Rigol DS1054z Review

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Rigol DS1054z

If you ever decide to get this oscilloscope, you can be confident that it will work for a very long time. In the case that you need an oscilloscope for more delicate work, this model probably isn't for you. Other than that, you will be very satisfied with this model.

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Want to know more about Rigol DS1054z digital oscilloscope? You’ve come to the right place. We have tested this oscilloscope and it certainly does live up to expectations. Long story short, if you are looking for a good oscilloscope for an affordable price, this is the oscilloscope for you.

Since this is an oscilloscope with a lot of features, users with more experience will be able to utilise all the features this machine has more efficiently.

New users, and anyone who has not had the time to gather sufficient experience with oscilloscopes might find himself to be unable to use this machine. In that case, you shouldn’t despair. YouTube is full of tutorials that explain how to use oscilloscopes very good like this:

Since this is a renown oscilloscope model, you will be able to find tutorials aimed at this model directly. If you are a beginner, I recommend that you start with oscilloscopes tutorials because it can be really confusing to use an oscilloscope like this for the first time.

This oscilloscope is aimed at technicians and electricians who want or need to get more precise readings when repairing electronic hardware.

If you are still using a multimeter, but you want to be able to get a better reading with a graphical representation of the reading on the screen, get an oscilloscope. This is an excellent model to begin with.

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Although this oscilloscope may be complicated to use at first, if you take your time to study all that it has to offer, you will benefit greatly and the quality of your work will improve along with the amount of time required for you to locate a problem in the machine you are trying to diagnose.

If you decide to get this oscilloscope, you will get an oscilloscope itself, and a set of probes for an oscilloscope. Four sets of probes, to be more precise. I don’t know about you, but I find this to be an excellent offer.

Probes are that you get with the Rigol DS1054z oscilloscope are accurate and made from high quality materials and if you are a beginner, you won’t have to worry about getting correct types of probes for this oscilloscope. However, if you want to get an even more accurate reading, you should get a set of high quality probes for only fifty dollars more. It will pay off, I guarantee you.

Although the screen isn’t as large as you might want it to be, it isn’t that small that you won’t be able to see everything that you need to see on it. The contrast is good, and the brightness can be adjusted to any light level. You can use this oscilloscope in  the brightest sun, or during the darkest night and be confident that you will see the screen very well.

If you have trouble seeing, you might want to think about getting an oscilloscope with a larger screen because this might be too small for you. However, this is only true for farsighted users with higher diopters.

Rigol DS1054z has four channels, which is excellent for users who know how to utilise this oscilloscope to its full potential. The bad news is that this oscilloscope isn’t equipped with auto-detect probe interface. This means that you will need to adjust the scope of measurement manually if you want to be able to use probes with different ranges.

The bandwidth of this oscilloscope is fifty megahertz on one channel. This means that the bandwidth will increase with each additional channel that you use at the same time.

If you want to have an oscilloscope with a good bandwidth while measuring something with all four channels, you should probably get another model because this one isn’t the best on the market in this category.

Rigol DS1054Z oscilloscope has a memory that ranges from 12K to 24M and an auto setting. The auto setting works surprisingly well and you won’t have any trouble as far as this goes. This is an excellent amount of memory, but some problems may arise if you use multiple channels at the same time.

If you plan on using this oscilloscope because it has a large amount of memory, but you also need to use all the four channels, and at the same time, this model probably isn’t for you. However, if you want to use this oscilloscope on one channel only, look no further because this model will suit your needs.

This oscilloscope doesn’t only excel when it comes to memory. The amount of mathematical functions which you can use with this oscilloscope is incredible, and all of them are highly accurate.

Rigl DS1054z digital oscilloscope has a USB port on the front, so that you can connect it with a laptop to utilise it to its full potential. You will need to install some drivers -- link here, and this can be a problem, especially if you have an older laptop like me. However, you will need to find the correct driver online, and this can be a problem.

This is an accurate oscilloscope, but you shouldn’t expect to get high pass or low pass filters with it. One more thing that could potentially bother you is the ventilator. It can be very loud sometimes.

If you can live with these small flaws in your brand new oscilloscope, you will be very happy with this model. This oscilloscope also comes with a warranty, so you can be confident that you can get free repairs or replacement parts if you ever might need it. That being said, the Rigol DS1054z oscilloscope is made from good material and it will work and keep on working for many years after you get it. The outside is covered in thick plastic and there’s no way that it can get damaged without a significant amount of force involved.

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