TekPower TP9605BT Review

TekPower is a brand-new company that offers a wide variety of electronics products, most notably power supply options. With their knowledge in electronical supplies and support, it only makes sense that they have a line of digital multimeters as well. The most remarkable of their multimeters has to be the TekPower TP9605BT, the first digital multimeter with BlueTooth functionality. But aside from having a neat trick, how good is the TekPower TP9605BT as a digital multimeter? Is the TP9605BT worth buying?

In this article, I’ll guide you through the different features and functionalities of the TekPower TP95605BT. We’ll see how it performs on standard tests, how well it is designed, and what exactly you can do with it. After weighing the pros and cons of this new and high-tech digital multimeter, we’ll move on to the verdict and see if you should buy a TekPower digital multimeter, too.

Who is the TekPower TP9605BT for?

The TekPower boasts one main feature that distinguishes it from all other available multimeters. The last two letters in its rather complicated name stand for Bluetooth and it’s this Bluetooth connection that can be very appealing to some people. If you regularly need to update people on your readings and send them your data, perform multiple readings (with multiple meters) at the same time and quickly log the data, or want your data accessed quickly, the TekPower TP9605BT is perfect for you and you should look no further.

But even if you’re interested in this feature, but on the fence if it’s buying a specific multimeter for, there are enough other features to consider. It has a 6,000 count display, an auto-ranging function, performs all the usual tests you expect to find on a digital multimeter in this mid-level price range and has a K-type thermocouple probe. It’s also a True-RMS meter, so you can measure non-sine waves as well.

What’s included with the TekPower TP9605BT?

The TekPower comes with 9V battery included, an optical to USB cable to transfer data to your computer, two standard test leads, a K-type thermocouple probe, a DVD to install the required software on your computer, and the user manual. The Bluetooth functionality is built in, and requires downloading an app on your own smartphone to connect. Support is available for Apple and Android phones.

TekPower TP9605BT Reviews


TekPower TP9605BT Auto Ranging Digital True RMS Smart Multimeter with Bluetooth & USB Connection, Free App Available for iOS and Android

There’s no way around it; the TekPower TP9605BT is made in China. It feels light in the hand and has a cheap-ish look about it. The leads are standard CAT-III leads and connect well. All the tests we performed indicate that while the TekPower might never win an engineering award, all the functions work well, and test results are accurate. For a multimeter with a special trick, all the basic features hold up well.

One thing that becomes clear during testing is that the auto-ranging feature is rather slow. While normal for multimeters in this price range, it might be a consideration for someone who performs a lot of quick measurements throughout the day. The brightness of the LED light is less than impressive, and the display itself seems a bit fragile. Lastly, the battery life is quite short.

TekPower TP9605BT Buying Guide

How to get the most out of the TekPower TP9605BT?

The only way to get the most out of the TekPower TP9605BT is to use the Bluetooth functionality on a regular basis. While the multimeter works well and performs tests just fine, the hobbyist who doesn’t need the Bluetooth functions can find cheaper models with a better battery life and display that can do the same job.

The professional technician who performs a lot of tests in the day and needs a fast meter that can survive the occasional drop will not be interested in this TekPower model. If your job requires a lot of readings that need to be communicated, however, the TekPower suddenly transforms into a good multimeter with a life-saving feature. The only way to get the most out of the TekPower is by using the unique features on a regular basis.

Alternatives for the TekPower TP9605BT

If we take the same two groups as we discussed above, we can make two recommendations. For the hobbyist looking for a solid multimeter that won’t break the bank, the Mastech MS8268 might be an option. It’s a bit cheaper than the TekPower, is built a little better, but doesn’t have the same features as the TekPower. It’s lacking the temperature probe and of course the Bluetooth functionality, and only has a 4,000 count screen instead of the 6,000, but for the occasional hobbyist, the Mastech would be a fine alternative. Read more on Amazon.com!

Someone who is looking to get more out of their multimeter and is willing to pay for reliability and build quality should have a look at the Fluke 115. This neat multimeter is expensive for a basic multimeter, but the best value for money you’ll get. It comes with all the standard features you find on the TekPower (again, without the temperature probe and Bluetooth), but is built to last and perform in a more demanding environment. Check the price of Fluke 115 on Amazon.com!

Download TekPower TP9605BT Digital Multimeter User Manual – Here!

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