What Size Drill Bit for a Ring Doorbell

What Size Drill Bit for a Ring Doorbell?

Buying a Ring doorbell is the easiest part of the bargain. You’ll have to install it when you receive it, which is a bit tricky for most people.

The doorbell ships with most tools you need to install it, but they’re not always sturdy enough to use. More often than not, you’ll need to get some tools yourself, like the drill bit. But what’s the right size drill bit for a Ring doorbell?

What Size Drill Bit for a Ring Doorbell?

The drill bit you’ll receive with the Ring doorbell is 15/64, so that’s the size you want to aim at.

If you don’t have it, you can use the 7/32 size instead. It’s strikingly similar, but its tip is more pointed.

What Else Do You Need to Install a Ring Doorbell?

As I briefly mentioned, the Ring doorbell already comes with some handy tools, including a charging cable, a screwdriver for installing, some screws, and an instructions manual.

If you want to be on the safe side, I’d recommend getting a T15 and a T6 screwdriver head, although the T15 is mainly used for removing the doorbell.

You may also buy a small-sized Allen wrench if you don’t have it around.

Some users reported that the mounting screws in the package are sometimes shorter than necessary. It wouldn’t hurt to stock up on some standard wood screws in this case.

Additionally, if you bought the Ring Doorbell Pro, you’d probably need some wiring. The wires from your old doorbell can work, but you never know what condition they’re in.

How to Install a Ring Doorbell Without an Existing Doorbell

Installing a Ring doorbell is easy once you learn how to do it. It doesn’t need any special skills, and the device already ships with most tools you’ll need.

Charge It

First and foremost, before trying to install the doorbell, you need to charge its battery. Of course, that’s if you buy the standard Ring Doorbell.

If you have the Pro version, you’ll have to connect it to wiring instead.

When you get the doorbell out of the box, plug the battery into a wall outlet. You’ll receive a charging cable for that.

Removing the battery from the doorbell may be tricky because the manufacturers intended it while the doorbell is mounted.

However, you can easily do it by holding the doorbell against a wall at chest height. The battery will drop, so make sure to hold your hand out to keep it from falling.

The battery will need a maximum of six hours to fully charge. You’ll know it's done when the charging light turns green.

Mount the Doorbell

You won’t need to get a bracket for mounting the Ring doorbell. It comes with its own mounting bracket. Here are the steps you need to do to mount it:

  1. Grab the level tool and put it in the bracket’s center
  2. Position the bracket where you want it on the wall, keeping the level centered. Then, mark the corners using a pencil.

Drill Into the Wall

Now it’s time for the hard task. Depending on the material you’re mounting the doorbell on, you’ll start drilling.

If you’re mounting the doorbell on a regular concrete or brick wall, you’ll have to use your 15/64 drill bit to drill first before you attach the mounting bracket.

On the other hand, if the doorbell is going up on a wooden wall, you can just drill the bracket directly into it.

After drilling and inserting the mounting bracket, remove the level tool. Attach the doorbell to its bracket. Then, using your screwdriver, secure the two screws on the bottom.

How to Install a Ring Doorbell With an Existing Doorbell

How to Install a Ring Doorbell With an Existing Doorbell

Installing the Ring Doorbell with an existing one can be tricky if you don’t know your way around electrical wires. You’d have to connect the doorbell to the existing wiring, so if you’re not up for it, you can always ask a professional for help.

It’d also be wise to refer to your building codes before attempting to do any electrical work.

Here are the steps you need:

Take Your Old Doorbell Out

The first thing you should do is to remove your old doorbell. Shut off its power and disconnect all power around the installation area. You can do that through the fuse box; it’s essential for your safety.

Next, disconnect the doorbell’s wires, careful not to cut any of them accidentally, then remove it altogether from the wall.

Mount Your New One

Now that you have the Ring doorbell ready, grab the level tool and click it into the bracket that comes in the package. Position the mounting bracket on the wall, making sure the wires are easily accessible.

Now, insert the screws into the assigned holes.

Drill the wall for the mounting and insert the anchors. Then, remove the level tool after making sure that the bracket is level.

Lastly, connect the existing wires to the bracket, making sure they’re not in contact with each other.

Attach the Doorbell

The last step is relatively easy. All you have to do is place the doorbell on its bracket, lining the slots on its back with the tabs. Next, push on it forcefully to attach it.

Grab the screwdriver that you receive with the package, and use it to secure the screws on the bottom.

Now, your Ring doorbell is attached and ready to use. You’ll then have to set it up using the mobile application, and you’re set to go.

To Wrap Up

To install a Ring Doorbell, you’ll need a 15/64 drill bit. But if it’s unavailable, you can replace it with a 7/32 bit. Most of the other tools will already be in the package you’ll receive.

Remember to call a professional if you have an existing doorbell and you don’t want to risk dealing with electrical wires. Other than that, installing a new Ring doorbell without an existing doorbell is a piece of cake.

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