The Fluke 87v Review

Fluke 87-V multimeter is a high-quality multimeter that is intended for use by electricians and technicians alike.

Although the first model of the 87-V series was released almost thirty years ago, the company continues to update the model to keep it in touch with the latest technology advancements.

About Fluke 87-V

This high quality model is not for amateurs who do a little bit of electronics work here and there. The Fluke 87-V is intended for experienced professionals who use multimeters in industrial settings and require the full range of features that this multimeter has to offer.

The price of the 87-V model says everything that needs to be said. Although some may consider the price to be too high, I disagree. The price reflects the amount of work and research invested into this multimeter by the Fluke Corporation. The professionals for whom this multimeter is designed for  will find the price acceptable.

If you are a new user or an amateur, you may find Fluke 87-V to be very hard for use. The amount of its features and settings can simply be overwhelming for a person who has not had the time to gain experience with multimeters that are easier to use.

That being said, professionals will find this model easy to use due to their experience and amount of education and practice. But that’s not all! I believe that professionals will find this multimeter to be a dream come true that enables them to utilise their knowledge and experience in a way that is highly beneficial for them and their employers.

Fluke 87-V comes in a variety of packages with different features. You can get just the Fluke 87-V if you already have the probes. You can buy the Fluke 87-V combo kit that includes the multimeter, two probes, two clamps; both with rubber protection caps; and a protective case.

You can get models with NIST certificate. Really, it’s all up to you. This model comes in a variety of bundles, so you can pick one that suits you best.

The prices of the bundles can range from three hundred to five hundred dollars. The basic package with just the Fluke 87-V in it costs somwhere around three hundred dollars. The bundle with clamps and probes costs around four hundred and fifty dollars. Itreally depends on your budget and if you already have high quality clamps and probes.This multimeter comes with everything you need for use, including a very detailed manual in all packages.

The Fluke 87-V comes with all the standard measuring features, except they are not standard in this case – they are extraordinary executed and make it possible for the user to measure everything needed with high precision and safety.

This entire multimeter is high quality made, but I will now focus on the truly exceptional features.

First cool feature that caught my attention was the back light. It comes with two brightness settings and once you press the button it stays on until you decide to turn it off. The downside of this powerful backlight is that it can drain your battery very quickly, so that’s something to be careful about.

The continuity meter is extremel y precise and produces a sound immediately when it detects continuity.The feature that could be better is the frequency counter, however, it is still better than ninety five percent of other frequency counters on the market.

The fluke 87-V enables you to switch display modes on the fly without changing range modes or turnining the multimeter off; which was the case with some of Fluke’s previous models.

The best feature in terms of safety are excellent, high quality, US made fuses. You can really see that they are durable and that they will protect you if needed.  The entire multimeter, except some small areas, is made of reinforced plastic that serves as a blast shield.

As if that wasn’t enough, the manufacturer installed the additional blast shield at the front and the metal shield at the back of the motherboard to protect the user from all possible dangers.

The casing is resistant to damage from falling. When you take into account that you will probably have this multimeter in the holster, you can quickly realise that this multimeter would remain operational and intact even if a car drove on it.

The Fluke 87-V is highly resistant to temperature changes. You can use this multimeter in a variety of extreme environments.The Fluke 87-V can withstand temperatures ranging from minus twenty degrees Celsius, to more than fifty two degrees Celsuis. You can use this multimeter in the hottest factories and on the burning sun, or in snowstorms and it will still deliver. 

If you decide to buy the package that comes with the probes and clamps, you will be surprised by their quality.  The test leads are made from silicone, instead of the usual PVC. They are engulfed by very tough rubber that will protect you from the most powerful currents and they come with caps that can be placed on them when you want to make sure that the probes don’t touch.

This multimeter is CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V safety rated.

Download Fluke 87v True RMS Digital Multimeter User Manual – Here!

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