Programmable Thermostat vs. Constant Temperature

Programmable Thermostat vs. Constant Temperature

Comfortability is a priority in most homes, especially during the freezing weather conditions and the scorching summer sun.

There are various heating and cooling systems in our houses, but sometimes we have the issue of temperature going higher, or below the desired level, then you need a thermostat to regularize the temperature to your requirement. 

Here we would have a brief discussion while we compare the programmable thermostat with a constant temperature to decide which is beneficial to you.

Most times the type thermostat you would decide to get would depend on the handling.

Some people prefer to micromanage their temperature settings and continuously change it with time, a majority of others prefer to set it at a temperature and go ahead with their daily activities without thinking of it. 

What is a Programmable Thermostat?

Thermostats should be considered beyond just setting it to a certain temperature and just leaving it alone. Situations when a member of your household considers the temperature of the house too hot while another person finds it too cold may keep you going back and front.

A programmable thermostat enables you to set your temperatures according to a schedule in which it should function and forget about is always going to be preferable.

Programmable Thermostat

Once you have this modern day gadget, you could automate the control of temperature in your house and control it directly from a smart device, where you can operate the functions and make a pre-set for your required activity. They use sensors to observe the atmosphere, humidity, and temperature.

Here’s how to set a thermostat:

The best part of this gadget is that you can activate the power saving state to reduce the requirement of energy when it detects you are absent from the premises.

The programmable thermostat offers several unique features to make life would be simpler, luxurious and tension free. The gadget can also detect your position or temperature requirements and also give a warning in a situation of an unwanted activity in the thermostat or the other devices connected to it.

For instance, you may prefer to have your temperature set to 72 degrees all through the day and 65 degrees at night so rather than having to change the setting yourself, you could program it into the unit, so it alters on its own and you do not have to make the changes manually.

What is Constant Temperature?

Just as programmable thermostats are useful for controlling temperature, the constant temperature thermostat also functions to do the same.

They are equally effective and can be gotten at an affordable cost, even if they lack most of the cool features and modern look of the programmable thermostat. 

Adjusting Thermostat On Home Heating System

Some do prefer to leave their homes at a constant temperature because they find it good enough to meet their needs, besides they are cheaper and consume lesser electricity energy than the programmable thermostats.

There are some who only check their temperatures when the room becomes uncomfortable, regardless the constant thermostat setting is done for convenience.

The constant temperature thermostats are manually operated devices in which you would not be able to program them according to a set schedule or preset an alteration at a specific time. They are very simple with their functions and usage, which requires only one setting which is the necessary alteration of the temperature to suit the home. 

The best times for your thermostat to be set to constant temperature is when you are out of your home for a long while or on vacation. The disadvantage of this system is that it comes short of the energy efficiency and saving on your bills that the programmable thermostat offers.

Even though the constant temperature is not as advanced as the programmable devices, they also conserve a large amount of energy by manually adjusting the temperature according to your requirement.

Comparison of Programmable Thermostat and Constant Temperature

The main aim of using a thermostat is to control the temperature of an environment, but as we know, we are discussing the two types of thermostats; one is programmable, the other is the non-programmable or constant temperature thermostat.

Obviously, from the description of the device, we can deduce that the programmable thermostat has more features compared to the basic functions and features of the constant thermostat.

The constant temperature thermostat is not so much of a high-end device and is highly recommended if you live alone in an apartment or your house requires only heaters.

But creating comfort as well as saving money is a priority and instead of keeping the temperature at a certain degree all day, the idea that programmable thermostats are beneficial to the wallet has made it become a standard in most homes across the nation.

To stay prudent with the knowledge that a large percentage of our electrical bill is spent on our heating and cooling unit; as a business or homeowner, a programmable thermostat which can allow you reduce the lower usage would be a better option. 


Some prefer to set their temperature at a constant while others would prefer a consistent alteration according to a schedule. Once you find which category you fall into, deciding on the type of thermostat you prefer would become easier.

Installing a thermostat to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system of the home is an easy project you can handle on your own.

You can carry it out by removing the old unit from the wall, observing the pattern of connection the wires take, then connect the wires to the new programmable thermostat just the way the previous one was connected. Well, the other option is to install it according to the setup guide provided by the device manufacturers.

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