Siglent SDS1052dl Review

The Siglent SDS1052dl is one of the most popular oscilloscope models since its introduction in early 2012. Part of its popularity can be explained by the general-purpose functions of this scope. But appealing to a broad audience alone doesn’t explain popularity, especially with measurement tools. The quality of measurements should always be the main reason for a particular model’s popularity. The question of course is whether the quality of the Siglent SDS1052DL warrants its status.

In this review, we’ll take a better look at the features and performances of this Siglent. We’ll discuss its purposes, its audience, its present features and the ones that maybe be lacking. Before we give you our final verdict in the conclusion, we’ll give some alternatives for other oscilloscope models that may be worth checking out.

Siglent SDS1052dl Review


Siglent SDS1052DL Digital Storage Oscilloscope with Frequency Counter, 50MHz, 7'' TFT-LCD Display

The SDS1052dl is for most people. First of all, it is a great first oscilloscope. Its versatile functionality and relatively low pricing make this model a great choice for hobbyists or technicians who use an oscilloscope regularly, but whose job doesn’t fully depend on the accuracy of its measurements.

While these professionals will generally be looking beyond the capabilities of this Siglent model, they will still be able to rely on this model. While the features are technically not fancy by the highest standards of expensive models, its performance compromises nothing and warrants a higher price than its actual cost. That combination makes this oscilloscope the best buy for most people who are looking to buy their first oscilloscope.

What’s included with the Siglent SDS1052dl?

The Siglent comes with a set of probes, a USB cable that allows you to connect the scope to a computer, and a manual that gives you an overview about all the different features on the scope itself. The online manual that’s available on the Siglent website gives you an even more in-depth introduction.

Overview of features

When you open the box with the SDS1052dl, you’ll see and feel that the device is well-made. On top of that, the design looks good as well. The markings are easy to read, and the casing feels clean-cut and precise. Connecting it to the computer with the USB cable takes a little while but is easy enough once you’ve got everything settled. It’s recommended to connect the scope to your computer right when you get it, because getting everything set up will take you a while and is not something you want to wait for when you need it for the first time.

Performance is very solid. While it’s not as fast as more expensive models, the readings are accurate and quick enough. The readings align with our benchmarks and are easy to read. Going through the different measurements is a breeze and the controls are very intuitive. To save the measurements, you can also insert a flash drive and hit the ‘print’ button, which will automatically save your screenshots to the flash drive.

There is nothing really lacking about this model. While other models may be quieter, faster, offer more channels, or have a better screen resolution, they don’t offer the value for money that this scope does. As we mentioned, this is a great general-purpose model. If you’re a professional and you know just what improvements matter most to you, it might be worth looking into the higher-end oscilloscope models. For everyone else, the SDS1052dl will give you just what you need for a really sharp price.

Siglent SDS1052dl Buying Guide

How to get the most out of the Siglent SDS1052dl

To get the most out of your Siglent scope, it’s well worth connecting the device to your computer. Not only does it allow you to capture measurements more easily, it also allows you to control the scope from the computer.

This means that you can leave the SDS1052dl at an organized spot and still use it through the USB cable. For people who love an organized work space and use their scope for very similar jobs, this is a great option.

Also, going over all the different functions of your Siglent and getting familiar with the controls will really help you get the most out of your device.

Alternatives for the Siglent SDS1052dl

As we’ve mentioned, the Siglent SDS1052dl does a great job of catering to a broad audience. It works well and offers a performance that will exceed most expectations.

That said, this is not a professional or industrial grade instrument. If you’re looking to buy a scope as a beginner or you’re familiar with scopes but want one at home, the Siglent SDS1052dl is your best buy.

If you need an oscilloscope for your job or for a specific reason that a general-purpose model will only do an average job at, you might want to consider a model that caters to a specific need.

Download Siglent SDS1052dl Oscilloscope User Manual -- Here!

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