads and explodes, the rubber and the outer shell of the multimeter are so sturdy that they will capture almost all shrapnel and protect you.

The most obvious feature are the led lights that show you where you need to plug in the probes depending on the measurement settings. The lights shut down as soon as you plug the probes in and if you accidentally plug one probe somewhere else, the multimeter produces a beeping sound along with the flashing light around the socket to let you know that you have plugged the probe into the wrong hole.

This multimeter also has many standard features like resistance measuring, diode check, continuity measuring, capacitance measuring, and transistor gain measuring, frequency counter, alternating and direct current measuring, microamps and milliamps measuring and so on.

Mastech MS 8268 has a hold feature and a very strong screen light which makes it suitable for work in low light environments.  Unfortunately, the light fades out after a couple of seconds and there is no way to make the light glow permanent.

One of the most useful features is the feature that enables you to set the manual range of measurement. What is even better is that you can set the measurement to auto and the multimeter will show you the precise range without you needing to manually change it in different circumstances.

Mastech MS8268 Buying Guide


This is definitely a multimeter for new and amateur users as it is very easy to use, or for someone who does not plan to use this device for industrial purposes. This product is obviously in the mid-lower price range so the ideal user for this multimeter is someone who maybe repairs some household items like the remote, telephone, etc., on a rare or somewhat regular basis.

Mastech MS8268 isn’t for professional electricians who need multimeters to conduct their work on the electric grid of 220Vor more on a regular basis, especially if you take into account a very poor quality fuse that can result in an explosion in the case that the multimeter gets overloaded.

The packaging is nice and somewhat sturdy, although I have to say that I really hate when I see a package for a product that is shipped to an English speaking country in the Chinese language. The back side of the package shows features of several models of multimeters from the same producer, but it doesn’t do you any good since the only thing that is actually understandable is the list of the models

The thing that really bothers me is a very poorly made fuse. If you decide to get MS8268, replace that fuse as soon as possible. Everything else is very good for this price.

One more thing. When you first open the box and take the multimeter in your hands you will notice that there is a sign that says that the multimeter is CAT III certified. It is not.

For the multimeter to be CAT III it needs to have an inbuilt protection that makes it impossible for the currency to overload the multimeter because the probes should have special protection and because of the high-quality fuse that this thing obviously does not have.

The features are all in Chinese so it is impossible for you to know what features this multimeter has if you came across it for the first time at the store.

The package contains the multimeter, instructions in Chinese, two probes and caps that go on the probes in the case that you need to place the probes in a very tight space and you don’t want for the probes to touch each other.

Relative measurements only work with resistance and current strength measures. So, the upsides are obviously an approachable price, the level of quality for that price and all the other features, that are executed very good. One more upside is that this multimeter is very resistant to falls and it comes with a rubber glove that envelopes it and protects it.

The worst and most dangerous low side is the low-quality fuse and the false sign that says that this multimeter is CAT III certified when it obviously isn’t.

Download Mastech MS8268 Digital Multimeter User Manual – Here!

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