Checklist of Things You Need for Moving Into Your First House

Setting up a new home can be very tough for young people who are moving for the first time in their lives.

I know that I would have saved a lot of time if someone told me what are the things that I will need the most in my new home.

Luckily for you, that’s why this article is here. You can find a list of most essential stuff everyone needs when moving for the first time right here.

So, let’s get on it.

Things You Need for Moving Into Your First House



You like to relax sometimes, don’t you? Well, you’ll need a corkscrew then.

A corkscrew is essential for those of us who enjoy a glass of red wine here or there, let alone when we are celebrating our accomplishments like moving into our first home.

No one would like to finish their first move only to find out that they can’t open the wine bottle while celebrating.

Duct Tape

It goes without saying that you will need this irreplacable piece of equipment sooner or later.

duct tape

Get it as soon as possible, but as it is your new home, I sincerely hope that you won’t need to fix anything with it for a couple of years at least.

Vacuum Cleaner and a Broom

Do you like your home to be clean? I think that everyone does. But, unlike the duct tape, you are going to need this one very soon, I’d say a couple of days after moving in.

Vacuum Cleaner

I know that you have probably thought of this one all by yourself but it is easy to forget something in the excitement that you feel for moving into your new place.

You will also need a broom for times when you want to clean a smaller part of the house and when you don’t want to waste time on preparing the vacuum cleaner.

Fire Extinguisher

Hopefully, this piece of equipment will just be a waste of space in a small room in your home, but just in case that it doesn’t, it pays to be prepared.

Fire Extinguisher

Look: I know that you are probably thinking of skipping this one over, but seriously, don’t. It can save your life and your new home, in which you have invested so much.


Another thing that a man thinks is not necessary until he needs it.

You probably won’t use the plunger to save your life, but it can save you from a clogged drain and an awful smell that can start spreading through your house if you don’t unclog that drain.


Do you want to save a few bucks when a lightbulb breaks down? Get a multimeter.

Fluke 117 Electricians Multimeter

A multimeter is easier to use than most people think. You can use this helpful piece of equipment when you want to check why has that damn lightbulb stopped working.

Just remember to take safety precautions before using it.

The next one might (not) surprise you:


Almost every person that I know of has forgot to buy a mirror for their home.

Most of them did remember to install a small one in the bathroom, but a large, body sized mirror is absolutely essential. And I can’t emphasize this enough.


Imagine to go to work for the first time from your new home. You are excited for the stories that you will tell your colleagues and you start to prepare.

You have all the clothes on and you are finished with preparing, so you decide that you wish to look at yourself once before going to work, only to find out that you don’t have a mirror large enough to look yourself at. Seeing yourself in a mirror can truly make your day.


I don’t think that you’d want to take your first shower and then discover that you don’t have any towels in your house.

You see, towels are another thing that, surprisingly, many people forget and yet they are necesarry for your normal everyday functioning.


You obviously need them after showering, but you may also need them for some other instances, like that time when you forgot to close the window while it was raining outside.

First Aid Kit

Whether you currently need it or don’t, buy one.

Like the fire extinguisher, it could save your life or the life of someone you know.

Home Security System

I know that most of you probably think that almost half of all the stuff that I wrote is about safety and you probably are right, but in a potential moment of need you will not care.

Alarm system and motion detectors along with external and internal security cameras can automatically notify the police or private security if something is wrong.

Home Security System

If you install the fire detectors and sprinklers you will truly have your own fortress. What’s the catch? There is no catch. I believe that many people have the impression that Home security systems are expensive. No, they are not.

Today, you can get an affordable, quality home security system that you might never need, but you and your family will sleep knowing that you are safe.

Extension cord

Do you want to move in, only to find out that you have miscalculated the length between your TV and electric socket? I don’t think so.

extension cord

Get an extension cord. You may not need it to plug your TV in, but chances are high that you will need it somewhere else in the house.


I won’t even ask you a question for these. Everyone loves them, I know that chances are high that you also love them, but more importantly, everyone also finds out that they need them in the living room when guests come around because footstools can make everyone feel at home.


They come in all shapes and sizes, from traditional, Turkish ones, to modern, casual models. The range from which to choose one or two is really high so get one today.

Is there a story behind this?

Yes, there is. I don’t want you to have a feeling that something is missing when you move into your first home. Most of us have realised what they needed in our new home after moving in.

You didn’t have to do that. You just needed to read through this article and think whether or not you need items on the list that you know can be a necessary adition to your home.

You have maybe read this out of pure curiosity or you know someone that is going to move into their first home very soon.

Be a good friend and mention a couple of things on the list. I guarantee you that your friend will be very grateful.

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