What is a double bevel compound miter saw

What is a double bevel compound miter saw?

If you are anything like me, you love working with wood… or other hard materials. However, doing this requires specific tools. Deciding which are the best can be a hassle, even for the experts. If you want to know what a double bevel compound miter is and what you can do with it, follow me into this article!

Why do you need a double bevel miter saw?

If the previous question rings a bell to you, then you are on the right page. So, let me guide you, step by step, into explaining why you will need one.

You see, miter saws, including double bevel miter saws, are some of the most popular types of saws on the market. If you have asked yourself why then you are a clever woodworker. The reason is that miter saws are versatile tools that allow you to cut from different angles and that can be used for a wide variety of projects. 

dual bevel miter saw

If by any chance, you are a professional contractor, a home remodeler, a carpenter, a furniture maker, or an artisan, then miter saws were made for you! But what if you are none of the above? What if you want to cut plastic or aluminum instead of wood? Good news, miter saws can get this job done too.

How to use a double bevel compound miter saw?

This is the trickiest part of this article. But worry not, I’ve written this to save you through the trouble of having to research on your own. 

That being said, let’s review the basics. Double bevel compound miter saws usually have the following parts (the brand might make this vary):

1) a front handle,
2) a trigger switch,
3) a blade,
4) a fence,
5) a miter locking knob,
6) mounting bolt holes,
7) a table,
8) a dust bag,
9) motor brushes,
10) a blade guard.

Now, I will teach you how to use a double bevel compound miter saw, using for example a basic wooden frame as a workpiece.

Step 1. Make sure that you have all your safety equipment: safety glasses and a dust mask.

Step 2.  Place your workpiece on the saw table facing up. The top edge of your workpiece should be against the saw’s fence.

Step 3. Tilt the blade to the right to cut a right-hand piece.

Step 4. Turn on the trigger switch and make the cut.

Step 5. Turn the trigger switch off.

Step 6. Turn the blade in the opposite direction with the pivoting arm to cut the left-hand piece.

Step 7. Turn the trigger switch on and make the cut.

Step 8. Turn the trigger switch off.

This was not so hard, was it?

What is the difference between a single and double bevel miter saw? 

Good question! If you want to get the best answer out of it, I recommend starting from the basics. Now, let’s see: both single and double bevel miter saws are compound saws.

On the other hand, there are also standard miter saws. But what does it mean to have a standard miter saw and a compound miter saw? What is the difference between the two? 

Basically, this means that standard saws can rotate 90 degrees but can only cut downwards, while compound ones can rotate and tilt sideways, that is, to make a bevel cut to the left or right.

Okay, so we got that understood, but is that it? No, perhaps now you may be telling to yourself: I can already work with a single bevel miter saw, why do I need a double bevel one?

Here is why: with a single bevel saw you can make bevel cuts in one direction only. This means that you will have to move the workpiece to make a bevel cut in the opposite direction.

single bevel miter saw

On the other hand, a double-bevel miter saw will allow you to make bevel cuts on both, the left and the right side of the piece you are working on. By doing this, you don’t have to move the workpiece to make the second cut, just the miter saw.

This makes double bevel miter saws more convenient and efficient for jobs like elaborate millwork. Some examples of what you can achieve with a double bevel miter saw are crown molding, picture frames, door frames, window casings, etc.

Now, let’s say that you are a beginner and you cannot tell a single bevel miter saw from a double bevel one. Here is how you can tell the first from the second. Double bevel saws have a V-shaped cutout on the fence so that you can accommodate the low angle of the blade on each side, while single bevel miter saws have only one angled end on the fence at the left side of the blade.

Do I really need a double bevel miter saw?

This previous question might be a headache for you… or at least it was for me, so do not feel too bad about asking it. The answer to this question depends on two main factors: the first is moneywise and the second is the type of work that you do. Let us look further into both.

So, money (very important). Ask yourself: how much does a double miter saw cost? The prices may range, depending on the brand, some side features that it may have, and also the country you live in due to import costs. But on average, it should cost $600.00.

If you consider it, $600.00 may be a lot of money to invest in, so is it worth it? Again, it really depends on the work you do. For elaborate millwork, it is a useful tool, but if you are into regular carpentry, then it might not be worth the investment.

Wrap up

If you read up to here, then you are like me, cheers! So, double bevel compound meter saws are useful tools that can make your work easier, especially if you are into crafting detailed workpieces. 

Also, you now know how to tell a double bevel from a single bevel miter saw and that the investment is worth purchasing if you work elaborate workpieces. You have learned a lot! Give yourself a pat on the back!

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